Chapter 149—The newborn calf is not afraid of tigers

    Lu Chen never thought that in the bustling downtown area near the university town, there was still a private teahouse hidden in the greenery.

    He opened the new car's satellite navigation and couldn't find the location. Finally, he called Chen Jianhao. After relying on the latter's guidelines, he finally found the right place, so he spent a lot of time on the road.

    Located in the back of a secluded alley, this teahouse on the back of the sea is a large quadrangle.

    Behind the courtyard is the lakeside park. The surrounding trees are full of greenery. I saw the old walls covered with ivy, and the wildflowers are dotted with them, a scene of deep and elegant.

    Such a set of courtyards in Beijing, estimated to be worth hundreds of millions, was actually used to open teahouses.

    The building inside the teahouse is obviously refurbished and refurbished, and the decoration is full of antique charm.

    Into this time, the stringed strings are long, and people are not worried about washing up.

    Under the guidance of the waiter, Lu Chen came to an elegant room.

    There are four guests in Yajian. Chen Jianhao is one of them. The other three are old people of sixty or seventy years old. They are wearing long-sleeved cloth shoes and chatting on tea.

    Compared with these temperament and refined old people, Chen Jianhao is undoubtedly a small-aged person, and his attitude is very respectful.

    Seeing Lu Chen coming in, he immediately got up and said: "Small land is coming, I will introduce you to several Seniors."

    The three old men were simply turning their heads and looking towards Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen suddenly stunned.

    Because one of the old people he knows, the one he used to encounter when he was exercising in the riverside park!

    "Building Haoge…"

    Lu Chen first greeted Chen Jianhao and then said with a smile: "Hello, my father, I haven't seen you for a long time."

    When the other party saw Lu Chen, he was taken aback and immediately snorted: "It’s clever."

    He seems to be worried about Lu Chen.

    Chen Jianhao was amazed: "Xiaolu. Do you know Professor Chen? ”

    This father is still a professor?

    Lu Chen nodded: "I know it, but I didn't know the name of the old man."

    Chen Jianhao relieved. Smiled: "Then I will give you a formal introduction!"

    This Lu Chen has met many times before, the old man named Chen Pu, retired Chinese professor at Peking University.

    Gao Yue, a young man sitting on the left side of Professor Zhang, is a professor at the Beijing Music Academy and is retiring.

    The old man with a white beard on the right is actually the famous Director Zhang Wentian!

    Professor Chen Pu and Gao Yue, Lu Chen are very strange, have not heard of the two names before.

    However, the name of Zhang Wentian's Director is as good as it is. He used to play the drama series of Three Kingdoms and The Water Margin in the 1990s. At that time, he created the record of the drama series Viewership Ratings.

    He also directed a number of costume costumes, specializing in historical and military films. The award-winning Senior is a highly respected Senior in the industry. It has only been quiet in recent years, and no new works have come out.

    Many young people may not know Zhang Wentian very well, but Lu Chen is definitely not one of them.

    He has seen more than once in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and The Water Margin.

    So now I see Zhang Wentian, I really have the feeling of seeing idol!

    Of course, whether it is against Zhang Wentian, or Chen Pu and Gao Yue, Lu Chen is very respectful and courteous.

    For Lu Chen's respectful attitude. The two seniors still have a good impression.

    Chen Pu said to Zhang Wentian: "This kid is the one that I photographed and showed you that day, 瞎practice the fist."

    Zhang Wentian stunned: "I remember that the young man is practicing Wing Chun, but the routine is a bit wrong."

    He smiled at Lu Chen: "There are very few young people who like Martial Arts. They are practicing foreign boxing and taekwondo. If you like to learn Wu, I can introduce you to an Expert."

    Boxing and Taekwondo are both Olympic game events. Competitive is very strong. Therefore, the world has a great influence.

    In particular, Taekwondo is popular, and many parents send their children to study. It is used to strengthen the body and temper the will, which causes the Taekwondo martial arts to bloom everywhere in various cities.

    In contrast, Chinese traditional martial arts routines are serious, biased towards ornamental and artistic, and there are not many people studying.

    The Sanda derived from martial arts is more competitive and practical, but the moves are too fierce and fierce. Like free fights and Muay Thai, they are not popular with ordinary people.

    The Fist Technique practiced by Lu Chen is derived from the memory of Mo Ran. The inheritance and development are different from the world.

    But Zhang Wentian was completely kind, so he thanked him: "Thank you, Leader Zhang."

    Chen Jianhao did not know that Lu Chen still understood martial arts, and he felt a little surprised.

    However, he did not forget the business, and interjected to Gao Yue: "Gao Bobo, Xiao Lu, he wants to go to Jingyin to listen to the class, you can help."

    Gao Yue smiled and said: "Since Jianhao, you are all open, and it is not good for me to be an uncle."

    He took out a business card and a pen and quickly wrote a few lines of small characters and signatures in the blank space on the opposite side of the business card.

