Chapter 148: Buying a car

    Leaving the Delong Building, Lu Chen and Lu Xi took the taxi back to the studio.

    Lu Xi curiously asked: "What is the temperature supervisor, why are you so polite to you?"

    She and Lu Chen came to EMI to sign the contract. After signing, they waited in the reception room and did not go to the audition room. Therefore, they did not know what happened later.

    When Wen Zhiyuan sent the two men out, it was very polite.

    It can even be said to be flattering.

    This made Lu Xi feel very strange. The attitude of the manager of the EMI company manager was really too big.

    Lu Chen smiled and said the grievances between Wen Zhiyuan and Zhang Qiong simply.

    This is still Wen Zhiyuan one's own tell Lu Chen.

    After Lu Xi heard it, he suddenly realized: "It turns out that everyone else said that the workplace is sinister, really…"

    She couldn't help but shook her head.

    Lu Chen has been reluctant to sign a big company in another home, and even refused to personally invite the Music Director, which was somewhat incomprehensible. Now I think Lu Chen’s choice is really correct.

    EMI and the Fei Shi record certainly have no way to compare, the internal intrigue is also so fierce, if she entered the Fei Shi record with Lu Chen, I don't know what kind of situation it will face.

    Lu Xi is a strong character and does not like to fight with others.

    Lu Chen one's own opened studio Although Strength is weak, there is no such problem at all.

    The premise is that he can make so much money!

    drop! drop!

    Suddenly, Lu Xi’s cell phone in the small bag rang twice.

    She looked out and suddenly smiled with joy: "The money of EMI has arrived!"

    "so fast?"

    Lu Chen was also surprised. He and Lu Xi went out with their forefoot and chased after the money. The efficiency is too high, right?

    The originally signed contract, the terms and conditions stipulated that the payment was completed within three days.

    Lu Xi smiled and said: "It seems that they attach great importance to you!"

    If you don't pay attention. It is impossible for EMI’s finances to pay the money so quickly.

    It must be a high-level person who spoke.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "In the future, they will have to sing again, then we have to raise prices again!"

    He insisted on taking the high-priced boutique strategy from the beginning. It is definitely the right one. Customers like EMI have just tasted the sweetness, and then slowly increase the price, just like the warm water boiled frog can bear.

    If the previous quote is low, it would be bad if it is too high, and it is easy to break the reputation of one's own.

    Lu Xi is speechless.

    She found that one's own is more and more invisible to her brother.

    drop! drop!

    Cell phone rang again.

    Lu Xi fixed his eyes and smiled, and smiled even more happily.

    Lu Chen said: "What?"

    Lu Xi shook the cell phone. Deliberately said: "The bonus for Beijing Satellite TV has arrived, 1.4 million!"

    Lu Chen won the championship of "Singing China". Although he gave up 4 million so-called new star breeding gold, the total cash reward is still Gundam 1.4 million, and it is still after tax.

    However, the money was not immediately available, and the TV program also needed to go through the process.

    Now that I have arrived, it’s just a double happiness!

    Lu Chen is more happy. Without thinking, he said: "Then I will give the mother a million dollars in the past, let's go buy a car."

    He shouted at the taxi driver in front: "Master, please take us to Beijing Crown Motor City."

    Lu Xi dumbfounded: "Don't worry so much?"

    It’s okay to pay for my mother, but now I’m going to buy a car, and I’m too anxious.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Buy early to buy is to buy, now buy just right."

    Since the establishment of studio, the staff has recruited several. The daily work is getting busy. It is very inconvenient to have no car to travel, and it also delays time.

    Time is money. He had long wanted to buy a car, and he waited for the Beijing Satellite TV bonus to arrive.

    Since Lu Chen made up his mind, Lu Xi did not object any more.

    After all, studio relies on him to make money, and now he has so much money, buying a car is nothing.

    Lu Xi thought for a moment and said: "Then I called Li Feiyu. He was originally a 4S shop, and he definitely knows how to do it."

    Lu Chen nodded: "Yeah!"

    When the two arrived at the Beijing-Chongqing Motor City, Li Feiyu was waiting at the gate.

    The 4S shop where he used to work was in the Auto City. He was definitely familiar with the road and broke the ground.

    Seeing Lu Chen and Lu Xi, Xiao Fei Fei ran over with a smile and asked urgently: "Dawn, you have to buy a car, I am looking forward to this day, I want to buy What car?"

    He is Lu Chen’s assistant, and the car he bought must be for him to drive.

    Lu Chen said: "We don't need to buy too good, don't want a luxury car, and it's affordable."

    "As for the price…"

    He thought about it and said: "About 200,000, you can help me."


