Chapter 104—New Beginning

    The night is deep.

    Inside the bedroom, the desk lamp placed on the bedside table is still on.

    A thick book of "Western Modern Music" opened to the chest, Lu Chen was in a deep sleep with his eyes closed, and the orange light shone on his face, and the light and dark outlines seemed to be plaster sculptures.


    The cell phone that fell on the edge of the bed suddenly rang and violently vibrated.

    Lu Chen suddenly woke up.

    He slammed up, and the dark eyes were all confused. After a while, he slowly recovered.

    Lu Chen just had a dream. In the dream, he returned to the world, but he couldn't tell whether one's own in his dream was Xu Bo, Mo Ran or Fang Mingyi, or no one.

    In his dreams, he is a lonely time traveler. He is a spectator of the mundane red, and he has no relationship with him, regardless of his age. He just looks at the joys and sorrows of the world.

    Lu Chen thought that one's own will never wake up until the end of the world!

    Fortunately this is just a dream.

    He rolled over and got up, went to the bathroom and washed his face, and the whole person was completely awake.

    Go back to the bedroom and pick up the cell phone. Look at 1:32 in the morning.

    Lu Chen couldn't help but smile, and smoothly opened the information of an easy payment that he had just received. The result suddenly stopped.

    This news reminds Lu Chen that his account has just been transferred to 200,000 yuan!

    And still anonymous.


    Lu Chen blinked a little unbelievably, and quickly looked at one's own Yi Fubao record, it was true!

    Who is this kid who is a prostitute? And still such a huge sum?

    He was squandered with fog.

    There is a message in this transfer transaction, the content is very simple two words – thank you.

    It is these two words that make Lu Chen faintly understand.

    In the people he knows, there is the ability and motivation to do such a thing, I am afraid that is also the one.

    However, when Lu Chen called the other party to verify the result, the result was shut down by the voice System Notification.


    The next morning, Lu Chen arrived at Nirvana studio.

    The production of Lu Chen's first solo album will be completed by this studio, and both parties have signed a formal contract, so he will often come here for a long time.

    In particular, a few works that are to be sung in the "Singing China" competition, it is necessary to play the accompaniment band in advance.

    The reception of Lu Chen was still Wang Changsheng, and the manager of the Nirvana studio studio gave him a surprise.

    "Mr. Lu, I will help you find the right office space!"

    "so fast?"

    Lu Chen was shocked: "Where is the location?"

    He is going to open a Music studio, and the location is placed in the Blue Sky Creative Park. Although it is a bit far from the city center, it is in a good environment, the surrounding commercial facilities are complete, and the operating costs are relatively low.

    Therefore, Lu Chen asked Wang Changsheng to find a suitable office the day before yesterday. I did not expect to have news today.

    This efficiency is too fast!

    Wang Changsheng smiled and said: "It is also a coincidence. Yesterday I met a student who was working in the management committee of the park. After inquiring about him, I realized that there are several floors of the A8 building that are being rented out, and the office area is 100 to 1,500 square meters. Have!"

    The District Government Management Committee under the Blue Sky Creative Park has a number of office and office buildings under its name. The A7 and A8 buildings are the best, just on the north and south sides of the entrance to the park, only a few tens of meters from the subway exit.

    Originally, all the office floors of the two office buildings have already been rented out, but recently a number of companies in the A8 building have moved to a nearby new building, so several floors have been vacated for subletting.

    This is a coincidence. If Wang Changsheng does not meet the students, it is estimated that it will not be used for a few days.

    According to his student, several sets have been booked in advance.

    "I want to call you in the morning, now you are here!"

    After Lu Chen knew it, he immediately came to the interest: "Can you trouble manager Wang to accompany me to see?"

    "no problem!"

    Wang Changsheng said with a smile: "You can rest assured that the album is arranged. Wang Jing has already started working yesterday, and promises that it will not delay your game and guarantee the quality of the work!"

    "I am calling now and will get my class out."

    It is true that some people in the middle of the DPRK are doing a good job. The property owned by the management committee is helped by the people in the management committee. That is really much easier.

    Wang Changsheng’s student surnamed Xu, who is in his 30s, is the head of a department of the Administrative Committee.

