The 140th chapter does not know the good heart

    Beijing Fourth Ring, Delong Building.

    Delong Building is well-known in this high-rise financial and commercial district, because it has gathered a group of first-class entertainment media and music production companies in Beijing, such as Tianzhu Music Workshop, Golden Disc Culture, Sunshine Record and so on.

    Therefore, people who work in this building can often see the Celebrity idols coming in and out. Just outside the building, find a corner. Maybe there is an entertainment reporter, the guy known as paparazzi, who is there.

    EMI Culture Manager Corporation is also in Delong Building, but the size of this medium-sized Manager Corporation is incomparable to the gold plate culture, and the office is located on the 7th floor of the poor location.

    There is a saying in Entertainment Circle, that is, if a number of companies are in the same building, the stronger the strength, the higher the reputation, the higher the living. Otherwise, they would rather find another place and not be willing to go down.

    This statement of perhaps is not very reliable, but at least in the Deron Building, the situation is really similar.

    Even so, it is not an ordinary small company that can occupy a place in the Delong Building.

    EMI Culture Manager Corporation has dozens of artists and hundreds of trainees. The debut of the artists has two C-list Celebrity idols, and the strength is still ok.

    It is said that there are as many as 2,000 Entertainment Manager Corporations in Beijing, but only one-tenth of them are truly qualified.

    More than 1 pm, it was the hottest weather.

    Although the central air-conditioning of Delong Building is working well and the air-conditioning is sufficient, Wen Zhiyuan, who is sitting in the office, still feels bored. He even drank two bottles of chilled mineral water, and there is still an inexplicable evil fire in the body. Let his forehead continue to see out the fine sweat.

    The 40-year-old middle-aged fat man is the director of the generation culture manager Corporation manager.

    The manager department is the most important department of Manager Corporation. The supervisor location level is the middle and upper level of the company.

    However, Wen Zhiyuan has never had the sensibility of power, because the manager has a large budget. Therefore, there are many mother-in-laws who are in charge of the above. There are general managers, directors, deputy general managers, deputy directors, and department managers and deputy managers, and three supervisors.

    Leaving one of the trainee supervisors, the other two are not good.

    On the one hand, Wen Zhiyuan has to manage the artists and managers under one's own. On the other hand, he has to guard against the competition of the same department, and the days are too much to worry about.

    Especially in the recent time, Wen Zhiyuan's several signing artists were very restless. One of them was exposed by the media and he was desperately trying to wipe his butt. Was ridiculed by people in the public relations department.

    Wen Zhiyuan really wants to quit, but thinks that it will take 15 years to pay off the mortgage…

    He can only bear it.

    Snapped! Snapped!

    The door of the room was suddenly ringed.

    Wen Zhiyuan couldn't help but straighten his waist. He grabbed the paper towel on the table and wiped the sweat from his face.

    Throwing the wipes quickly, he said in a cry: "Please come in!"

    In front of his subordinates, Wen Zhiyuan still pays great attention to the image, otherwise it is difficult to make people feel awe.

    The door was pushed hard and the two women walked in and out.

    See the middle-aged women who walked in front. Wen Zhiyuan feels that one's own original big head is big again!

    The brain is suffering.

    This middle-aged woman is dressed very well. A long skirt, high heels, purses and jewellery are famous brands, but her looks are really sorry for these expensive items, not only ordinary but also slightly fierce.

    But she obviously didn't have the consciousness of Tibetan Mastiff, and her nostrils were arrogant, as if she was the master here.

    The woman behind the middle-aged woman is undoubtedly much younger and more beautiful, and the Danfeng eye willow eyebrows are exquisite. Looks proud. It is similar to the former.

    Going to the front of Wen Zhiyuan, the young woman smiled and said: "Wen Supervisor…"

    Wen Zhiyuan secretly sighed. The face barely squeezed a smile: "Shu Hui, you are here."

    Zhang Shuhui, a signing artist of EMI Culture Manager Corporation, just debuted two months ago.

    The middle-aged woman who came with Zhang Shuhui was Zhang Shuhui’s manager Zhang Qiong, who was also her aunt.

    This is not an ordinary person, the character is not sloppy, and has a relationship with the upper level of the company.

    Although Zhang Qiong is nominally a man of Wen Zhiyuan, in fact Wen Zhiyuan simply does not command the Lord.

    The so-called arrogant soldiers, these two are!

    No need to guess, Wen Zhiyuan also knows that the other party is not good.

    He was so tired in his heart that he still had to lose a smile: "Sit and sit."

    Zhang Qiong was not at all polite. She took Zhang Shuhui and sat down on the sofa. Then she opened the door and asked: "Wen, I heard that you applied for a fund to buy songs for Shu Hui?"

    Wen Zhiyuan nodded and said: "Yes, a total of 200 million, I have already…"

    According to the company's regulations, contracted artists such as Zhang Shuhui, who are involved in the training and packaging, publicity promotion of important expenses, need to apply, after approval, can be paid.

    This is also one of the greatest powers that Wen Zhiyuan has as the head of the manager.

    He applied for this fund for Zhang Shuhui, and wanted to let the Grandma stop the point and let one's own live a long life.

    "I know!"

