The 109th chapter coincides (the fifth is more monthly)

    Although the name of the Merchant Shop is not foreign, it is also a well-known plate in the area around the university town.

    It is large enough to concentrate on popular commercial facilities such as shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas, Internet cafes, game halls, etc. It doesn't feel boring when you go inside and play, and it is more fun to eat, drink, and play.

    The business location of the Xueshi Merchant Shop is very clear. The service target group is the ordinary business person and blue-collar of more than 100,000 teachers and students in the university town and the nearby business district. There are basically no luxury brands in the shopping mall, mainly medium-sized goods.

    Lu Chen had come to the Merchant Shop more than once, so I was very familiar with this film.

    He carried Lu Xixian to park the car in the parking lot in the north of the mall, and then went straight to the inside of the mall along the walking path.

    Because it is a weekend time, people in the mall are very busy.

    "Let's eat first…"

    Lu Chen took a look at the time and passed 5 o'clock. He said: "The Yunjin restaurant here is good and the price is affordable."

    Lu Xi said: "Alright, two or three dishes will suffice, I can't eat much."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I have a lot of food recently, two or three dishes are really not enough, at least five or six!"

    Lu Xi’s hand squeezed his arm and said, “You are a lot stronger.”

    Such a move was rarely done to Lu Chen in the past.

    In the strange city, for the same goal, the gap between the two is slowly melting.

    As I said, four girls came from the front of the main entrance and just happened to have a face-to-face with the two.

    One of the girls in yellow shirts groaned and her face showed an unbelievable look.

    The girl in the white dress with her side is pale!

    This girl is the leaves.

    The four girls in the same bedroom in the bedroom chose to stay in Beijing during the summer vacation to stay in Beijing.

    Tonight, the leaves were pulled by Zuo Xintian to go shopping, and the other two roommates together, but the two did not expect to actually meet Lu Chen in the Xueshi Merchant Shop.

    When she saw Lu Chen and the woman next to her, she was laughing and affectionate. A heart seems to be stabbed by a sharp blade!

    Although the leaves are very clear, one's own and Lu Chen did not determine the relationship between true male and female friends. But this scene in front of her still gives her a sense of self-confidence, shame, pain, embarrassment!

    Not only Zuo Xintian, but both roommates know Lu Chen, and they all know that they are in contact.

    "Lu Chen!"

    Zuo Xintian first cried: "How can you do this!"

    She was eagerly rushing forward to go with Lu Chen's theory, and she was dragged by the leaves: "Forget it…"

    Zuo Xintian hates iron and does not become steel: "How can it be counted? You like him so much, he is like this…"

    In Zuo Xintian's view, Lu Chen is simply the legendary Chen Shimei, who has exposed his face on the TV Program. Just a little fame, he started to engage in three, and actually carried the leaves and other women.

    It is unbearable!

    The most irritating to Zuo Xintian is. The woman around Lu Chen is not as good as the leaves.


    The same horrified Lu Chen reaction came over and suddenly dumbfounded.

    He quickly went up and asked the leaves: "You and sweets are also coming to the mall?"

    The leaves turned over and ignored him, but the eyes were red: "Sweet, let's go."

    Zuo Xintian and the other two girls were simultaneously cast a contemptuous look toward Lu Chen, such as a knife-like cut-off meat scraping!

    Lu Xi looked at him with a smile on his face.

    Lu Chen quickly grabbed the hand of the leaf. I am afraid that she will run away regardless of the situation, then the misunderstanding can be really big.

    "Leaves, this is my sister Lu Xi, she just came home from home today."

    what? sister?

    The three girls were dumbfounded. At this time, they discovered that Lu Xi and Lu Chen were really similar!

    People are sisters and brothers.

    A joke!

    Zuo Xintian can't wait to find a place to sneak in, his face is ashamed as an autumn frost apple.

    The leaves are trying to break the hand of Lu Chen. But hearing his explanation is also awkward. The original bitter white face quietly emerged a layer of faint blush, a time is at a loss.

    This misunderstanding is a bit too big. The fate is that she has no reason to be jealous.

    After all, the two just have a good impression of each other.

    At this time Lu Xi came over and asked with a smile: "Hello, I am Lu Chen's sister Lu Xi, are you his friend?"

    Lu Chen let go of the leaves and hands, and said a little embarrassedly: "Sister, this is the leaves, they are all students of Beijing Normal University, and I know friends in Beijing."

    The leaves succumbed to shame, and they bravely raised their heads and said, "Hello, Lu Xi, hello."

    Lu Xi smiled and said: "It is a pleasure to know you. Are you calling the leaves?" It’s just that I just settled in Beijing, and now I don’t know where to buy something. Can you help me with it? ”

    In front of the leaves, Lu Xi was completely a gentle and amiable big sister, she nodded.

    After misunderstanding, Ye Hao introduced Lu Xin and her other two students to Lu Xi.

    The age difference between the girls is not very large, so they will soon be familiar.

    The result was that Lu Chen was left out to the side.

    Fortunately, the rice always has to be eaten. Everyone discussed it, so I went to the Yunjin restaurant to fight the table.

