Chapter 144 Interview

    The special correspondent of Fetion Music is surnamed Lei, Lei Lei.

    Her size is not high, at most it is about one meter six, but the upper and lower materials are quite sexy and mature, the goose egg face willow eyebrows, the eyes are also big dimples, when they laugh, they reveal two small tiger teeth, and some girls Innocent, giving people the feeling that they don’t mix the Entertainment Circle, but it’s a pity!

    Lei Lei’s voice is very nice, sweet and soft, with the unique charm of Jiangnan women.

    Also let Lu Chen feel more cordial.

    "Lu Chen Teacher, what is the reason for you to finally walk on the road of Music?"

    At 3 pm, Lu Chen studio reception room.

    Lu Chen and the female reporter from Fetion Music sit opposite each other. The two cups of freshly brewed coffee on the glass coffee table are surrounded by white mist. The air is filled with the scent of authentic coffee beans.

    Compared with the fragrant coffee, Lei Lei is obviously more interested in Lu Chen. When she sat down, she couldn't wait to open the recorder and asked the latter the first question.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Teacher can't be afraid, Ray reporter still calls my name more habit."

    "You have a cup of coffee first, and someone else gave me the origin of Brazil. It tastes quite good. Let's talk slowly."

    Teacher's name, originally known as the Senior title in the circle for those who debuted and became famous for a long time, was later used a bit, but any kind of coffee can be called, especially for those who have no deep relationship.

    Lu Chen is a newcomer who has just debuted. Originally, there was no such qualification. Even if he wrote a good work, his qualifications in the circle were too shallow. Others called "Da Chen" or "Chen Ge" is already remarkable.

    However, he was praised by the Beijing Satellite TV location "Singing China" second season judges, even if it was a sea election judge, the position in the industry suddenly slammed. It’s no longer just a newcomer who just debuted.

    Plus the circle is quite respectful for the singer, so the title of "Teacher" is not an exaggeration.

    A lot of things in Entertainment Circle. It’s such a wonderful thing. If you don’t, you won’t understand the meaning.

    However, Lu Chen would not be convinced that one's own is well deserved.

    The face is given by others, but the face is one's own lost, keep a modest and cautious attitude, and can go further.

    Lei Lei really had a bit of a good impression on Lu Chen’s attitude.

    She relaxed and took a sip of the coffee.

    The female reporter's eyes suddenly brightened and praised: "Really good!"

    Lei Lei is a regular coffee drink, although it is not a coffee darling, but the taste is good or bad.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thunder reporters like it. Then take a can of back, anyway, I also borrow flowers to offer Buddha. ”

    His coffee was sent by Wen Zhiyuan, and there were two cans.

    Yesterday after the end of the EMI trials, Lu Chen did not let the other party to eat, the manager of the manager was estimated to be very embarrassed, so insisted on sending two cans of Brazilian coffee beans to him.

    Lu Chen asked Chen Xin to buy a tool to make coffee powder and treat it to the guests. The effect is really good.

    The so-called Eat People is soft. After drinking a good cup of coffee, Lei Lei's attitude has been easy to follow.

    "Then I will call you Lu Chen, but you can't call me a reporter."

    Lu Chen smiled: "Okay, Lei Lei."

    Lei Lei’s age is about four or five years old, and it’s definitely true that she’s called her sister.

    To become a Celebrity idol, it is very important to have a good relationship with a media reporter, otherwise others will black you in newspapers, magazines or the Internet for three days. No one can stand it.

    The relationship between real big coffee and the media is often very good. For example, Tan Hong, he has not made any scandals in the past few years. The fact that one's own character is too strong is a factor on the one hand, and the deep connections within the circle are even more crucial.

    How to properly relationship with the media, Chen Jianhao taught Lu Chen and Lu Xi a lot of experience.

    Lu Chen has 3d Rank experience in the dream of life, it is not difficult to grasp it.

    He and Lei Lei said that after laughing and laughing, they got close to the point and went back to the formal interview.

    The question returned to the one that Lei Lei had previously proposed.

    Lu Chen thought about it and said: "My earliest contact with Music was derived from the expectation of parents. When I was a piano student, I was probably not talented enough. I didn't learn much and gave up."

    “I later liked the guitar, so I went to learn one's own, but at that time I felt like playing guitar to chase girls.”

    Having said that, Lei Lei showed a smile.

    Many boys learn to play, that is, playing handsome and attracting the attention of girls, and this is quite effective.

    When Lei Lei couldn't help but think of one's own university, there were also boys singing for her in the dormitory downstairs.

    It is a pity that the other party has neither Lu Chen’s talent nor Lu Chen’s handsomeness, otherwise she may have promised.

