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    [Whale TV], Lu Fei live broadcast.

    When the live broadcast screen, Chen Feier hits a maximum of 10 points for Lu Chen, the whole live broadcast is boiling!

    "Lu Fei is very long live!"

    "Too much, the anchor sings well, Chen Feier scores beautifully!"

    "I love Lu Fei and I love Chen Feier!"

    "You said that our anchor is big, is it possible to be with Chen Feier? She is very moved. ”

    "Wake up in front, don't dream, just move up and move bricks, what do you say?"

    "Haha, the idea is very good, but can it be realistic? Chen Feier is 30+! ”

    "I announced that from now on, I am Chen Feier's fans!"

    "The top 16 is not suspense!"

    "Reward, reward!"

    Li Feiyu of Host live broadcast, already screaming and screaming, laughing and cracking his mouth.

    Although he resigned from the 4S shop a few days ago, although he just came to Lu Chen studio, although he is busy every day, he still has to work overtime…

    But he has fallen deeply in love with this passionate and energetic work!

    Let the fish balls come even harder!

    Let the local tyrants reward the aircraft carrier to crush me!

    In a floor of the A8 building of the Blue Sky Creative Park, there was a cry of screaming and crying.

    The hard-working overtime dogs in the same building heard that all the chills burst into horror.

    It must be that the air conditioner is playing too low!


    Forget the grass bar.

    On the big screen of the stage, Lin Zhijie just gave Lu Chen a score for the judges.

    10 points!

    The same 10 points as Chen Feier, the highest score!

    The bar was filled with joy, and many guests applauded and whistled.

    Someone patted the table. Loudly shouted: "On the wine, on the wine!"

    They all know Lu Chen. I know this young man who is handsome, handsome and handsome. Everyone is a little sorry that Lu Chen has not continued to perform in the grass, but he is very happy to see him go to a broader world.

    Now Lu Chen really stood in the spotlight and appeared in front of hundreds of millions of TV viewers.

    A new star in the music world is rising.

    Then they can proudly say to others – you see this talented handsome guy, I once ordered his song, once had a drink with him, once talked to him about Music.

    They are honored!

    Chen Jianhao stood in the bar and announced aloud: "The next glass of wine, I treat you!"

    The cheers are even louder.

    Tonight's forgetfulness grass bar is destined to sleepless!

    Bartender David shook his head. Asked: "The boss, Xiaolu boss is only participating in the knockout game. There are still many games behind. If he wins, then do you want to give you a treat?"

    Chen Jianhao stunned, and then he laughed and reached out and patted the shoulder of the bartender.

    "you do not understand."


    Beijing Normal University girls dormitory.

    The leaves squinted nervously at the screen of the laptop. Her beak bites her red lips, her left hand presses on the touchpad of the computer, and her right hand can't help but grab the sheet, as if she will yell out at any time.

    Chen Feier gave Lu Chen 10 points, Lin Zhijie also gave Lu Chen 10 points, then the next one?

    The next one is true.

    The editor of the popular Music magazine, the score for Lu Chen is … 9 points!

    Actually only 9 points?

    It is already a very high score. The leaves are very disappointed. It’s a bit boring to see you.

    How do you only give 9 points?

    I really commented: "Your song is very well written and sings very well. It’s just a little lack of emotional depth, so I will give you 9 points. I hope that you will continue to work hard and make persistent efforts! ”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you for your friend!"

    Seeing such a scene, the leaves could not help but create a sulking sigh and slammed the screen.

    But after only 3 seconds, she reopened.

    Haven't seen Tan Hong's score yet!

    Tan Hong will definitely give Lu Chen 10 points, and the leaves are completely convinced!


    "10 points!"

    In the Dongping District of Binhai City, Lu Xue jumped up from the sofa and screamed with joy.

    "Mother, Tan Hong, Tan Hong, he also gave his brother 10 points!"

    Fang Xiao smiled, but his eyes were on the TV screen, and he was thankful to the judges.

    The son she cares about day and night has really grown up, not only earned a lot of money, but also appeared on TV, enjoying the joy and honor brought by success.

    Fang Hao did not know that Lu Chen actually had such talents, and his future achievements must definitely exceed his father!

    Thinking of Lu Qingsheng, Fang Hao’s eyes were filled with a little tears.

    Lao Lu, you are in the sky, knowing that one's own son is so promising?

    He wants to be a Celebrity!

    Fang Xiao smiled and there was tears in his smile.


    Chen Feier 10 points, Lin Zhijie 10 points, Yan Zhen 9 points, Tan Hong 10 points!

