Chapter 102, Li Mubai

    Loneliness is a person's carnival, and carnival is the loneliness of a group of people.

    Lost in the bar is a lonely nightclub hidden in the depths of Beijing Sanlitun.

    In addition to the insiders, ordinary people know that there are not many bars. Although it hangs the signboard of the bar, it is actually a real nightclub. There is a big difference between the two.

    The nightclub provides guests with drinks, food, space and facilities, so that people can enjoy eating and drinking, providing fantastic enjoyment and more Recreational Stakes.

    Sanlitun also has a lot of nightclubs, but to say the grade and strength, no one can compare with the lost bar.

    But ordinary guests can't get in, because it implements membership.

    Every night, the parking lot outside the lost bar is always full of various luxury cars and sports cars. Mercedes-Benz BMW is rare here. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche, etc. are the mainstream.

    Just after ten o'clock, a four-door Porsche F17 silently parked in the VIP VIP parking space.

    This all-electric luxury sports car is a new product that Porsche has just launched this year. The car body has gathered a lot of the latest scientific and technological achievements of this old car company. It can travel more than 700 kilometers on a single charge, and the acceleration from 0-100 km only needs 3.5. Seconds, the standard model price is Gundam 5 million!

    Its biggest feature is quiet, as if it were a cheetah in the jungle. It is quiet and incomprehensible when it is eaten, and it contains a horrible fatal Strength.

    Therefore, once the F17 was launched, it won the favor of the young rich, and the order was placed in 2018.

    In Beijing, the Porsche F17 has no more than 10 vehicles.

    The silver-lighted door opened and five young men sneaked out and walked toward the door of the lost bar.

    The man who walked in the front was 20 years old, about 1.75 meters tall. It was very spiritual to cut short hair. His body was wearing white casual clothes, and the trousers and shoes were obviously customized. I could not see any. Plate.

    “Li Shao Good evening!”

    The waiter, who is responsible for guarding the gate, bowed and shoved open the glass door.

    The white man handed a red bill into the past and asked: "Sai Jiahao, they haven't come, Fanny's sister?"

    The waiters skillfully pinched the banknotes in their hands and replied diligently: "Sa Shao came half an hour ago, Miss Fanny came later, and it was already inside."

    The white man nodded and strode into the bar.

    "Oh, see who is coming!"

    He just walked in and was immediately discovered by someone: "Isn't this our Li Mubai Li San Shao?"

    The sizzling Voice even passed the scene of the Music, clearly passed to the ears of those around: "I heard that you have recently re-played the team? In the evening, is this bringing people to come and offer ugliness? ”

    Blocking Li Mubai’s way is a black T-shirt male of similar age. His dress is undoubtedly more trendy than the former. He has various silver ornaments with religious symbols and three diamond earrings on his left ear. It is the popular Japanese fashion in Japanese and Korean.

    The height of the boy is not as good as Li Mubai. When he speaks, he looks up at the nose and nose, so he looks quite arrogant.

    Li Mubai smiled and said: "Sajiahao, my play team is always better than your female anchor." By the way, I haven't thanked you for the $100,000 that you lost to me last time. It just happened to give me a new car interior. The lambskin's foot pad is comfortable. ”

    This black T-shirt male Sajiahao is the last time [Whale TV] PK theme show competition, and Li Mubai gambled Alsace, because Li Mubai supported Lu Chen to take the second place, so he Winning opponent.

    And the relationship between Sajiahao and his supportive female anchor Rain Gege, Li Mubai knows clearly!

    "I don't know what you're talking about!"

    Sajiahao suddenly felt like a cat-like hair that had been slammed on his tail. He looked at the woman who was walking towards the two people in disappointment. He said disdainfully: "100,000 is a fart. Not enough for Laozi to eat a meal, you will be used as a treasure, cut!"

    Li Mubai was too lazy to care for him, and he greeted the woman who had just arrived: "Fanny Sister!"