    Lu Xi seems to like the leaves, and always pulls her to talk.

    I didn’t even let go when I was eating.

    It is also Kungfu for a meal, and the name between the two becomes "Xiejie" and "Zizi".

    After eating this rich dinner, Lu Chen bought a single.

    The older sister is a large number of people, and he is not allowed to accompany the girls to go shopping as a "bag". It is also the role of carrying bags and bags, saying that they are waiting for them to buy good things and then contact.

    Time is definitely a long one.

    Lu Chen thought about it, simply went to the Internet cafe on the top floor of the mall, surfing the Internet to kill time.

    I used the ID card to register and opened a computer. He logged on the webpage and searched for the related content of "Singing China".

    The result found a lot of things.

    As the number one player in the "Singing China" Beijing singing area, in addition to the official website of "Singing China", Lu Chen's name is basically not seen on other websites, and a few reprints are only There are not many small websites that are famous.

    In some forums and post bars, there is a lot of discussion about Lu Chen. Mainly talking about his original works.

    In stark contrast to Lu Chen, there are several players who are in the top 16. In the search terms of keywords, it is far more than him, such as "the newcomer Zheng Kai performance is excellent, relying on the songs of heaven to conquer the judges, and win the "Singing China" Beijing singing area 16 seats!"The content of the wait is dazzling.

    Lu Chen is very clear about the reason, that is, these players are signed up for Entertainment Manager Corporation, there is a team behind the hype promotion, so those big sites will hang on the publicity of the soft text, a search is everywhere.

    Lu Chen did not feel any discomfort or grievances, because the current Entertainment Circle is like this, it is very difficult to redeem the money without speculation. There is no topic to create a topic to attract attention, and a newcomer like him who relies purely on one's own is completely rare.

    Being willing to give up, there is a house to have it, to give up the vain vanity, Lu Chen got the freedom.

    Moreover, the gold always shines, and now it is only the Beijing singing area competition, waiting for the tour PK and the finals. His name must be known by more and more people, even if you don't spend money, you may not be able to make headlines!

    In addition, Lu Chen is also organizing a team of one's own to strengthen the publicity of the network.

    Turned off the news search, he landed on the wave book.

    Lu Chen's FMX account was registered two weeks ago and has been certified as a personal "V" number, currently with 75,000+ fans. Basically, they are all fish foods of [Whale TV].

    This is also thanks to Li Bai's help with publicity. Otherwise, Lu Chen’s own work, it may not rise to so much powder.

    According to the local tyrant. In fact, it is too simple to buy a powder. It is simple to spend a few million yuan to buy a few million tens of millions of powders. A little packaging can make up the so-called "big V", which is also a celebrity in the blog.

    Just for the big V of this zombie powder, Lu Chen is still not grateful!

    Because he doesn't like to deceive others, he doesn't like to deceive one's own.

    I updated two content in the blog and answered a lot of questions from fans. Time is flying fast.

    When it was almost 9 o'clock, Lu Xi called.

    They are finally strolling.

    Lu Chen took the opportunity to leave the plane and returned to the main entrance of the Merchant Shop to see Lu Xi and four girls again.

    Everyone is carrying a big bag, they have a good harvest at night!

    After meeting, Lu Xi said to Lu Chen: "You give me the car keys and the keys to the house. I will send them sweet and they will go back to school and go home one's own. You will accompany them."

    Lu Chen looked at her in surprise and looked at the leaves again. The latter had a red face and did not speak.

    Naturally, there is no objection.

    Zuo Xintian grinned and said: "You two are very fun, it doesn't matter if you come back later, goodbye!"

    She blinked at the leaves.

    The redness on the face of the leaves was deeper and she gave her a look.

    Lu Chen was a little worried and asked: "Sister, do you know how Jinchengyuan is going?"

    He is afraid that Lu Xi can't find his way back.

    Lu Xi said: "I don't even remember the way, I will not use cell phone to navigate?"

    Lu Chen admitted that she gave her the car key and the keys to her home.

    After Lu Xi left the three girls with Zuo Xintian, they left Lu Chen and the leaves.

    To put it bluntly, since the last time I went skating, the two have not seen the time, just chatting through the air.

    Now seeing her again, Lu Chen’s heart could not help but feel a little tenderness.

    Today may be a coincidence, it is not a fate between the two.

    He naturally took the hand of the leaf and said: "Is it tired? Let's go to the freezing point shop there. ”

    The leaves were soft and nodded.

    After a misunderstanding of Xiaoxiao, the relationship between the two is undoubtedly a step forward.

    Although there is still no clear relationship, it is precisely this embarrassing emotion that is most touching!


    At this moment, Lu Chen does not know,

On the Internet, a public opinion storm that is closely related to him is about to sweep out!


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    PS: The reader's description of the sister is dissatisfied with the reader. In fact, the sister's people set-up is cold outside. Her strong and savvy is aimed at outsiders. It seems to be indifferent to the protagonist. In fact, it is really loving, but not gentle. Otherwise, it is not suitable for manager, so don't think too much, this book is not abused. (To be continued~^~)

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