    The four judges all scored, and their total score for Lu Chen’s "You at the same table" was 39 points.

    Nearly perfect rating!

    This means that Lu Chen got 39% of the 40% of the judges, which is almost invincible.

    Unless he lost in the voting of the audience and the off-site audience.

    But how is that possible?

    The current audience need not say much, the applause just so warm, supporters are by no means a minority.

    As for the off-site audience voting, [Whale TV] hundreds of thousands of fans are hungry and thirsty!

    Therefore, the top 16 seats, Lu Chen is set!

    With full confidence, he returned to the background.

    In the 32 rounds of the 16th round, it is necessary to announce the winners list at the end, so even if Lu Chen is the first to play, he can't leave, he has to stay here until the end of the program.

    The other players in the big lounge in the backstage looked at Lu Chen, who was returning with reverence and hate.

    Lu Chen’s performance process, they can see clearly.

    The 39-point judges score is a high mountain for most people and cannot be surpassed.

    Even if you can't do it side by side!

    Have this honor and qualification. Lu Chen can basically determine the position of the top 10 in the Beijing singing area.

    Yes, it's the top 10, not the top 16!

    "Lu Xuechang…"

    A beautiful girl was greeted. Sincerely congratulate: "Congratulations you, this song is really nice."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you, you also keep it up."

    The other party is Mu Xiaochu, who was met by Lu Chen in the preliminary round, a little girl from the School of Foreign Languages.

    She passed the preliminary and rematch, and also won the top 32 places to participate in the top 16 of the Jin tonight.

    At this time, a field worker rushed over.

    He whispered: "Mr. Lu Chen, are you convenient now? The Director of our Program group wants to see you. ”

    The Program Group Director of "Singing China" looks for one's own?

    Lu Chen is a little more surprised.

    He nodded silently at Mu Xiaochu and then said to the staff: "No problem."

    "Well, please come with me."

    Under the leadership of this field staff. Lu Chen left the backstage of the studio.

    Through the curved corridor, the two came to an office.

    There are already a few people in the room, and when Lu Chen comes in, they all stand up.

    The staff introduced Lu Chen: "This is the Music Director of our Program group, Gu Ruigu Director!"

    Gu Rui is a middle-aged man of 40 years old. He is tall and tall with black-framed eyes. He is very popular with the Musician. Several other people in the same office are also members of the Program group.

    After Lu Chen sat down, Gu Rui personally poured him a cup of tea.

    The Music Director is not sticky. He said straight away: "Lu Chen, I am on behalf of the Program group. I want to ask you if you would like to transfer the copyright of the song you sang last time to our Beijing Satellite TV? ”

    "We will use this first side to sing as the theme of the Chinese publicity song. Used in the vocal zone PK! ”

    This is the case!

    Gu Rui’s request. It did not make Lu Chen feel surprised or surprised.

    As early as the end of the sea election, he prepared one of the "singing and singing" for one's own. The goal is to aim at the theme of "Singing China", which is directly on the qualifier.

    In fact, it was only two weeks before Beijing Satellite TV found him, which made Lu Chen really unexpected.

    He thought that the other party would soon negotiate with one's own.

    Of course, on the surface, Lu Chen is still quiet, smiling: "There is no problem at all, I am very happy that my song can be selected by the Program group!"

    Gu Rui obviously breathed a sigh of relief and said: "Let's talk about the terms of copyright transfer now."

    What he didn't think was that Lu Chen hesitated a moment and said: "The ancient Director, situation is like this, I am happy to transfer the copyright of this song to you, but the specific terms have to let my manager come. talk."

    "Your manager?"

    Gu Rui asked in surprise: "Do you still have a manager?"

    In his information about Lu Chen, there is no mention of Lu Chen and one's own manager.

    This next thing is troublesome!

    Gu Rui originally wanted to take the title of "Singing and Singing" by the name of the Program group.

    As a result, Lu Chen actually presented the magic weapon of “manager”!

    He suddenly felt that one's own might not underestimate the handsome young man in front of him.

    Lu Chen looked at the ancient changes in his eyes and smiled and said: "Ancient Director, you can rest assured that I don't think that my manager will raise any outrageous conditions. After all, the influence of singing China is so great."

    Lu Chen is trying to use the "Singing China" to make a name for publicity one's own. Of course, it will not mention excessive conditions.

    In fact, even if it is a free license to the other party, but some principles still have to adhere to.

    Otherwise it is easy to be treated as a soft persimmon!

    At this time, the role of the manager is greatly highlighted.

    Gu Rui could not help but ask: "When can your manager come over and talk to us?"

    Lu Chen grinned: "Will next Monday?"


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