The first chapter changes the dream of destiny

    Lu Chen had a dream, a long, long dream.

    The world of dreams is familiar and unfamiliar. Different characters perform different kinds of wonderful things, and he actually experienced 3rd Rank different life in this world!

    The first paragraph of life belongs to a Singer named Xu Bo. His character is arrogant and arrogant, and he likes Music in a frenzy. Although he has a good talent, he can never be full of magnificence, like duckweed drifting around.

    In the second paragraph of life, his name is Mo Ran, the actor, his appearance is calm and restrained. He has played different roles in many film and television works, but he is a supporting role, but his acting skills have always been the foil of others.

    In the last section of life, Fang Mingyi is a freelance writer who likes music, movies, travel and food. He often carries backpacks to the world, relying on the screaming style of screaming and screaming on the Internet.

    Fate is wonderful, an occasional gathering, let Xu Bo, Mo Ran and Fang Mingyi know each other. Although they have different personalities, they still have a lot of common topics, so they become real friends.

    Later, the three men traveled together and suddenly encountered a mudslide on the winding mountain road leading to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain…

    When countless mud mixed with rocks broke through the window and rushed into the car, the huge fear and suffocation made Lu Chen suddenly wake up and squat in the bed and sit up!

    He gasped fiercely, his forehead was covered with fine sweat, his eyes were broken and his soul was lost.

    After a long time, Lu Chen barely returned to the soul.

    The line of sight slowly focused, and the fascinating sights were the familiar diverticulum. The dim light of the small table lamp barely illumined the dwelling of less than ten square meters, except for the bed underneath, a set of dilapidated tables and chairs and a wardrobe. Any other furniture.

    However, he is still a bit confused. One's own is Xu Bo, Mo Ran or Fang Mingyi. The memory of the three people is so vivid and vivid that it is deeply inscribed in the soul and cannot be divided.

    Lu Chen put on his coat indiscriminately, rushed to Xiaoxiao's bathroom, then quickly unscrewed the faucet and directly took the water to his face with both hands.

    The intense stimulation brought by the cold tap water makes his dizzy mind wake up instantly.

    What appears in the mirror is a young face.

    The face is very positive, the edges and corners are quite handsome, the eyebrows are sharp and the eyes are deep and deep, the strong nose and thin lips are slightly reluctant, but there is a touch of sorrow and embarrassment between the brows. Disappointment and darkness in life.

    Lu Chen was finally able to confirm that he was still him, or a 22-year-old young man who had not graduated from the university and had been drifting in Beijing for nearly a year!

    Dī dī dī !

    The cell phone resting on the bed suddenly made a loud tweet.

    Lu Chen slammed his hoe and forced one's own to temporarily forget the thoughts in his mind, rushing to wash his teeth, and then left the dwelling basement to go to work.

    The place where he now lives is the Jingming Community of the Beijing Third Ring, which is close to the fourth ring. One of the dozens of rooms in the basement of an old building is separated.

    A small room of less than ten square meters rents Gundam for 1,200 yuan, but it wins in a separate bathroom, and is not far from the place where Lu Chen works during the day. The nearest subway station is only five minutes away.

    In Beijing, a super city with more than 30 million people, there are many outsiders like Lu Chen, either for life or for dreams.

    They are often referred to as "King drift" or "ant family", and some people laugh at themselves as "flying ants."

    As a member of the "flying ant", Lu Chen ran out of the District and ran to the sidewalk. He broke through the smog in the morning and ran to the place where he worked.

    Everything is as usual, and everything seems to be different again.

    At sunset, Lu Chen dragged his tired body and returned to the dark dwelling.

    He threw one's own on the single bed, closed his eyes for a moment, cheered up and then sat up, and took the guitar resting in front of the bed.

    This single-board guitar is the most precious items currently owned by Lu Chen. The guitar panel is made of white pine wood, and the back side panel is made of rosewood plywood. White pine is one of the best materials in the world to make guitars. The tone is very good, and after a period of time, it is more sensitive to Voice.

    Even in the most difficult time, Lu Chen did not think about selling this guitar because it was Lu Xue’s 18th birthday gift to Lu Chen.

    Lu Xue is Lu Chen’s sister. I bought this guitar and used all the pocket money she saved!

    In another three hours, Lu Chen will use this guitar to earn a second wage.

    During the day, Lu Chen was an hourly worker at the KFC store. In the evening, he was a waiter and singer Singer in a bar in Houhai, Beijing. He also worked twice and worked more than 15 hours a day.

    Lu Chen didn't want to fight like this, but his family's heavy debts made him unable to fight, otherwise his sister would face the danger of being out of school, and many creditors would come to the door.

    Lu Chen also has a sister who, like him, is fighting for debt repayment. As the only man in the family, what reason does he have to escape the responsibility of being one's own?