    After meeting him, he was very enthusiastic about Lu Chen, and even praised Lu Chen for being young and promising.

    Let Lu Chen be a little embarrassed.

    Through the introduction of Xu Kechang, Lu Chen knows that the A8 office building in the Blue Sky Creative Park is 32 stories high. The 1, 2, and 3 floors are rented to commercial houses such as banks, restaurants, gyms, etc. All three floors are office rooms. Currently, there are spare units for rent on the 15th, 19th and 26th floors.

    Under his leadership, Lu Chen and Wang Changsheng came to the A8 office building and visited three floors.

    Lu Chen is really satisfied with the office conditions here.

    He is still in the initial stage, and the request is really not high. If it is not good luck, he may not be able to meet it.

    A rare opportunity, you can't miss it!

    The only thing that makes Lu Chen hesitant is that the 19-story 200-square-meter and 26-story 150-square-meter suites are suitable for his conditions, but I don’t know which one to choose.

    Or Wang Changsheng has rich experience and analyzed for Lu Chen: "Mr. Lu, if you have ample money, rent a set of two hundred flats! The management committee's house will not be easy to raise prices. You can enjoy a few years of renting, and the area is bigger. It is convenient to expand the business in the future. ”

    Big is definitely big, Lu Chen mainly wants to save some rent, but Wang Changsheng said it makes sense, so he did not consider it for a long time, he decided to rent the 19-story 200-square-meter office.

    The former tenants of this office room have been simply renovated, with a reception room, a large office area, two offices and a lounge. The restrooms are divided into small and small rooms, which are spacious and comfortable.

    Although all the things inside have been removed, as long as the cleaning and cleaning up, and then add various office equipment, you will soon be able to settle in and start operations.

    The rent for the house is 3. 5 yuan / square meter / day, 200 square meters of area is equivalent to 21,000 yuan per month, not cheap, but relative to the location and conditions, it is very worthwhile.

    In addition, the annual property management fee is also about 20,000.

    It is also now that Lu Chen has a stable source of income, otherwise he will open a studio, and at most he will rent a small set of tens of square meters to make a living. Where can he rent such a big room so luxuriously?

    To know that rent is one thing, after hired employees, wages, taxes, water and electricity, etc. are not small.

    Choosing a good office building, Lu Chen is afraid of long night dreams, and simply goes to the management committee to sign the contract with Xu Kechang.

    The blue sky creative park management committee is very efficient, and with the help of Xu Kechang, he signed a formal contract before noon and got the right to lease the property. The lease period is set at 2 years.

    According to the contract requirements of the three pay three, Lu Chen paid a total of 126,000 yuan.

    "Mr. Lu, Congratulations you!"

    After signing the contract, the leader of the management committee held Lu Chen’s hand and said: “I wish you a grand exhibition in the Blue Sky Creative Park, and the future is bright!”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you!"

    Originally, he wanted to ask the other party and Xu Kechang to have a meal together at noon. The result was politely rejected by the two.

    The regulations of the Park Management Committee in this regard are very strict.

    In the afternoon, Lu Chen returned to one's own home. The first thing was to call Li Feiyu.

    The office is rented, but there are still a lot of work behind it, such as cleaning and cleaning, purchasing supplies, decorating, licensing, recruiting new employees, etc., all need Li Feiyu to help him.

    Lu Xi, also had to let her come to Beijing in advance!

    Lu Chen pre-empts that one's own will soon become very busy, and he can't help without trustworthy people around him.

    After Li Feiyu finished the phone call, Lu Chen turned on the computer and landed on the Inspur blog network.

    On this Domestic's biggest blog site, he signed up for a brand new account called ID: Lu Chen FMX.

    Lu Chen is his one's own, FMX stands for Fang Mingyi, Mo Ran and Xu Bo.

    The establishment of this account also means that he has stood up to life and career.

    In the personal data, Lu Chen filled in the words Singer.

    He knows that this is temporary, and will add actors and freelance writers in the future…

    even more!

    The registration time is 16:27 on July 13, 2015.

    From the "Singing China" Beijing singing area 32 Jin 16 live broadcast start, there are 267 hours and 03 minutes.


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