The 107th chapter is the name of the real return (the third is the monthly ticket)

    The young people nowadays are really incredible!

    Gu Rui looked at the young man who smiled very brightly, and he felt very emotional.

    As the senior senior in the industry and the current Music Director of "Singing China", he has seen many newcomers who have just entered the Entertainment Circle.

    Some of them are arrogant, some are naive, some are cautious and fearful, and some are mean and kneeling…

    In Gu Rui’s impression, there are very few newcomers who can face the Beijing Satellite TV like Lu Chen, who are still courteous and not humble, and there is no background force behind him.

    Unlike several players who performed well in the promotion, Lu Chen did not sign up for entertainment or Manager Corporation.

    What is it or who gave him such great courage and confidence?

    A manager who doesn't know if it exists?

    Gu Rui can't guess the answer.

    But the Music Director can see that Lu Chen is not pretending to be calm. His eyes are bright and clear. His smile is sincere and cordial. Although polite and polite, he always sticks to the bottom line of one's own and does not make promises easily.

    Even for him, this is an excellent opportunity to get closer to Beijing Satellite TV.

    Such a young man has a promising future!

    Gu Rui immediately smiled: "No problem on Monday, I will give you a call, feel free to contact."

    Gu Rui represents the Beijing Satellite TV "Singing China" Program group, but it is irrelevant for him to buy or pay the price of "Singing and Singing".

    He is quite fond of Lu Chen.

    Gu Rui handed Lu Chen a one's own business card.

    Lu Chen got up and took it with both hands and said, "Thank you for the ancient Director."

    The details of Xiaoxiao made Gu Rui feel quite comfortable. A young man who graduated from college at the age of 22 is rarely so polite. It usually takes a few years to learn in the social training experience.

    Many will never even learn, or disdain to learn.

    Gu Rui’s attitude is more and more good: “You are welcome. Our Program group appreciates your talents. I hope that you will pass all the way to the finals and bring more exciting works to the audience. Keep it up! ”

    Lu Chen thanked again and then left to leave.

    Back in the backstage of the studio, the third player has just finished singing one's own.

    Her performance should not be very good. Among the four judges, Lin Zhijie and Yan Zhen only gave 4 points, Chen Feier gave 6 points, and Tan Hong gave 5 points. All add up to only 19 points.

    If there is no accident, the player should be eliminated.

    So she is crying and leaving the stage.

    The current reality draft competition is so cruel, especially in the promotion stage, a performance disorder is likely to go straight out, and it is not easy to get the Easter eggs in the judges hand.

    The game continues.

    It is a rather long process for 32 players to sing one by one on the stage and accepting the score of judges.

    However, Lu Chen has enough patience. The time to wait for the fruit of victory to come!

    At 11:15 pm, all Singer singing ends.

    On-site Host immediately announced that it would publicize the voting results of the off-site audience and discharge the top 16 places.

    Since there are a lot of players participating in this competition, their audience votes are all collected by the computer system, and the results are announced at the same time to save time.

    The next 16th round of the top 10 singer finals, it is necessary to publish the data on the spot, instead of waiting until the end.

    "just now. Let us look forward to it together. Sing the birth of the top 16 Chinese singers in Beijing!"

    "They are…"

    In the impassioned voice of Host, the atmosphere at the scene was pushed to a new climax.

    The 1,500 spectators in the studio hall are all looking forward to it. Everyone's eyes are all focused on the big screen on the background. The logo of "Singing China" in the huge screen continues to flash, indicating that the mystery will be revealed soon!

    Tan Hong, Chen Feier, Lin Zhijie and Yan Zhen four judges patted the palm of their hand.

    The screen's picture suddenly changed, and a golden number jumped out.


    In the next moment, the number suddenly burst into a golden light, and the identity of the 16th winner was revealed.

    Lin Yaru!

    Player Name: Lin Yaru,

Player number: 023,

Singing tracks: summer night,

Judges Total score: 27 points,

On-site audience votes: 1025 votes,

The total vote of the off-site audience: 162,540 votes,

Overall score: 77. 69 points!

    In the backstage of the studio, a woman with long shawl squinted her face with her hands, and she was so sad that she couldn’t make a sound!

    She is undoubtedly the Lin Yaru who has just ranked among the top 16.

    Although the ranking is the last one, it means that she has defeated half of the opponent and entered the higher level competition. No matter whether she can finally enter the Beijing Top 10, it is a victory.

    In the previous drafts, there were many players who were eliminated in the promotion and let Entertainment Manager Corporation see it, so they signed up for the debut and mixed better than the opponent who beat them.

    So brushing your face is very important. Further, brush your face, and the more you brush, the more opportunities you have!

