The 145th chapter is a big big battle!

    After graduating from Lei Lei University, she became a reporter. I also entered the Entertainment Circle for three years. The experience is certainly not comparable to those of the old fritters, but the Celebrity idol she interviewed is not rare.

    Among them, the new debut artists are the most.

    However, Lei Lei has never seen a newcomer like Lu Chen, who is famous in the circle and has quite popularity. In the face of her, she is modest and not humble, and her words are not hypocritical, giving people the feeling of spring breeze.

    And he is also very handsome, not the type of new emerging artist that is popular nowadays.

    Listening to Lu Chen telling the story of one's own is more like sharing his life experience.

    Unconsciously, Lei Lei put down her professional instinct and began to listen very seriously. She was also deeply moved.

    Lu Chen’s story did not speak very long, and it was pointed out that the origin of his creative style was over.

    Lei Lei woke up and couldn't help but say, "You are very Luck…"

    In this life, one can get a good teacher and a friend is already a big Luck, but Lu Chen has three.

    Lu Chen said calmly: "Yes, I am very Luck!"

    The long night of that night is definitely a miracle, and his Luck.

    Lei Lei exclaimed: "No wonder you can create such a great work, then how do you think about other people's doubts?"

    Lu Chen replied without hesitation: "Go one's own way, let others say it!"

    In the Entertainment Circle, how much honor you can bear, how much damage you should be able to bear.


    Lei Lei’s eyes lit up: “You also read Dante’s divine song?”

    Lu Chen smiled, revealing eight white teeth and clean teeth.

    Lei Lei was a little dizzy, because Lu Chen’s smile at this moment was as bright as the sun.

    Her face couldn't help but smack a blush, and quickly opened the subject and asked: "Then you are going to the future…"

    The next interview returned to the rhythm of programming.

    Lei Lei asked Lu Chen about his future career planning. There are no plans to release the album, and even asked Chen Feier.

    Chen Feier will hold a concert in Beijing in October. Lu Chen is one of the scheduled guests.

    She even asked about Lu Chen’s height, weight, hobbies, and criteria for choosing a girlfriend…

    Lu Chen can answer as much as possible, involving one's own privacy, then laugh and not answer.

    Lei Lei is not angry, and the atmosphere of interviews and exchanges between the two sides is very harmonious.

    At the end of the interview, it was already 4:30 pm.

    Lu Chen got up and said: "Lei Lei, have a meal together at night, there are also good restaurants here."

    Lei Lei grinned and said: "I really want to, but I have to go back and draft, so I will be next time."

    Seeing that she is not a fake, Lu Chen is not reluctant.

    He called Lu Xi. The two together sent Lei Lei down the building.

    At the time of the farewell, Lu Xi stuffed a red envelope for Lei Lei, Jiang Hu.

    There are 10 bills in the red envelope.

    If there is no Chen Jianhao pointing, she really does not know that there are such rules, and I do not know how much money is correct.

    Different reporters, the thickness of the red envelope is different.

    Lei Lei did not refuse, but after returning, she must definitely help Lu Chen to say something better.

    She even thought about the title of the exclusive interview, which is called "walking one's own." Let others say go! 》

    After watching the reporter of the Fetion Music Network leave, Lu Xi gently snorted and said to Lu Chen: "If you have nothing to do, you will deal less with this woman in the future."

    When Lei Lei interviewed Lu Chen, Lu Xi was not present, but when she gave it, she was sharply instincted by women. She found that Lei Lei seemed to have a different kind of affection for Lu Chen.

    This discovery gave my sister a hint of vigilance.

    She does not want to interfere with Lu Chen's emotional life. But the Entertainment Circle is so confusing, the bad woman doesn't know how much. If Lu Chen is entangled in one of them, it is endless trouble.

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "Sister, Lei reporter is not a bad person, I have a sense of proportion."

    Lu Xibai gave him a look: "I just remind you, anyway, you're one's own attention, and don't forget, tomorrow you have to sign a contract with EMI, is the work ready?"

    "It's ready!"

    Lu Chen confidently said: "You are waiting to collect money!"


    Compared with Lu Chen’s strong self-confidence, Wen Zhiyuan has to be too guilty.

    The day before yesterday, he was forced to take the lead with Zhang Qiong, and he agreed to Li Zhi Gao’s request to apply for songs for Tang Qiaoqiao.

    As a result, Wen Zhiyuan really got a budget of 100,000 yuan under the situation of the relationship.

    Such Speed ​​is usually the treatment that the top artists in the company can enjoy.

    Wen Zhiyuan is not happy at all.

    Because he calmed down and discovered that one's own is really too impulsive.

    The current Wen Zhiyuan is completely tied to Tang Qiaoqiao and Li Zhigao. Everyone will lose all will damage. If Lu Chen’s work is worthwhile, if it is ordinary…

    Then he is warm and far from the position of the supervisor, so don't want to sit down again.

    Look at who is sitting in the audit room today!

