Chapter 142 is prepared for Chen Feier

    Zhang Ailing said that she is famous early.

    Wen Zhiyuan has been in the circle for more than ten years. He has seen many young artists who have become famous, but he has never seen a young man. His temperament is as calm and modest as Lu Chen, not arrogant and not humble.

    Many newcomers will be very modest in the face of praise and glory, but they are still proud of their hearts, and emotions will be exposed from the eyes and subtle movements.

    As long as it is a person with eyesight and experience like Wen Zhiyuan, you can see it.

    However, Lu Chen is not the case. His modesty is from the heart. It is definitely not a deliberate disguise. His feeling for Wen Zhiyuan is like an unfathomable pool of water.

    In fact, Wen Zhiyuan did not know that Lu Chen was not the case just a few months ago.

    Lu Chen experienced 3rd Rank in a long dream. He lived in the memory of the three dream world people. He went to the past and went to the past, and naturally became different.

    The precious wealth from the dream world gives Lu Chen a strong confidence.

    But he also deeply understands that one's own has all the sources of it, so it will not look down on others.

    All kinds of wonderful combinations make Lu Chen have a different Charm.

    The young people nowadays are really awful!

    Wen Zhiyuan secretly admired, and more and more determined the idea of ​​inviting songs to Lu Chen.

    Tang Qiaoqiao is a good child, her chance is coming.

    After the guest set, Wen Zhiyuan introduced Li Zhi Gao and Tang Qiaoqiao to Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen did not know that before he came, there was a Xiaoxiao game in the manager department of EMI, which caused the object of the test to change, but this did not affect his sincerity in this cooperation.

    Since "In the Spring" became popular, several entertainment Manager Corporations have found a studio to invite Lu Chen. The result was scared away by his offer.

    For a moment, Lu Chen now won the title of "Singing China". At the same time, a number of outstanding original works were launched, which made people see his talent and strength. The original offer was not so unacceptable.

    Lu Chen asked Lu Xi to raise the price.

    Every piece in his memory is a boutique or even a classic, and it is better to rot in his hand and not to sell it.

    In addition to the light rain media that has tasted the sweetness, EMI Manager Corporation is the first truly sincere cooperation with Lu Chen in this regard, so he will take the initiative to audition.

    Some songwriters write what they sell, just give them money, no matter who they sing.

    Some authors will tailor it according to Singer's voice, appearance and even personality, while the latter often has higher cafés in the circle than the former.

    Lu Chen wants to do the latter – there are too many works in his memory. Always find the right one!

    Wen Zhiyuan really does not know, knowing that the estimate will be dumbfounded.

    The director of the manager of the EMI company brought everyone to the audition room.

    EMI Culture Manager Corporation is medium-sized and has many contracted artists. However, there is no independent recording studio. The production is outsourced to other companies. Delong Building has a first-class production unit such as Tianzhu Workshop.

    However, the audition room is indispensable.

    After a Singer album or single is finished, it is necessary to get back to the company's relevant personnel to audition. Then determine the marketing promotion plan.

    Therefore, EMI's audition room is still professional, audio equipment is available, even the large screen projection, with accompaniment band and microphone, can be used as a high-end karaoke small hall.

    Tang Qiaoqiao sang two songs, a sweet song and a fast song, respectively.

    Lu Chen listened very seriously.

    If the perfect score is 10 points, Tang Qiaoqiao's appearance condition is at least 7 points. 8 points for fine dressing.

    Her voice is a little nasal. There is a faint sweet girl's lazy feeling that sounds very comfortable. It belongs to the kind of Voice with characteristics and potential. It is not without a reason for EMI to sign her.

    However, the problem is that Tang Qiaoqiao's characteristics are not clear enough, and the singing is not very good. It is not easy to stand out in the talented Beijing.

    Unless there is a good song to help her!

    Lu Chen was immersed in contemplation after listening to it.

    After the other songwriters tried Singer's Voice, they thought about what theme, melody, and arrangement were used to match each other's characteristics.

    Lu Chen thinks differently, and the question of thinking is not complicated.

    That is which song is right!

    If you don't want to be too shocked, he wrote a few dozen songs on the spot for Tang Qiaoqiao.

    When Lu Chen searched for memories, whether Tang Qiaoqiao, Li Zhigao or Wen Zhiyuan closed his mouth and looked at him with expectation, Li Zhi Gao even got nervous sweat on his forehead.

    At the same time, in a certain office of EMI, Zhang Shuhui is calling someone.

    "Yeah, I know…"

    She walked back and forth in the small room, promised in her mouth, and frowned from time to time.

    Zhang Qiong sat on the sofa and looked at the uneasy prostitute in front of her eyes, shook her head helplessly.

    This child is always so sloppy, and when you encounter something, it will be messy.

    She said that she is an aunt manager, in fact, just like a babysitter.

    After a while, Zhang Shuhui ended the call.