    Next, announce the 15th, 14th, 13th…

    The top 16 players made their debut, and the applause of the audience was one after another, and the warm applause continued.

    When you see one's own support and like the successful promotion of the players, everyone will have a strong sense of satisfaction.

    In the backstage rest area, the players have silence, some cheers, some excitement, and some are crying.

    There is nothing more tormenting and testing the will than this process.

    Until the third promotion player appeared, Lu Chen did not see the name of one's own.

    But he always sat steadily and indifferently.

    In contrast, the audience who sat in front of the TV and the computer for more than three hours were a little uncomfortable, especially Lu Chen's relatives and friends and fans.

    Fang blinked and smiled bitterly: "The current Program, too will hang people's appetite!"

    Lu Xue held a small fist and said with great certainty: "Mother is safe. Brother can win, champion! ”

    Forget the grass in the bar. Old customers don't even drink alcohol, everyone's eyes are on the screen.

    Will not be eliminated?

    That is absolutely impossible!

    Ye Hao said secretly to one's own, and did not notice the roommates who had just returned to the dormitory.

    Although the school has already had a summer vacation, many people are still willing to stay in this super-large city for a hot summer, because there are so many wonderful days to enjoy.

    The life of the leaves is not rich and colorful, but this summer she applied for the first time to stay in school.

    Just to stay in the dormitory bed, watch a draft game?

    In Lu Fei's live broadcast, the number of barrows issued by 950,000+ online viewers has reached a point of terrible!

    If you don't set the bulletscreen partition, you can't watch the live broadcast video at all.

    "Oh. The last two places are left. Do you say that our Lufei Grand Conference has been eliminated? ”

    "Oh! What crow mouth, our anchor is 100% champion! ”

    "It's so tight, nervous, nervous, nervous!"

    "Everyone is calm, not the first place is the second place. I believe that I am 100% true."

    "I don't know what you are nervous about. Lu Shuai's judges score is the highest. Will he be eliminated?"

    "Yeah yeah. The anchor will definitely win! ”

    "I really took Beijing Satellite TV, and the 32-finish 16 was like the national finals."

    "If the anchor is to be eliminated, I will live broadcast live!"

    "Haha, you are all too naive…"

    At this time, the top 16 players in the total score of the total score announced – Mu Xiaochu!

    The live and backstage seating areas of the studio hall, and the warm applause, no matter what those are destined to be eliminated. Still has successfully promoted. They all sent congratulations to this beautiful little girl.

    "Thank you, thank you all!"

    Mu Xiaochu’s pretty face rose red. Standing up, I was a little helpless, and I was thankful again and again.

    She did not expect that one's own could actually win the runner-up position in the top 16.

    Thanks at the same time, Mu Xiaochu's gaze could not help but look at Lu Chen, who also applauded her.

    At this moment, the problem she thought in her heart was the vesting of the last place.

    Is it Lu Chen?

    Not only Mu Xiaochu, but also many players in the backstage rest area are secretly speculative.

    Although Lu Chen got the highest judges score, his talents in creation are obvious to all. However, it is difficult to guarantee that the "Singing China" Program group will explode and release Lu Chen directly to eliminate the hot points.

    Such a means is not uncommon in the previous various draft programs, so the so-called big heat will die!

    Lu Chen does not really want to die immediately. Don't forget that in the hands of the four judges, there is still a resurrection golden egg. You can completely let him be "accidentally" eliminated, and then successfully resurrected into the list of the top 16 candidates. Columns, you can still participate in the following games.

    As a result, the dramatic effect has been achieved, and the purpose of the hype has been achieved.

    As for whether Lu Chen is willing to be played, he is a Xiaoxiao newcomer who dares to fight against Beijing Satellite TV?

    That is a big joke!

    Lu Chen noticed the strange eyes from other players. He even knew what the other person was thinking.

    Can Lu Chen do not care at all – Yan Ke An Zhi Hongzhi Zhizhi!

    On the big screen of the stage, the word "1" was finally displayed, and it was set off with a beautiful crown.

    "Singing the Chinese" Beijing singing area, the 32th top 16 total score of the first player released!

    he is the one…

    Lu Chen!

    Player name: Lu Chen,

Player number: 001,

Singing: You at the same table,

Judges Total score: 39 points,

On-site audience votes: 1469 votes,

The total audience voted outside the audience: 726,502 votes,

Comprehensive score: 95. 35 points!

    That's right, Lu Chen, Beijing Satellite TV didn't play any small tricks.

    His champion is the name!

    The stormy applause suddenly sounded inside and outside the studio, and many of the audience applauded and stood up.

    Cheer for their favorite Singer!


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