Chapter 146 is so proud

    A big big battle!

    Lu Chen did not think that there were so many people in the audition room, and I was surprised.

    He looked at Wen Zhiyuan with a puzzled look – what is this doing?

    Wen Zhiyuan wiped the sweat and explained: "Lu Chen Teacher, let me introduce you, this is…"

    He first introduced Lu Xun to Lu Chen, then Wan Xingguo, manager manager, public relations manager and so on.

    As for Zhang Qiong and Zhang Shuhui, Wen Zhiyuan directly ignored the past, and did not see it.

    Damn stepped on the face of Laozi, and it’s really muddy!

    Zhang Qiong was so angry that Liu Mei was upside down, but so many company executives were present, she did not dare to have a temper.

    As for other people, regardless of what is in the heart, Lu Chen is polite.

    In the popular Musical World or Entertainment Circle, the powerful songwriters are still very respectable. The status is not lower than those of Celebrity idols. Of course, the reputation outside the circle is much worse.

    Ordinary people listen to songs and only remember Singer. Basically, not many people will pay attention to who the author is.

    However, in the circle, Lu Chen’s status as an author is higher than that of Singer, so even Song Xun, the deputy general manager of EMI, is smiling and shaking hands with Lu Chen.

    Of course, this does not mean that they think that Lu Chen’s song for Tang Qiaoqiao is worth a high price of 250,000.

    Because Lu Chen’s coffee position was just established, it is not stable enough.

    After the guest set, Wan Xingguo could not wait to ask: "Mr. Lu Chen, I heard that you wrote a new song to EMI?"

    Lu Chen was a little surprised and didn't understand why the other party was so eager.

    This is the Music consultant of the Tianzhu Workshop. It is an outsider here, but Wen Zhiyuan is very respectful to him.

    Lu Chen's surface is quiet. Smiled and said: "Yes, I am preparing to sing it. Also ask the Old Wan division to give pointers. ”

    Wanxingguo was not polite, and immediately nodded and said: "Good to say."

    For Lu Chen, he is a senior in the circle, and he is really qualified to point out Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen turned around and said to Tang Qiaoqiao, who was ignorant: "I put the accompaniment band, you try again."

    Previously in Wen Zhiyuan's office, Lu Chen analyzed the scores of Tang Qiaoqiao and the style characteristics of one's own work, as well as the details that need to be paid attention to when singing.

    Tang Qiaoqiao is talented in Music, and the difficulty of this song is not very big. So I realized it very quickly, so I went to the audition room to practice the singing.

    As the first opening of the studio, Lu Chen is willing to spend some time and energy to make one's own reputation in the industry.

    I just didn't expect that there were so many people waiting to attend classes, and they were all high-level EMI.

    Tang Qiaoqiao was even scared.

    Lu Chen’s words made her wake up and walked to the front of the microphone. The look is still a little uneasy.

    Lu Chen took out the U disk that had already been prepared, inserted it into the playback device, and pressed the play button.

    The music prelude sounded.

    The song was written long ago, and the accompaniment was made by Lu Chen yesterday using the software synthesizer one's own. It is not so good. Anyway, it is no problem to test Tang Qiaoqiao.

    The real arrangement is also solved by baiyi company one's own. This article is not included in the contract.

    Follow the rhythm. Tang Qiaoqiao opened his mouth, but did not sing the lyrics.

    Her face suddenly rose red!

    Singer, who was born as a draft contest. Tang Qiaoqiao's performance should not be so bad, but this song has placed her too much expectation, and the pressure in her heart is very heavy.

    And sitting in front of her listening to songs, but also a number of company executives, the results are too nervous.

    Zhang Shuhui, sitting on the edge of the audition room, couldn’t help but smile.

    In the eyes of Zhang Shuhui, there was no such thing as Tang Qiaoqiao, even if the latter belonged to the same group.

    Tang Qiaoqiao actually bought songs from Lu Chen, which made her heart very unhappy – even if this Miss does not want, you can think of it, can you value 250,000 songs?

    So she followed her aunt and wanted to see Tang Qiaoqiao’s jokes.

    As a result, Tang Qiaoqiao is really a joke!

    Zhang Qiong directly laughed out loud.

    Li Zhi's old face was wrinkled into a bitter gourd, desperately giving Tang Qiaoqiao a dazzling look, indicating that the other side should be calm.

    In fact, he is more pressured by Tang Qiaoqiao.

    Song Xun and Wan Xingguo and others were frowning, and felt that Tang Qiaoqiao’s psychological quality was not good.

    Even if such a new person gave her a good song, can she really hold it up?

    Wen Zhiyuan laughs even worse than crying!

    At the crucial moment, if Tang Qiaoqiao lost the chain, his face is still there!

    Lu Chen’s eye was fast and he immediately pressed the stop button.

    He said to Tang Qiaoqiao: "You don't have to be nervous. This song is written for you. You can sing well, don't have any pressure, sing naturally and relax, just starting to practice."

    Specifically written for Tang Qiaoqiao?