    The biggest block is the deputy general manager of EMI, and Song Xun, the direct supervisor of Wen Zhiyuan's top boss.

    Then there is the manager manager, the public relations manager, and the two manager divisions.

    Wen Zhiyuan is very clear, these two and one's own level guy is definitely looking at his joke!

    In addition, there is also a music consultant Wan Xingguo from Tianzhu Workshop.

    Wan Xingguo is also a well-known Musician in the circle. He has produced many albums. He has served as a consultant for many entertainment media and music production companies, and is a good friend with Song Xun.

    Song Xun invited Wan Xingguo to say that it was for Lu Chen’s work, and the real purpose could not be known.

    A song, it does not need to be so grand, even if it is worth 250,000.

    In addition, Zhang Qiong and Zhang Shuhui are also there.

    According to the rules, the two should not appear here at all, but Zhang Qiong’s relationship is hard enough!

    Wen Zhiyuan is very clear, if others are looking at one's own jokes. Then Zhang Qiong is ready to hit the nail on his coffin board, the latter is not a day or two.

    As for Li Zhi Gao. There was no qualification to sit in the audition room, and it had already been retracted to the corner.

    A big big battle!

    Although the air conditioning in the audition room was very low, the sweat of Wen Zhiyuan still rushed out.

    "When is the supervisor, what time is it for everyone?"

    After sitting for a few minutes, Zhang Qiong Yin Yang asked strangely: "Several managers can not have so much free time."

    Day / your mother, are they invited by Lao Tzu?

    Wen Zhiyuan cursed in his heart, can't wait to slap the girl's slap on the spot, using one's own weight to reach 200 pounds of the majestic body to XXOO after OOXX!

    Of course, he just thought about it. He had to pay a smile to explain to Song Xun: "Song Manager, then I will remind you."

    At 1 o'clock this afternoon, Lu Chen brought someone over. The two sides have signed a formal copyright transfer contract, and the songs have been handed over to Tang Qiaoqiao’s hand – she’s own 100,000 yuan.

    As the author of the song, Lu Chen performance is professional enough, not to sell the song to get the money, no matter what, in particular, one's own works give Tang Qiaoqiao a separate guide.

    After all, only the original author can fully express the essence of the work.

    After the instruction is over, the audition room is also auditioned. Lu Chen even prepared the accompaniment belt.

    What Wen Zhiyuan did not think was that at this time Song Xun actually came with a large team of people. He did not affect the communication between Lu Chen and Tang Qiaoqiao. He sat in the audition room and waited to listen to the new song.

    Zhang Qiong, who is still in the dark, is also here with a prostitute.

    Wen Zhiyuan’s feeling at the time was like a 10,000-grain mud horse in the heart!

    But the wood has become a boat, even if he wants to repent, it is too late.

    The manager of the manager is really frustrated, and all his hopes can only be placed on Lu Chen.

    To be strange. Just blame one's own too impulsive.

    "Not in a hurry…"

    Song Xun said with a graceful manner: "We don't want to bother others' work. Everyone waits. ”

    The deputy general manager of the EMI company is in his 30s, and he looks elegant and elegant. However, the act is decisive and savvy, and it has won the trust of the parent company's board of directors. It is very prestigious in the company.

    Sitting next to him, Wan Xingguo pushed the black-rimmed glasses and said: "Your company is really willing, a song of 250,000 true master stroke, but this Lu Chen is still very creative, hope that something Value it."

    Wan Xingguo and Song Xun are old friends. I heard that EMI has invited high-priced songs to Lu Chen, so he has a lot of interest to come and see the new singer who has recently become famous.

    He didn't understand the inside story, but just felt that the price was too high, and it was inevitable that there would be a picky idea.

    "In the Spring" "You at the same table" and so on are good works, but Lu Chen is a newcomer!

    Newcomers want to step into the sky, where is the Senior in the circle?

    In the view of Wanxingguo, Lu Chen’s approach is somewhat damaging.

    Of course, young people, with a little talent, I don’t know that Immense World is normal. At present, there is a lack of Domestic original Strength. The rise of Lu Chen is also a good thing, so encourage it!

    To know that Tan Hong and Chen Feier are two big coffees, they all appreciate Lu Chen.

    Wan Xingguo thought about himself, but Song Xun was smiling. The company’s purchase of songs from Lu Chen was complicated, and even involved internal power dumping. He personally brought people to come and played a deterrent role.

    You guys are fighting, but if it affects the company's development, beware of my face!

    Song Xun’s eyes swept quickly from the faces of Zhang Qiong and Zhang Shuhui sitting on the side, without warning.

    Zhang Qiong noticed, and immediately revealed a flattering smile.

    This woman!

    Song Xun gently snorted in his heart.

    At this time, the door of the audition room was pushed open, and a young man in a T-shirt jeans came in with a white dress girl.

    Seeing that it was already a packed room, both of them were stunned.

    Wen Zhiyuan was like a big man, and quickly got up and said, "Lu Chen Teacher…"


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