    Li Feiyu scratched his head and said: "If you want this price, then choose a domestic compact SUV. The hybrid power of the oil and electricity, the state subsidies are very high, the fuel is not said, and the configuration is equivalent to importing four or five hundred thousand cars."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You are an expert listening to you."

    He took a driver's license when he was 18 years old, drove a car at home, liked a car but didn't know much.

    The business has just started, there is no need to buy a good car, but it can't be too bad.

    The quality of the domestic car should be a good choice.

    Lu Xi said: "Then you pick it up first. I will go over to the bank and I will come over."

    So parting ways, Lu Chen followed Li Feiyu in the car city to pick up the car, and saw several stores in succession.

    Finally came to the 4S shop of China Motors.

    A white SUV placed at the front door immediately caught the attention of Lu Chen.

    The car's shape is very good, the appearance of the atmosphere is not exquisite, the split front face and the curved headlights perfectly blend together, giving a feeling of strength.

    Li Feiyu recognized it at a glance: "Chinese X7?" This new car is already on the market! ”

    The two stood in front of the new car, and immediately the sales staff of the 4S shop came over and introduced them enthusiastically.

    The Chinese X7 is a new urban SUV that has just been launched by China Motors. It is an environmentally-friendly hybrid electric vehicle that combines many of the latest technologies. The technique content is quite high.

    In addition to the efficient and fuel-efficient power system, its configuration is also very good. Front and rear radar, smart cruise, on-board computer, panoramic sunroof, leather seat and more, and the interior is spacious enough.

    The biggest feature of hybrid electric power is fuel-saving. The fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is very low. Of course, there is a gap between the power performance and the traditional power. However, Lu Chen neither runs nor cross-country, and running in the city is completely enough.

    The most important thing is that the car's safety configuration is in place, the frame is sturdy and equipped with six airbags.

    If Lu Xi is open, he can rest assured.

    In addition, in the domestic car, China is a brand that is well-known. Quality has always been solid.

    As for the price, according to the configuration, it is 190,000 to 290,000.

    For this new car, Li Feiyu is full of praise, Lu Chen also feels very satisfied, so the sales staff arranged for a test drive, driving the China X7 around the car city circle.

    When he returned to the 4S store, Lu Xi also came over.

    My sister has no requirements for the car. As long as Lu Chen one's own likes it, she and Li Feiyu bargain together.

    Lu Chen finally decided to buy a comfortable configuration. After the subsidy, the bare car price was 245,000. The final price was not small, but the 4S shop added about 20,000 worth of interiors and services, as well as small gifts.

    The whole vehicle plus insurance and purchase tax and other fees, the landing price is 263,000.

    Paying for the card on the spot. Undertake insurance and temporary licenses. I just picked up a new car from the 4S store.

    The middle of the flight was empty, and the three also ate a late lunch together.

    The color of the body is white. Lu Xi is a little worried that it is easy to get dirty, and the others are very satisfied.

    The three men went back together to drive the new car.

    The driver is Li Feiyu, Lu Chen saw that he liked the car very much, so he gave up the first right of driving.

    Li Feiyu opened the new car on the elevated road and said: "Dachen, now you have a studio, the car is also available, you can consider buying a house in Beijing, how can superstar live in the office!"

    Lu Chen gave the single apartment that was originally rented by one's own to the sister, one's own has been living in the studio.

    He is planning to find another small apartment near the park.

    As for saying one's own to buy a house…

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "The house in Beijing can't really afford it now. Let's talk about it in a few years."

    His first consideration was to pay off all the debts of the family. It was a long time since I bought the house.

    Don't look at Lu Chen's making money now, but according to his one's own estimate, if there is no accident, he wants to pay off the debts of the family, at least until the next year.

    However, compared to the desperation that has not been completed in the past, it is now a great happiness.

    As for buying a house, Beijing's house is the highest in the country, and the average price is breaking through the sky.

    He has just invested more than one million, even if you don't have to buy all the houses, choose a new house with a good location, you can buy a bedroom, and the down payment is not enough!

    It is said that many of the three D-list Celebrity artists, the biggest dream is to save enough money to buy a suite in the Beijing Fifth Ring.

    The income of the three D-list artists is not too bad, but the usual expenses are also high, and buying a house is really extravagant.

    Li Feiyu sighed: "Also, the house is too expensive. I will go home sooner or later."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Is it going with Xiaomei sister?"

    Li Feiyu laughed.

    Since Chen Xiaomei started working in studio, Li Feiyu’s pursuit seems to be a bit fruitful.

    Talking and laughing all the way, you will soon be in the park.

    At this time, Lu Chen’s phone rang.

    It was Chen Jianhao who called and he asked Lu Chen to go to a tea house on the other side of the university town.

    So Lu Chen let Li Feiyu drive to studio first, then one's own drive to Chen Jianhao's place.

    When I found the place, it was already 2 pm.


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