Chapter 108 of the sister (the fourth is more monthly)

    In the beautiful and sound Music sound, the players who advanced to the "Singing China" Beijing singer 16 are all go on stage.

    The scene of the TV camera gave Lu Chen a big close-up.


    Fang Hao couldn't help but reach out and rubbed his eyes and wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes.

    Lu Xue leaned in her arms, holding the cell phone and smiling very happy.

    Forget the grass bar, the customers are toasting, no matter whether they know or not, they have done this cup!

    The leaves closed their notebooks with satisfaction. As a result, she suddenly found out that she had three more roommates in front of one's own bed. She was staring at her with a strange +暧/昧 look.

    Lu Fei live broadcast, nearly a million online audiences together create a celebration atmosphere to reach the top!

    Because Lu Chen won.

    Because our anchor Lu Fei won, successfully ascend the summit 16 strong first.

    Everyone is a witness and a participant.

    This is also a victory for everyone!


    On the afternoon of the next day, the capital high-speed rail station exited the station.

    Lu Chen stood in the crowd, and he looked at the passengers who were passing through the gates and looked for familiar figures.

    The Led electronic screen suspended above the gate clearly shows that the G31 train has arrived.

    This high-speed train is not strange to Lu Chen. A year ago, he took the G31 to work in Beijing from the sea.

    Today, he is coming to pick up one's own sister Lu Xi.

    After the game "Singing China" last night, Lu Chen called Lu Xi, hoping that the latter could come to Beijing in the past two days to help him complete the copyright transfer negotiations with Beijing Satellite TV.

    In fact, this matter is not too big, but it is an excellent exercise opportunity for Lu Xi.

    She has agreed to serve as Lu’s manager.

    Even Lu Chen’s own did not expect that Lu Xi actually agreed without hesitation. And come here today.

    She didn't even ridicule Lu Chen habitually.

    More and more passengers have passed the gates, and fewer people come out of the station. But Lu Xi has never been seen.

    Lu Chen is a little anxious, and the take action machine is ready to call her.

    At this time, a woman in a plain dress and a suitcase was coming in the front channel.

    Lu Chen suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and waved and said: "Sister!"

    This long-awaited woman is his sister Lu Xi.

    Lu Xi took a look at Lu Chen. She took the ticket and passed the gate, and her look was faint.

    "Let me come…"

    Lu Chen hurried forward to help her lift the suitcase.

    Lu Xi’s hand holding the lever was tight, and he finally let go and gave Lu Chen.

    Out of the high-speed rail station, there are already cars waiting outside.

    In order to welcome Lu Xi’s arrival, Lu Chen specially asked Li Feiyu to help rent a car. This is very convenient.

    "This is Li Feiyu…"

    Lu Chen introduced Lu Xi to a part-time driver: "He is a friend I met in Beijing and a helper at work."

    "This is my sister, Lu Xi, the bustling Hee."

    Li Feiyu quickly greeted: "Hello, Lu Xi, I am now an assistant to Dachen."

    "Hello there."

    Lu Xi nodded and said: "You have a few bosses now, and the assistants are all equipped."

    The last two sentences. She is talking to Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly.

    Still familiar with the taste, this is his sister Lu Xi, the words always have thorns.

    Of course only for him.

    Li Feiyu shrank his head and realized that the two were not very harmonious. He closed his mouth very cleverly.

    Lu Chen was prepared to return to the apartment first, but Lu Xi wanted to go to the studio to see it, so he turned to the Blue Sky Venture Park on the Fifth Ring Road.

    Lu Chen studio on the 19th floor of the A8 building is still very chaotic. Although the wall paint has been brushed. However, because the customized desk and computer chair did not arrive, it was empty. It is like being blown by a strong wind.

    The carton box of the computer mainframe, display screen, printer, etc. is piled up on the corner of the wall. The floor is dragged cleanly, and it can be opened immediately after the table and chair are in place.

    Two offices, one was temporarily transformed into a network live broadcast indoor, newly purchased computer microphones and other equipment, when Lu Chen was unable to host live broadcast, Li Feiyu was the anchor.

    Lu Chen in the "Singing China" 32 Jin 16 competition, it is through this room to complete live broadcast.

    At present, the anchor work of [Whale TV] is still the most important source of his income.

    The other office is not installed, Lu Chen is ready to leave to Lu Xi.

    He hopes that Lu Xi will be the manager of studio in addition to the manager of one's own.

    With the ability of my sister, there is no problem at all.

    As for Lu Chen's own, it is enough to concentrate on the Music career, and maybe it will involve performing arts in the future.

    The only problem is that there are currently not many employees in the studio and recruitment is required.

    As for the business license, it was processed as early as three days ago.

    This studio, named after Lu Chen's own name, has a registered capital of 100,000 yuan. It is regarded as a small and micro enterprise that the government is currently supporting. Therefore, it enjoys preferential treatment and resource inclination in the Blue Sky Venture Park.