    Lu Chen continued: "When I was in college, I had a little trouble in my family. I came to work in Beijing early and sang Singer in a bar. I really started on the road of Music."

    Lei Lei said: "You said in the game of singing China. Your dream is to make a lot of money. You want to help your family pay off your debts. Is your motivation to go to the Music Road from the responsibility of the family? ”

    Lu Chen said calmly: "You can say that."

    After winning the title of "Singing China", Lu Chen is a nobility celebrity in his hometown of Binhai.

    So soon on the Inspur blog, someone exploded his family's situation.

    Lu Chen’s father, Lu Qingsheng, was also a well-known entrepreneur in Binhai. His business failure was entirely due to bad luck and was affected by the international financial turmoil, which led to the break of the capital chain.

    Lu Qingsheng's reputation in the local area has always been very good, and he has a reputation for being straightforward, so there are so many friends and family and partners who are willing to lend money to his turnaround. In the end, it is purely unpredictable.

    Lu Jia’s encounter made people sigh, but the most surprising thing is that Lu Qingsheng’s widow’s widow, Lu Chen’s mother, resolutely assumed this huge debt and refused to trust Lu Qingsheng’s relatives and friends. Suffering from the loss, Lu Qingsheng’s reputation is not allowed to be dusted.

    But anyone who knows this thing, the other party is not admirable!

    Honesty and trustworthiness has always been the virtue of the Chinese nation.

    Therefore, Lu Chen tells one's own dream of making money in the "Singing China" contest. Not only will it not let everyone have a bit of disgust, but people will feel his sincerity, confidence and courage.

    A "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart" sings the spirit of Lu Chen's indomitable life!

    The Zhuang Hao who questioned Lu Chen’s dream, the blog has been smashed by countless people, and even his "Jiumei" magazine can not withstand the pressure from netizens, and had to apologize on behalf of Zhuang Hao.

    Now the so-called Editor and critics even shut down one's own blog, completely disappeared.

    Lei Lei mentioned this matter, and also had the meaning of Lu Chen’s name. After all, the latter did not publicly explain the situation.

    She continued to ask: "What makes you have such a rich and colorful music, write a good song like In the Spring, you at the same table, what is your source of inspiration? Why do you have such a different style of performance in your creation, questioning others, what is your attitude? ”

    Although Lu Chen is very fond of it, with the deepening of the interview, the professional nature of Lei reporters is inevitably exposed. A series of problems, such as squally storms, hit Lu Chen, which is very aggressive.

    But she doesn't think there is anything wrong. Since entering the Entertainment Circle has become the most popular Celebrity, Lu Chen will have to accept various interviews in the future, facing more problematic, violent and even vicious problems than her.

    If the one-on-one special interviews are not able to cope, then there will be trouble later.

    Therefore, Lei Lei intentionally speeds up the speed of speech, and the questions raised are targeted, which in turn creates a sense of oppression.

    She wants to see how Lu Chen responds.

    In fact, since Lu Chen participated in "Singing China", the voice against him on the Internet has not completely disappeared, mainly focusing on his creative style.

    The most typical is "In the Spring", this song is not like a 22-year-old young man can write.

    Lu Chen’s performance is not as Lei Lei’s imagination, or nervous or flustered.

    Lu Chen smiled calmly, he did not directly answer Lei Lei's question.

    "Lai Lei, I will first talk about my name on the Inspur blog, the origin of Lu Chen FMX."

    Lu Chen's wave blog ID Lu Chen FM, the current number of fans has exceeded 5 million, which is the entry standard for the big V, the blog post, comments and praise are quite high.

    But no one knows the true meaning of this ID.

    Lei Lei suddenly stunned and couldn't think of the relationship between Lu Chen's blog account and one's own.

    However, as a reporter's intuition told her, Lu Chen must have said.

    So she nodded with a smile.

    Lu Chen explained: "Lu Chen FMX, Lu Chen represents me one's own, and FMX represents three other people. Their names are Fang Mingyi, Mo Ran and Xu Bo. They are all good teachers and friends on my life and Music. ”

    "They let me know a lot about the truth…"

    "They made me understand the importance of persistence…"


    When he was selling the copyright of "In the Spring", Lu Chen told others about Xu Bo's stories.

    At that time, he had vowed in his heart to make Xu Bo's name a Legendary in the world.

    But not only Xu Bo, Fang Mingyi and Mo Ran are equally indispensable.

    Feeling that one of them is missing, his life after the long dream is no longer complete!

    Therefore, by the opportunity of the exclusive interview with Fetion Music, Lu Chen selectively told the story of the three of them.

    Not just for explanation.

    It is a memory, a nostalgia, and a memorial!


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