    Zhang Qiong directly interrupted Wen Zhiyuan's words and asked: "I heard that you are going to invite a newcomer, and a song is 250,000. Is this the case?"

    Wen Zhiyuan suppressed his inner dissatisfaction and patiently explained: "It is like this…"

    "This newcomer is very unusual. He is the winner of the Chinese singer. The songs he created are ranked first in the original sound list. He is a very talented singer, I think…"

    "Warm supervisor!"

    Zhang Qiong once again interrupted: "I don't think there is any newcomer whose work can be worth 250,000. What if his work is on the original sound list? His creative style is completely out of touch with my family Shuhui. How can I write well? ”

    "This money can be applied for. I and Shu Hui are both contributing, so I don't agree with you to buy a song for the newcomer named Lu Chen. The risk is too great. I think Xiyu will be a better choice."

    Her lips fainted: "Two thousand. Enough to buy three songs! ”

    Wen Zhiyuan was stimulated by the eyes of her "Do you eat a kickback", stimulating the blue veins on the temple.

    Almost on the spot!

    See you poorly! He bought a song from Lu Chen, really thinking about Zhang Shuhui.

    Zhang Shuhui has a time as a New Generation Singer debut. Although the company has spent a lot of effort to package the hype, it has never been pushed up, because there are a lot of newcomers in the Entertainment Circle.

    On the appearance, Zhang Shuhui is not the most beautiful, on singing, she is just ordinary qualified, on talent…

    Keke! Regardless of her talents, she has no distinct characteristics and advantages. If she wants to be popular, she must find another way.

    Buying a good work for Zhang Shuhui is the way Wen Zhiyuan came up with.

    In the popular Musical World. There has always been a saying that "people are sung because of songs." The original Singer sang a good song, maybe it would be a big red, even if it is now about packaging hype, but the factors of the work are still important.

    Many people are desperately covering, imitating and even copying the works of Japanese and Korean in Europe and America. What is it for?

    As a recent singer who is rapidly emerging in the popular Musical World, Wen Zhiyuan has long been eyeing Lu Chen. After knowing that the latter opened the studio, he also sent someone to contact.

    Until the end of "Singing China", Wen Zhiyuan finally made up his mind to buy songs from Lu Chen at a high price.

    Because he believes that Lu Chen has strong creative strength.

    I never thought that his intentions and painstaking efforts were actually questioned by Zhang Qiong!

    The other side said "West Feather". It was a very early songwriter. He is good at Love Song and saliva songs, and has always had business contacts with EMI Culture Manager Corporation.

    250,000 is indeed enough to invite 3 songs to Xi Yu. But Wen Zhiyuan believes that this talent is almost exhausted.

    If you compare, Lu Chen is like a rising sun, and the creation is full of vitality and vitality.

    West Yu, that is the setting sun!

    As for the style issue, it is not a big problem.

    Wen Zhiyuan wanted to explain patiently, but Zhang Qiong’s eyes made him feel disheartened.

    His straight waist bent back again and said with a sigh: "What you said makes sense. If you do, just follow what you mean and invite the song to Xi Yu."

    Seeing that Wen Zhiyuan was so bleak and bleak, Zhang Shuhui, who had never spoken, could not bear it. He turned to look at Zhang Qiong: "Aunt…"

    Zhang Qiong pinched her hand and said: "Listen to me, since the supervisor has promised, then there is no problem."

    She got up and said, "Excuse me, let's go first."

    Wen Zhiyuan waved his hand weakly, and he was too lazy to look at the other's proud face.

    He knows that Zhang Qiong’s real intention is to fight for power.

    After Zhang Qiong and Zhang Shuhui left, Wen Zhi passed away for a long time to slow down and laughed.

    What is this about his mother?

    叮 铃铃~

At this time, the phone on the table rang.

    Wen Zhiyuan reached out and reached up.

    Inside the phone came the sweet voice of the front desk lady: "Wen is the supervisor, there is a Mr. Lu Chen to come to you."

    Wen Zhiyuan suddenly remembered one's own afternoon and Lu Chen studio was an appointment.

    The other party came to the door to try it out!

    This is really troublesome, Wen Zhiyuan can not wait to slap one's own a slap in the face.

    It is certainly possible for him to let Lu Chen leave directly, but in this way, he will completely offend people and die, and it is definitely not a wise choice to spread his face.

    Can Wen Zhiyuan say how to talk to Lu Chen, saying that the artist of one's own is not obedient and does not want to buy his song?

    Still offend people!

    "Hey! Are you in charge? ”

    Wen Zhiyuan woke up and said quickly: "Yes, you ask Mr. Lu to sit down in the reception room first. You must be warm and entertained. I will come over after I have finished the matter!"

    The front desk lady promised: "Okay."

    Putting down the phone, Wen Zhiyuan is already sweating and almost burst into tears.

    despair! despair!

    The door of the office was once again ringed.


The second one is even more sentimental. I am very sorry. I have no time to write a third in the evening.

    PS: The author belongs to the slow-handed party. It often takes several hours to write a chapter, and there is no manuscript. The promised thing was not done, and I owe everyone, so I won’t ask for a ticket. Please forgive me. (To be continued~^~)

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