    The Speed ​​of the examination and approval license is extremely fast. After entering the park, the studio is exempt from tax in the first year, the second year is halved, and the third year is full tax but can apply for rent subsidy. The operating environment is one of the best in the Beijing area. .

    Lu Xi was obviously very satisfied after understanding the situation.

    But this does not mean that she is equally satisfied with Lu Chen: "I have already resigned all the work on the coast, and this time I came to Beijing to plan to live and study." Mom meant to let me help you and supervise you. Now the Entertainment Circle is so messy, we don't want you to fall inside. ”

    Lu Chen is still a bitter smile.

    After entering the 21st century, the entertainment industry of Domestic has flourished with the rise of the online world, and its scale has grown. Celebrity has emerged in an endless stream. The popular music and film and television industries are facing unprecedented changes, so there are inevitably many More negative effects.

    Who is derailed and photographed, who is sucking / poison is caught, who and who is tearing. Who is breaking the hidden rules?

    The general public likes Celebrity and idols, but for Entertainment Circle. Everyone's impression is not very good.

    Except for a very small number of people, no one is a real white lotus in the Entertainment Circle.

    Lu Chen is about to step into it, it is such a strange circle.

    Fang Wei’s concerns are normal.

    And if Lu Xi is helping him and supervising him, then the situation will be much better.

    Lu Chen is fully understandable of the idea of ​​one's own mother.


    Lu Xi continued: "You have made me a manager of studio, but there is no problem, but when it comes to studio, you have to listen to me, otherwise I don't have to stay here."

    Lu Chen thought about it and said: "This should be no problem. If I have an idea, I will discuss it with you first."

    Even if it is a close brother and sister, there will be contradictions in the work. Communication is very important.

    Lu Xi thought for a moment and nodded reluctantly: "Also…"

    "In addition, studio needs to recruit a clerk and my assistant. If you want a woman, I am financially responsible for one's own. I don't need to find another person. I will hire a receptionist, a professional in online media promotion. First put the shelf of the studio, and then slowly expand. ”

    She quickly entered the new role of one's own. In addition to recruiting employees, she also put forward one's own opinion on the layout of the office.

    Lu Chen heard a big head and said quickly: "These sisters, let me arrange it, I will let Li Ge help you." The reception desk Li Ge has friends may be willing to come. Other people, you are looking at it. ”

    After that, Lu Chen sent a bank card that had already been prepared.

    He said to Lu Xi: "The funds for studio are all here. You look at it, the password is your birthday. ”

    There are a total of 400,000 in this card, which is the most money earned by Lu Chen's front section time, including live broadcast rewards, anchor wages and 200,000 paid by Li Bai. Many of them have been used to pay for office rent and items purchase. on.

    Lu Xi was not polite, she took the bank card and looked at Lu Chen's eyes with a little softer.

    "The money you earned in the future will let me manage it for you. Anyway, I will use it to pay back the debts in the future."

    Lu Chen has no objections.

    He knows how much Lu Xi has paid for his family in the past two years, at least much more than him.

    And now is the time for him to take up the heavy responsibility!

    After visiting the studio, Lu Chen took Lu Xi to rent the apartment.

    He first sent Li Feiyu home, then one's own drove to Jinchengyuan District.

    As early as the age of 18, Lu Chen took the driver's license, but he didn't drive much in the last two or three years, so he was careful on the road until the touch recovered and then speeded up.

    When he got home and opened the door of the room, he first put in the heavy suitcase.

    Lu Xi followed her. She took a look inside and outside the shoes and said, "I am not as embarrassed as I thought."

    Lu Chen only had a bitter smile – he laughed many times today.

    When he was at home, he really didn't talk very much about hygiene: "Sister, you live in this house!"

    Lu Xi was embarrassed and asked: "Where do you live?"

    This house has only one room and one living room. If you live together, Lu Chen can only sleep on the sofa.

    However, he has another plan: "There is a rest room in studio, enough for me to live, and work is convenient."

    Lu Xi was silent for a moment and said: "In fact, you don't have to be so good to me…"

    Lu Chen interrupted her: "You are my sister!"

    Lu Xi was silent again. After a moment she said: "Then you take me to a nearby mall, I want to buy something, don't go to that high-end place, it is a waste of money."

    Lu Chen thought about it and said, "Let's go to the Merchant Shop. The things there are good and cheap."

    The Merchant Shop is located near the university town, and the location mid-level is not too low, so it is very popular among college students and ordinary business people, and the discounts in the summer season shopping malls are often very powerful.

    In addition, you can eat at the Merchant Shop after shopping, and it is very convenient to go to the Worry Bar in the evening.

    Lu Chen is going to introduce Lu Xi to Chen Jianhao.

    Lu Xi was not familiar with Beijing, and of course he did not disagree with his arrangements.


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