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    July 24, 7:05 pm.

    Kitchen, Room 201, Block 7, Dongping, Binhai, Zhejiang Province.

    Fang Wei put the freshly washed dishes in the cupboard.

    "Mother, come on!"

    In the small living room outside, there was a call from Lu Xue-Chou: "The game of the old brother is about to begin!"

    "Got it!"

    Fang Hao agreed, and the wet hands rubbed twice on the apron and hurried out.

    She sat down beside Lu Xue, and saw the picture on the TV, and said: "Where is your brother?" It is still putting news on current events! Your child will lie to lie to your mother! ”

    He Xuehee hugged Fang's arm and leaned his head against her shoulder. He said, "If you don't come, you must be busy again, so I will lie to you to rest and rest soon. Brother's Program."

    "Let me clean the hygiene of my house tomorrow!"

    Fang Hao shook his head helplessly, but his eyes were full of pets.

    The eyes still locked the screen.



    Two thousand kilometers away from Beijing, Beijing Normal University female dormitory 7th floor 305 bedroom.

    The leaves lie on the bed alone and put on the headphones to open the computer.

    A few days, the roommates ran out to play, but she didn't feel the slightest loneliness. Instead, she had the satisfaction of having the whole world alone. Sliding fingers skillfully opened a website in the browser's favorites.

    The webpage shows that the live broadcast of Beijing Satellite TV "Singing China" 32 Jin 16 has entered the countdown stage.

    Gazing at the numbers that are constantly jumping, the heart of the leaves suddenly screams!

    Under her one's own unconscious situation, the faint blush appears.

    As beautiful as peach and plum.



    After the sea, forget the grass bar.

    Today is the first night of the weekend. Although not yet in prime time, the bar has been packed.

    The weird thing is. No Singer is singing on the stage, and even the Music is closed.

    The Led big screen shows the TV news screen, and the logo in the upper left corner belongs to Beijing Satellite TV.

    Such a situation is simply not possible in the past – who went to the bar to read the news?

    After a while, Chen Jianhao took the microphone and went to the stage.

    He said with a smile: "I believe everyone knows it. Tonight, we are the resident of Singer Lu Chen, who stayed in the grass bar, and participated in the Beijing Satellite TV to sing the China 32 Jin 16 competition."

    "We watched the live broadcast here, and we also keep it up for Lu Chen. We are all friends and relatives!"

    "At night, the consumption of drinks will be 20% off!"

    Applause, laughter, whistles, and cheers suddenly rang in the bar.

    Many old customers raised their glasses. I would like to express my gratitude to Chen Jianhao and also cheer for Lu Chen.

    Don't let everyone down!



    Blue Sky Creative Park, Room 1905, A8 Building, Lu Chen Studio.

    There is no mess in the decorated studio, the desk and the chair are everywhere, the big Xiaoxiao paper box is piled in the corner, and the air has a unique taste of latex paint.

    Network live broadcast in the workplace. Li Feiyu sat in a new chair with great energy. He wore big headphones and faced the same new computer, camera and microphone. He shouted: "Everyone noticed, there are still five minutes, and five minutes to start live. Broadcast !"

    "Music put it up and everyone picked it up. Follow me…"

    "Let's make it up together for Lu Fei!"

    "keep it up !"

    There are countless barrage screens on the screen. There are also fish balls that fall like raindrops.

    An aircraft carrier drove through!



    Beijing Satellite TV studio, background waiting area.

    Lu Chenhuai holds one's own favorite guitar. Waiting to play.

    Outside, Host’s impassioned Voice came.

    Tonight's "Singing China" Beijing singing area 32 Jin 16 competition, because the participation of the audience and the audience outside the voting session, so the delay time from 60 minutes to 5 minutes, is considered a real live broadcast!

    Lu Chen was ranked first in the game, numbered 001.

    There are also 31 players behind him, all of which are strong opponents that stand out from thousands of competitors.

    And half of the people will be eliminated this evening and bid farewell to this stage.

    Lu Chen knows that in front of TVs and computers, there are many people who know or don't know one's own will see one's own singing, including his loved ones and friends.

    But he was not nervous at all, calmly as if he was going to a friend's afternoon tea date.

    "There are 32 singers in Beijing and Lu Chen in 001!"

    The warm applause suddenly sounded, like the storm in the summer, and swept through the big studio.

    Impact on the morning ear membrane.

    Lu Chen’s eyelids suddenly became brighter, and the lips twitched with a faint smile.

    In the applause, he stepped to the stage of the stage and took a steady and powerful step to the center of the stage, standing in the spotlight.

    At the same time facing 4 judges, 27 camera scenes and 1,500 live audiences!