    After writing, Gao Yue handed this business card to Lu Chen and said: "You take it to contact the Lu Director of the Academic Affairs Office. There is a phone number of Lu Director, and he will handle it for you."

    Lu Chen didn't think that the matter was solved simply and simply, and quickly said: "Thank you Professor Gao!"

    The more you know about Music, the more he feels his own shortcomings.

    Therefore, Lu Chen had already moved to the idea of ​​studying in a higher education institution. Of course, he did not have the conditions for applying for the exam. The absenteeism was the best choice, and the action and time were very free.

    Only the hearings of key institutions like Jingyin and Beiyin are not so good, so Lu Chen asked Chen Jianhao to help and ask if anyone who knows can do this.

    As a result, Chen Jianhao introduced him to two professors and a director.

    This person is really not small!

    Gao Yue smiled gently: "It's not so polite, you have a lot of creative talent, and the song is well written."

    As a professor of the Jingyin Composition Department, Gao Yue has no prejudice against the popular Music.

    When Chen Jianhao mentioned this matter to him, he asked Lu Chen's origins and listened to several works by Lu Chen. He appreciated the talents of the latter.

    Such young people are not confused by the glitz of Entertainment Circle, but also want to learn to enrich one's own, it is worth encouraging!

    Otherwise, Gao Yue may not be willing to help so so.

    After all, to Lu Chen for the side hearing, he is responsible.

    Zhang Wentian was amazed: "Is Xiao Lu doing Music?"

    Gao Yue replied: "Yes, did you listen to In the Spring? This song is what he wrote. ”

    "In the Spring?"

    Zhang Wentian was even more surprised: "Is this song written by Xiao Lu?"

    Although the old director doesn't pay much attention to the Entertainment Circle, he doesn't like the popular Music nowadays. But the song "In the Spring" has really been heard, and more than once.

    Because his younger son likes this song very much, he often plays guitar at home and sings himself!

    Zhang Wentian did not think that this extremely vicissitude work was actually created by the young man in front of him.

    Gao Yue smiled and said: "I didn't expect it, but this work is indeed from the hand of Xiaolu."

    Zhang Wentian sighed: "It’s really the waves in the front of the Yangtze River, and the new generation wins the old man!"

    Surprised by surprise, he did not question Lu Chen’s thoughts because there was no such necessity.

    Chen Pu suddenly said: "Old Zhang, are you not the theme song of a headache movie? Let him give you some advice! ”

    Zhang Wentian was caught unprepared: "Hey…"

    Gao Yue agreed: "Yes, brainstorming, we are all old, we should listen to the voice of young people."

    Zhang Wentian laughed and laughed: "It seems that everyone has become an antique, so okay, just listen!"

    He said to Lu Chen: "Small land, things are like this…"

    At the beginning, Lu Chen was a bit confusing, but he quickly understood.

    It turned out that Zhang Wentian was preparing a big film recently. The content was about the invasion of the Qing Dynasty during the Opium War in the late Qing Dynasty. The folks of the Qing Dynasty fought and rebelled, and then awakened the tragic story of the national spirit.

    The script has already been written, and it has now entered the stage of preparation. However, in the selection of the theme song of the film, Zhang Wentian encountered a problem. Before and after, he chose a dozen or so capitals that were not satisfied and did not meet his requirements.

    Most of the Directors are after the filming, and then add a soundtrack. Zhang Wentian's habits are different. He attaches great importance to the soundtrack. In the early stage, he decided to adjust the style of the music, including the theme song.

    In the eyes of this big director, the theme song of the film is the most representative of the connotation and thought of the film. A good theme song can greatly enhance the Charm of the film work, just as important as the script!

    The problem is that his requirements are very high, and as a result, the theme song is delayed.

    Although it is said that the search for songs and shooting can be carried out at the same time, Zhang Wentian’s heart is always remembered.

    Today, I have tea with two old friends, Chen Pu and Gao Yue, and they are asking for help.

    Two professors, one lyricist and one composer, have had previous works, and may solve the problem.

    Chen Pu and Gao Yue are willing to help, but neither of them has much confidence in writing a work that meets Zhang Wentian's wishes. The only thing I talked about is the theme song.

    Chen Jianhao is entirely at the meeting, because the relationship with Gao Yue has occupied a position here.

    As for the Lu Chen who just came over, it is even more luck!

    Under normal situation, it is difficult for him to see Zhang Wentian, where can sit down and communicate with the latter.

    Zhang Wentian said that more is to pour out the depression in his heart, he did not expect Lu Chen to provide any useful advice.

    What he didn't think of was that Lu Chen had indulged for a moment after listening to it and said: "Leader Zhang, I have a first work that may meet your requirements."


    Zhang Wentian doubts that one's own is wrong.

    Not only him, but Chen Pu and Gao Yue also showed a surprised look.

    It’s really a newborn calf, not afraid of tigers!


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