    The woman named Fanny has a good looks. The long hair shawl is white and snowy. The summer dress of Chanel makes her look very ladylike, and the eyes of a pair of sorrowful eyes are full of autumn, as if they can talk.

    "You two, how do you always quarrel when you meet?"

    She groaned: "Again, I will leave with Little Qian and let you play one's own!"

    Li Mubai quickly raised his hands and said: "I know it is wrong, I will not quarrel with the idiot."

    "Who are you talking about idiots?"

    The back of Sajiahao jumped up and glared at Li Mubai.

    Li Mubai smiled and pretended not to see Finney's reproachful eyes. He greeted the girl who was next to the latter: "Little Qian sister, I haven't seen you for a long time. You are coming back this time, will you go to United States again?"

    The girl was almost eighteen or nine years old. She was wearing red blood makeup and her hair was unkempt like a legendary vampire.

    She should be very beautiful, but unfortunately, the mature dress that is too rich covers the youthful appearance, but it gives people a feeling of ignorance, and there is a decadent atmosphere inside and outside.

    "Call me Chen Qian!"

    The vampire girl turned a big white eye and said, "I am not so familiar with you, but I can tell you that the United States, the broken place, I and Fanny are not going to go back, are you very happy?"

    "very happy!"

    Li Mubai replied bluntly, with a hint of hot eyes only staring at Fanny.

    On the relationship between Li Mubai and Chen Qian is undoubtedly closer, but he likes this beautiful and gentle woman.

    Fanny was stared at his bold eyes, and it became more and more beautiful.


    Sajiahao is unhappy, uncomfortable to the extreme.

    He worked so hard at the party in the lost bar at night, just for Fanny, who had just returned from abroad.

    As a result, the limelight was actually taken away by Li Mubai, and it was simply unbearable!

    Just quarreling with Li Mubai has proved to be a very stupid act. Sajiahao Lingji suddenly jumped up to the T-stage in the middle of the bar and also told the live band to stop performing.

    After taking the microphone, he said aloud: "Brothers and sisters, our party this evening was held for Miss Fanny and Miss Chen Qian who just returned from overseas, so let us raise the glasses together and wish the two ladies forever. young and beautiful!"


    The men and women in the bar have raised their glasses.

    The members of the lost bar are not rich and expensive, and they are basically very young. They have a special circle of one's own in Beijing, and no one can squeeze in casually.

    This nightclub is actually the entertainment point of this circle. It often holds a variety of rave parties, and its controlling shareholders are all big brother-level figures in the circle.

    Sajiahao is not in a high position in the circle, but he is the initiator of the party tonight, so everyone is very good.

    Fanny also smiled and tasted a cocktail.

    Taking advantage of the atmosphere, Sajiahao continued: "I have prepared a lot of programs for the two ladies in the evening, just as our Li Mubai Li San Shao came. Everyone knows that he is playing in the team recently, and the band members are all Brought, is it better to let Li Shao first come to sing a song for Miss Fanny and Miss Chen Qian?"

    "stand by!"

    The people present basically know the grievances between Sajiahao and Li Mubai, and there are inevitably those who fear that the world will not be chaotic. I can’t wait for the two to fight directly. How can I not support it?

    Sajiahao smiled smugly and continued: "But what is our identity? If you sing someone else's song, it would be too boring and sincere! So let him sing a song written by one's own, how do you say it?"

    He is ambushing here!

    "it is good!"

    This time, there are more people called good people. It is not that Li Mubai’s popularity is too bad. Everyone wants to see him jokes, but the guests at night are basically invited by Sajiahao, and the relationship with the latter is better.

    Fanny couldn't help but frown.

    She knows that Li Mubai is very fond of playing, but there is really no talent in the creation of Music.

    Sajiahao wants Li Mubai to sing one's own work. Isn't that difficult for a strong man?

    She is preparing to open her mouth and dissuaded. Chen Qian patted her hand and said, "Okay, well, Li Mubai, go up!"

    Everyone's eyes are all concentrated on Li Mubai's body!


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