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Chapter 101 is a happy cooperation

    A plate of spicy fried snails, a plate of salt and pepper crayfish, a plate of tender fried beef and then add vinegar and potato.

    The simple four dishes, paired with peanuts and cucumbers, Lu Chen and Li Feiyu each smashed two bundles of beer to sit and drink, celebrating for the success of the evening.

    Li Feiyu drank a lot of energy and drunk, and one bottle of one's own in the blink of an eye.

    He placed the empty bottle on the table, wiped the foam at the corner of his mouth, and said loudly: "Shuang!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "It’s good to be cool."

    Li Feiyu breathed a sigh of relief and said: "It's really so good. You don't know in the morning. I have been playing live broadcast for so long. I have never been so stunned this evening. I have no regrets!"

    Lu Chen thought about it and asked: "Li Ge, if I open a studio, would you like to help me?"

    "You open studio?"

    Li Feiyu’s body was shining and his eyes were bright: “Really?”

    Lu Chen nodded heavily: "Really!"

    Opening a studio is Lu Long’s long-standing idea, but the time was not mature, so he kept this idea in his heart and did not talk to many people.

    But now the situation is different, he has moved to a larger stage and circle, and in the foreseeable future, work will become more and more busy, and it is definitely not possible to rely on one's own alone.

    For example, the live broadcast of the network this evening, relying on Li Feiyu to help get it, only earned a lot of income.

    However, there are still many games in the game behind "Singing China". Lu Chen is aiming at the highest laurels. Can you always let Li Feiyu help you every time?

    Although Li Feiyu did not care, even very happy, Lu Chen was thinking about solving the problem once and for all.

    The best way is to set up a personal studio and form a team that belongs to one's own!

    In fact, after many celebrities become famous, they often leave the contracting company to set up a personal studio, and then completely control the future of the star in the hands of one's own, such as Tan Hong, such as Chen Feier.

    Lu Chen just skipped the middle process and mastered the fate of one's own in advance.

    Of course, Lu Chen does not have the strength and connections of those Celebrity big coffee. It must be difficult at the beginning, but the so-called thing is artificial, relying on the precious wealth of the dream world, he has stood on the shoulders of giants.

    For the future, Lu Chen is full of confidence!

    On the manager side, Lu Chen chose one's own sister Lu Xi, and Li Feiyu is suitable as his assistant to help with the complicated daily affairs, so that he can put more time and energy into the music and acting career.

    After careful consideration, Lu Chen sincerely invited Li Feiyu to invite, not a temporary intention.

    Lu Chen’s serious attitude made Li Feiyu finally make sure he was not joking.

    The little Brother Fei class hesitated. He swallowed and suddenly raised his palm and patted it on the table. He said with a slap in the face: "Da morning, you are willing to ask me, then I will do it. I can do it hard!"

    "Now the job doesn't mean anything at all. I have long wanted to quit, mother!"

    At present, the car sales in the market are not prosperous. Li Feiyu's 4S shop agent is not a hot brand, but as a salesperson, he relies on commission to make money, so the impact on income is great.

    Even if Lu Chen did not ask him, he also planned to change jobs.

    Lu Chen said: "That's the way to say it, don't worry too much. You should go through the resignation procedure first, then come over and help me. The first step is to rent the appropriate office and approve the license. The second step is to gradually enrich. personnel."

    He is prepared to go step by step, not to spread the scene too much, and reduce the pressure on funds.

    "As for the salary, compared to your level in the 4S store, how high is it and the benefit bonus?"

    Because of the early thoughts, Lu Chen’s thinking is very clear.

    Li Feiyu opened his eyes and smiled: "That's good."

    The time they met was very long, and they knew each other well. He believed that Lu Chen would not let one's own suffer.

    As he said, he did not know what he thought of, and his expression became awkward, a look that he could not say.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Do you want me to invite Xiaomei sister?"

    If there is anything in the 4S shop where the little Brother Fei students can't give up, it is undoubtedly Xiaomei sister.

    Li Feiyu’s infatuation with Chen Xiaomei has never changed.

    When Lu Chen broke his mind, Li Feiyu's face was red, and he was very embarrassed to scratch his head and said: "I think so, if it is difficult…"

    "Nothing is difficult!"

    Lu Chen interrupted: "Since I opened the studio, I definitely need the front desk reception staff. If Xiaomei sister is willing to come to my small place, I will definitely welcome it!"

    Li Feiyu suddenly relieved: "She should come, there are many guests in the 4S store are always fascinated."

    Lu Chen smiled and opened a can of beer and said to him: "Happy cooperation!"


    “Happy cooperation!”

    On the afternoon of July 11, Blue Sky Creative Park, Nirvana studio.

    Lu Chen’s hand and Wang Changsheng’s hand were firmly held together, and under his hands was a new contract that had just been signed.

    The second day after the first qualifier of "Singing China", he once again went to Nirvana studio and handed over all 10 songs from one's own debut album to the studio, which was unknown in the industry.

    Compared to the previous single arranger accompaniment recording, this list is undoubtedly much bigger, the contract amount is 100,000!

    It is still a song of 11,000, but because it is a complete album, it also has to add Lu Chen's singing recordings, so the requirements are much higher, and the production cycle is greatly extended.

    After the last cooperation, Lu Chen had enough trust in Nirvana studio. He appreciated the serious and professional work attitude of the other party, so he entrusted such an important task to the latter.

    Lu Chen's plan is to synchronize the new song production with the "Singing China" competition. With this excellent platform, the work of publicity one's own, and finally the first album to the market – "Love in the Wind".

    His request for Nirvana studio is quality, even if it is not comparable to the Tianzhu workshop, it can not be too much.

    Wang Changsheng, the manager of Nirvana Studio, is simply grateful.

    "Thank you!"

    Lu Chen said: "I want to thank you too, and the arrangement of singing while walking is very good."

    Wang Changsheng smiled and his eyes narrowed. "I saw all the qualifiers last night. It’s Mr. Lu. Your performance is very good. I’m sorry, I just forgot Congratulations. You’re straight to thirty-two!”

    Lu Chen said: "If Manager Wang feels sorry, can you do me a favor?"

    Wang Changsheng stunned and immediately understood and said: "No problem, no problem, you just say, as long as I can help, I must try to finish!"

    Although Wang Changsheng is not a very smart manager, he can also see that Lu Chen’s potential is strong. Such a customer is firmly grasped, so Niepan Studio can not only get rid of the current predicament, but even have the opportunity to fly!

    Seeing pity, just now, when I signed a new contract, Manager Wang wanted to marry one's own daughter to Lu Chen!

    For this studio, he really broke his heart.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Not so serious, I am planning to rent an office in the Blue Sky Creative Park, ready to open a personal Music studio, an area of ​​100 to 200 square meters is enough, Manager Wang is familiar with this, can you help me? pay attention."

    Nowadays, Singer actors are very popular in their own studios, but those are the big-name Celebrity people in the industry. Lu Chen actually wants to open Music Studio, which is more or less shocking to Wang Changsheng.

    However, there is obviously no competition between Lu Chen's personal Music studio and Nirvana studio. Otherwise, he does not need to put one's own song album in Nirvana studio to make it, and he will not ask Wang Changsheng for help.

    The two studios can cooperate better. Wang Changsheng immediately said after he woke up: "No problem, no problem, I will help you find the most suitable office. We will be neighbors in the future, huh, huh."

    He said that he laughed.

    Lu Chen nodded, but his mind flew farther.


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