    The top executives of the company who were in the air were shaking their heads and even grinning.

    It’s really bragging not to draft a draft. For two days, Lu Chen can write a good song for Tang Qiaoqiao.

    It is estimated that it is not to take the work that has been written long ago to make up the number, that is, to temporarily deal with the rush to get out.

    Lu Chen’s statement is nothing more than an indication that EMI has not spent any money.

    This kind of trick is not worth mentioning in their view.

    Tang Qiaoqiao was relaxed.

    After all, she is not a pure newcomer who just came out. She used to play well in the draft competition. Once she calmed down, she naturally got more and reached out and held the microphone.

    Lu Chen saw it and replayed the accompaniment.

    This time, Tang Qiaoqiao did not drop the chain, and the accompaniment began to sing.

    "It’s good to think about the night all night.

Let me sleep,

Why do you always want to escape.

    If Acacia is not good,

Can only blame me for not finding an antidote.

    You never gave me the signal of love,

Oops, I got stuck earlier than you,

You love less than me,

Destined to suffer.

    No, elegance is gone,

Restless heartbeat.

    I heard all over the world~


    Just the front part, let everyone in the field except Lu Chensimultaneously move!

    They are all insiders. Even if it is not a professional, there is a basic appreciation ability for a song.

    In the simplest terms, it is not nice, is it a potential for popularity?

    This new song written by Lu Chen to Tang Qiaoqiao is very special, with a cool style and a strong personality. It is different from the ordinary Love Song or fast song, which has a heart-warming charm.

    Hear, a refreshing feeling!

    What is amazing is that Tang Qiaoqiao's voice traits are revealed through this song. The kind of nasal girl, the arrogant little girl is full of flavor, including the ethereal ethereal temperament that falls into the world.

    If you have to say the shortcomings, it is that she is not singing enough.

    But she is just beginning to practice.


Don't be so proud,

I may go away at any time.

I haven't brought my hand yet!

    The night is too long and the moonlight will definitely be cold.

How is it good.

    You owe me a hug.

    And I smiled at you again and again.

Why haven't you seen my good~


    Tang Qiaoqiao just finished singing the chorus, Wan Xingguo fiercely shot the thigh and said: "Good!"

    This chorus is very exciting, and the level of the song is suddenly raised, and the climax part is in place.

    This song was written for Tang Qiaoqiao and written for thousands of girls in their twenties and 20s!

    Judging from the experience of Wanxingguo for many years, this work is very difficult. However, Xiaohong has no problem at all. If publicity is properly promoted, it is enough to make a new star.

    Song Xun’s face showed a smile. He likes this song.

    Although Tang Qiaoqiao is still very sung, the accompaniment is very rough, but the beautiful melody of the work has already been revealed. It is nothing more than a post-arrangement and practice.

    Good songs are hard, the value of this song!

    Several managers and supervisors look at each other in dismay and are speechless.

    They originally wanted to see jokes, but they turned out to be witnesses.

    Witness a newcomer to stand out.

    The feelings of Wen Zhiyuan and Li Zhi Gao seem to return to heaven from hell.

    Especially Wen Zhiyuan, it is simply comfortable.

    He knows that one's own adventure has succeeded, and the money is not white, and his position can still sit firmly.

    As for Zhang Qiong…

    Wen Zhiyuan looked at the other side and did not accidentally see the latter's ugly face.

    He was like pouring three bottles of chilled mineral water under the scorching sun, cooling from the top of his head to the foot.

    The depression that was originally accumulated in the heart, the smoke disappeared!

    If not so many high-level players are present, Wen Zhiyuan really wants to laugh and announce one's own victory.

    Zhang Shuhui, who is sitting next to Zhang Qiong, is in a bad mood.

    She squeezed one's own finger hard, biting her lip and staring at Tang Qiaoqiao, who is singing more and more, and there are countless snakes in her heart.

    This song originally belonged to her, it should have been her standing in that position!

    As a result, this song was actually taken away by Tang Qiaoqiao, who is completely eye-catching by one's own. It is really unfair!

    At this moment, Zhang Shuhui even had a grievance against Zhang Qiong.

    If she is not strongly opposed by her aunt, how can she miss this opportunity?

    “……Let me sleep, why do you always want to escape. ”

    After a Singing, Tang Qiaoqiao's face was full of confidence, her eyes were bright and full of joy.

    After singing through the whole land, Tang Qiaoqiao really understood the wonderful things of this song.

    She likes this song and is really tailored for one's own.

    The ability to get this piece is undoubtedly her Luck!

    Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

    Applause suddenly sounded in the audition room.

    I saw Song Xun smiled and patted the palm of his hand. He stood up and asked, "What is the name of this song?"

    Tang Qiaoqiao looked directly at the other side and said with courage: "So proud, its name is so proud!"

    Then Tang Qiaoqiao's gaze looked at Lu Chen, revealing the color of gratitude.

    Because it is him, let one's own so proud!


Note: "So proud" lyrics: Li Manting / Composer: Liu Dajiang

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