    "Four judges are good, the audience is good, everyone is good evening!"

    Lu Chenmu did not squint and said to the microphone: "I am Lu Chen of No. 001."

    After that, he went to salute.

    The applause that just had a pause was heard again, and the audience’s love and support for him could be heard.

    A song "Singing While Walking" and a "In the Spring", Lu Chen, who performed well in the preliminary performance, sang the name of one's own in "Singing China" and made many viewers no stranger to him.

    Even if he skipped the rematch, he directly advanced to the top 32.

    Last week, on July 19th, the Chinese original Music list in the third week of July, after a month of promotion and publicity, "In the Spring" successfully ascend the summit top position!

    The band became famous and became a hot new band, and was the original songwriter in In the Spring. Lu Chen’s name was firmly remembered by many insiders.

    After the sweet Singer King, one of the judges, Chen Feier smiled and asked: "Lu Chen, we met again. What good songs do you bring to everyone this evening? Or is it original work of one's own? ”

    She showed an expectation and gave the camera a close-up scene.

    Lu Chen did not disappoint. He nodded and replied: "Yes, this song I brought to you this evening is very special. It is my first original work, a campus folk song…"

    "It's called, you at the same table!"

    Tan Hong said: "I look forward to your wonderful singing."

    Music rings.

    Lu Chen lowered his head slightly and gently moved the strings.

    Started his singing.

    "Will you remember tomorrow, the diary you wrote yesterday, whether you still remember it tomorrow. I used to cry the most. ”

    "Teachers can't think of it. You can't guess the problem. I also accidentally flipped the photo and remembered you at the same table!"


This "The Same Table", Lu Chen has played many times, but each time you sing each time, you have different feelings and feelings. Can't say which time is the best, but the sing is the taste of the heart.

    The song itself is not complicated, the simple two-segment body, the sound range is not wide, only only six degrees.

    But it has a beautiful melody, easy to sing, and silky long and delicate lyrics. It is easy to touch the emotions that people have been hiding in their hearts. Let everyone have a strong resonance, recalling the Era of the past.

    This tunes are melodious and melodic songs. It is an excellent reflection of the innocent and embarrassing emotions of the student era, so it has always been one of Lu Chen's most popular works.

    Different from the usual, this song has been re-arranged by Nirvana studio. Wang Jing has added accordion and harmonica soundtrack to the accompaniment, which greatly enriches the tone and strengthens the nostalgic sense of the melody.

    Therefore, when Lu Chen took "You at the Same Table" and put it on the real stage to sing, the Charm of this classic work not only did not fade, but became more and more touching.

    Even if you have heard it many times, you will still be deeply moved!

    The studio hall became quiet and quiet, and everyone listened quietly and tasted.

    Many, many people, in Lu Chen's slightly sad statement, recalled the beautiful years of one's own experience – the erased eraser, the copied notebook, the 38th line on the table…

    Those beautiful and beautiful, those sweet and sweet, have gone with the wind!

    “…Who put your long hair up, who gave you the wedding dress,…"

    Until Lu Chen sang, the audience was still silent.

    Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

    The first one to beat the palm is the judges Lin Zhijie.

    The gaze of the Music Director, the director of the record, has an unspeakable appreciation and appreciation.

    However, everyone seems to wake up like a dream, and they have raised their hands. They are chaotic, and immediately become completely simultaneous. The sincere and warm applause is like a wave!

    Chen Feier stood up for the first time. Her eyes sparkled with sparkling light and applauded Lu Chen.

    A lot of spectators followed, although the live broadcast of the game has just begun, Lu Chen is the first Singer to appear, but the atmosphere of the scene has been pushed to a climax!

    "Thank you!"

    Lu Chen said deeply, sincerely said: "Thank you all!"

    His heart is no longer calm.

    This feeling is so good!

    After a full minute of time, the applause finally subsided and everyone sat back to one's own position.

    Chen Feier said: "Lu Chen, I like your song, I like it very much!"

    She is even a little excited: "So I am giving you a lot!"

    When the voice just fell, the sweet Singer King pressed the scorer on the table and gave Lu Chen the highest score.

    Lu Chen was very happy, only thanks: "Thank you Teacher Chen."

    "Singing China" 32 into the top 16, using the judges score and the combination of on-site and off-site audience voting, to select the top 16 places, of which the proportion of judges scores reached 40%.

    Chen Feier’s first 10 points was undoubtedly under the balance of Lu Chen’s victory, which suppressed a lot of weight!

    She smiled and said: "I thank you too, let me hear a good song, really."

    There are tears in the smile.

    Sensibility is like her, moving like her.


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