    Holding the guitar, Lu Chen lightly plucked the steel strings, and the pleasant sound of the piano poured out like water, and filled Xiaoxiao's room.

    I don't know how, he feels one's own. Today's casual performance is comfortable, and the usual hard fingering becomes very skillful. It seems to have experienced thousands of exercises and reached the realm of freewheeling.

    Lu Chen’s heart moved, straightened his spine and began to play seriously.

    He played a "flying pigeon".

    "Flying Pigeons" is a popular song created by famous singer Tan Hong more than ten years ago. It is considered to be one of the most popular folk songs for guitar singing, but it has high requirements for fingering and singing.

    Lu Chen is not a musician. He is a fan of pop music. He has studied guitar for a few years, and he can fascinate many ignorant girls.

    To put it bluntly, Lu Chen, who was wealthy at that time, just used guitar singing as a tool to show off.

    Really used to make a living, his amateur makes him only become a singer in the bar. Singer is a singer. Someone has the most singing. It is the bottom of the bar Singer.

    "Flying pigeons" Lu Chen has also played before, the lack of skill is unable to control, can not play the precise fingering, can not sing the mood in the song, the East Shi effect gangsters laugh.

    But now playing "Flying Pigeons" again, he found that the difficulties in fingering no longer exist, open the breath and sing, the melodious song echoes in the room, there is a different kind of moving Charm.

    "Dream, become a pigeon flying in the blue sky, la la ah~"

After singing, Lu Chen’s fingers pressed on the strings and slammed.

    How could this be?

    Is this really a song that one's own self-singing song?

    Snapped! Snapped!

    The door of the room was suddenly ringed.

    Lu Chen woke up and put down the guitar and said: "Come in, the door is not closed!"

    The door was quickly pushed open, and a tall, thin-eyed man walked in with an exaggerated smile on his face and screamed at Lu Chen: "The big singer, it’s so great!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Then you still hurry to reward, just enjoy a few thousand tens of thousands is enough!"

    "If you don't have money, you have to kill one!"

    The glasses man shouted loudly, and a pair of unyielding expressions of unyielding, watching people hate to hit him.

    This glasses man is Lu Chen's next door neighbor, named Li Feiyu, Xiangnan, who has been in Beijing for three years and is currently selling in a 4S shop.

    The basement space is closed, and the room is separated by fireproof panels. The sound insulation effect is very poor, so Lu Chen practiced singing in the dwelling house, and the neighbors could hear it clearly.

    The big singer is the nickname that Li Feiyu gave to Lu Chen. It is a good-natured ridicule. Because the two are almost the same age and have good temper, they become friends. The former often ran over the door when they were free.

    Li Feiyu also loves to sing, but his five-tone is not complete. He sings a song and is a ghost crying. He has a bit of appreciation for pop songs. He just heard the "flying pigeons" that Lu Chen played and listened.

    "But really, brother…"

    After the joke, Li Feiyu said very seriously: "Your Singing is really good. Although the style is a little different from that of Tan Hong, it is also full of artistic conception, at least ten times stronger than the saliva songs you sang before!"

    He opened his hands and fingers, hate not to lift his feet and make up.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you!"

    He knows that one's own hasn't been very good before.

    "It’s amazing…"

    Li Feiyu’s face reveals a mysterious expression on his face. He looked around and lowered the voice and said, “Buddy, you are not going to be possessed by the song god? Juvenile firewood won the adventure and made great progress. From then on, the peak of life will greet the white and beautiful, and the night will sing the songs…"

    Li Feiyu also has a hobby, that is, watching online novels online, the imagination is very rich.

    "Go to death!"

    Lu Chen dumbfounded a foot in the past, interrupting the other's nonsense.

    But the memory of Singer Xu Bo in the dream, instantly popped up in his heart – Xu Bo not only Singing is very good, but also good at playing the guitar, whether it is a folk guitar or a classical guitar, they are all fascinating.

    "I am flashing!"

    Li Feiyu jumped to the door flexibly and smiled. "Big singer, if you can still make originals, then with your current level of play, I dare to assert that you will be red!"

    Must be red?

    Lu Chen smiled and shook his head and stood up and closed the door.

    Beijing is a gathering place for people and a cultural center of the whole country. There are more talented people and Singer in Beijing. How many real reds are there?

    Want red, talent, strength, connections and luck, all indispensable!

    What is he in Lu Chen?

    And where is the original is simple…

    Suddenly, Lu Chen’s head seemed to have a flash of light, which instantly illuminated his thoughts.

    Original? Yes, it is original!

    He slammed into the front of the small desk and couldn't wait to open one's own old laptop.

    The boot time of up to 50 seconds was already used to it. Now it feels like the second is like the year. It is hard to get into the desktop. Lu Chen immediately moves the mouse and clicks on the software icon that has not been opened for a long time.

    It seems to be opening the door to change the fate!

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