    She squeezed the cell phone hard, and said very annoyed: "Aunt, that Lu Chen is coming, Little Chen told me that Wen Zhi took him and Li Zhigao and Tang Qiaoqiao into the audition room!"


    Upon hearing this news, Zhang Qiong was also taken aback and his face changed slightly.

    But she quickly understood it and couldn't help but sneer: "Li Zhi Gao is a bit clever in learning the goods. It must have been a slap in the face and said Wen Zhiyuan, let Lu Chen write songs to Tang Qiaoqiao, he is coming to me. of!"

    Previously Zhang Qiong intentionally disappeared in the company, just want to give Wen Zhiyuan embarrassment.

    Unexpectedly, Li Zhi Gao seized the opportunity.

    Zhang Shuhui hesitated and asked: "Aunt, you said that if Tang Qiaoqiao is her…"

    Although she is also a signing artist under the supervision of Wen Zhiyuan, Zhang Shuhui has never put Tang Qiaoqiao, who debuted earlier than her, in her eyes. The latter's sequence in the company is one or two levels worse than her. There is no threat at all.

    However, this time Tang Qiaoqiao actually caught up with Lu Chen, which made her instinctively vigilant.

    For Lu Chen, Zhang Shuhui is actually no stranger, because she has seen most of the games of "Singing China".

    Lu Chen’s talent is unquestionable. Zhang Shuhui’s favorite is the one that he sang in the finals, “The Brightest Star in the Night Sky”, which sang in her heart.

    So I knew that Wen Zhiyuan had applied for funds from the company and asked Lu Chen to write songs to her. Zhang Shuhui was very happy.

    But Zhang Qiong strongly opposed it.

    The reason for Zhang Qiong’s opposition is very strong. Lu Chen’s style of work is not suitable for her, and the asking price is too high.

    According to Zhang Qiong’s words, such a big price tag only knows that the new talents of Immense World dare to open up. Wen Zhiyuan is chaos, it is a joke, and she can’t follow her as a laughing stock.

    Zhang Qiong recommended Xi Yu to Zhang Shuhui, and 250,000 was enough to buy three good works.

    How can Zhang Qiong’s application for funds be squandered by Wen Zhiyuan?

    Zhang Shuhui listened to Zhang Qiong’s opinion because she knew that her aunt was the most painful one’s own and would not harm one’s own.

    However, now that she heard the news, her heart was in chaos.

    What if Lu Chen wrote a good song for Tang Qiaoqiao and let Tang Qiaoqiao become famous?

    This was originally her chance!

    Zhang Shuhui was thinking about it. Zhang Qiong knew it clearly. She interrupted the former without thinking, and said with great confidence: "Tang Qiaoqiao has no chance. How can she apply for the money to buy this song?"

    "Wen Zhiyuan is intentionally doing it for us. The Lu Chen people have come over. He can't let the other party go back directly?" So even if you are pretending to be a play, you can't offend others. ”

    "Maybe Li Zhi Gao and Tang Qiaoqiao will ask for his temporary support!"

    Zhang Qiong Yue wants to feel more one's own. Guess a slap: "This old fox!"

    It seems that this slap is taken on Wen Zhiyuan's face.

    Zhang Shuhui heard, ah, my aunt said it was too reasonable, and my face immediately showed a smile.

    Zhang Qiong stood up and took her little hand and said with relief: "Shu Hui, don't think too much. I will contact Xi Yu immediately, let him write a few really good songs for you, and then we will release an album!"


    Zhang Shuhui suddenly felt angry, when Zhang Qiong was about to hold a kiss: "Aunt, you are very kind to me!"

    "You kid!"

    Zhang Qiong gave her a sigh of relief.

    Her heart is secretly smug–Wen Zhiyuan, you also want to fight with me, drink Old Lady's foot wash water!

    Wen Zhiyuan didn't know that someone would ask him to drink his feet. He was staring at Lu Chen.

    In the audition room, Lu Chen finally thought about it. He said to Wen Zhiyuan: "Wen Wen, the song of Miss Tang Qiaoqiao, I already have an idea. The day after tomorrow, I will bring the work and sign the contract to transfer the copyright."


    Wen Zhiyuan suspects that one's own ear is not a problem: "Lu Chen Teacher, do you mean that you can write a song for Tang Qiaoqiao?"

    This damn is too fast!

    To know that Lu Chen's price tag is 250,000, this is the real price of the industry's famous, although it is not comparable to the top big coffee, but it is also very amazing in the EMI company.

    Lu Chen actually said that it would be done in two days.

    Li Zhi Gao and Tang Qiaoqiao also showed an unbelievable look.

    Lu Chen smiled faintly: "I originally prepared this song for Chen Feier, and it feels more suitable for Tang Qiaoqiao."

    Sweet Singer King after Chen Feier!

    Everyone was silently speechless, and they just remembered that Chen Feier really appreciated Lu Chen.

    She even invited Lu Chen to be a guest of the concert in the Program.

    So Lu Chen said that in all likelihood, it is true.


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