Chapter 79—Expensive Packages

    On June 10, Lu Chen returned to Beijing.

    After smashing the graduation, he was uplifted and returned to the road.

    From now on, his identity is no longer a college student of the ivory tower, but a real fresh social person.

    The road is long and the road is long, I will go up and down!

    At this moment, Lu Chen does not know what is waiting for one's own in the future. I don't know if he is about to embark on a bright road full of flowers, or a dangerous road full of thorns.

    But he is fearless and full of expectations!


    Thursday, June 11th, overcast.

    Lu Chen came to the Delong Building in Beijing's Fourth Ring Road.

    Delong Building is a 58-storey office building located in the most prosperous financial and business district of the Fourth Ring Road. It has been visited twice in the front section time. It participated in the production of two singles of the Orchestra in the 35-story Tianyi Music Workshop. .

    Tianyi Music Workshop is very famous in Beijing popular Musical World. It was founded ten years ago and is mainly engaged in the production and promotion of Music. It has complete advanced equipment and a group of outstanding professionals.

    Many of the big coffees in the industry used to make one's own works through the Tianyi Music Workshop. In order to launch the first shot into the popular Music, Light Rain Media put the first album in the Tianyi Music Workshop.

    Quality first!

    Although Lu Chen’s participation is not deep, he has a deep understanding of the strength of Tianzhu Music Workshop.

    So he wants to hand over the album of one's own to Tianzhu.

    The idea of ​​making a solo album began when Lu Chen signed [Whale TV]. Later, after the PK theme show, the Editor of Yunjing Music Network negotiated with him and finally made up his mind.

    Lu Chen wants to use this album as a stepping stone for one's own entry into the Pan Entertainment Circle!

    Therefore, he attaches great importance to it as a major event after returning to Beijing.

    In the customer reception room of Tianzhu Music Workshop, Lu Chen first met the other party's business representatives.

    The business name is surnamed Ni. At the age of 30, it is a typical workplace. The makeup is exquisitely dressed. Although the smile on the face is slightly professional, it does not make people feel scornful.

    Miss Ni’s speech is also soft and whispered: “Mr. Lu Chen, this is our company’s external music production quotation form, which includes ABCDE five package combinations. Of course, if you have special needs, our company can also You are tailored."

    Lu Chen nodded and took the price list of the other party and looked at it carefully.

    The first two trips to the Tianyi Music Workshop were all help, and I didn’t ask for the price. Now he is an eye-opener.

    This quotation form is specially made for the album, including the entire cost of arrangement, recording and post-production. The lowest E package price in the five is 100,000, the highest A package is 1 million, and the gap is 10 times!

    Before coming to the Tianyi Music Workshop, Lu Chen had some knowledge of single and album production.

    Beijing is the center of the national cultural industry. Entertainment and media companies are numerous, and there are millions of people in the entertainment-related industries. Xiaoxiao's Music studio, recording studios and professional production companies abound.

    If you simply play the ticket and don't pay attention to quality, you can directly place an individual album on the Internet.

    And if you want to experience the feeling of recording in the studio, spending one or two thousand dollars can also meet the demand.

    Of course, these are pure amateurs. If you really want to make a good quality single or album, the cost is very high. One or two thousand songs are basic, and hundreds of thousands are not too expensive. Divided into goods.

    So don't look at the Singer of Beijing drifting. Many people have never had a real album in their lifetime. In addition to the song itself, the cost of production is the key. There is publicity and distribution behind it. If you can't sell it, you will lose money!

    As for the songs made by thousands of dollars, there is no way to find out the channels.

    As a senior company in the industry, Tianzhu Music Workshop is very professional. The price list contains a detailed list of the expenses included in the five packages, which makes people understand clearly.

    After Lu Chen saw it, the most satisfying is the C package, which is well-known in the industry, including producers, producers and band accompaniment, high-standard recording and post-production. The price is 500,000, which is equivalent to a song of 50,000 yuan.

    It is not that the AB package is not as good as the C package, but the price of the AB package is not affordable for Lu Chen.

    Even if it is a C package, he can't get the money now.

    As for the 250,000 D package and the 100,000 package, it is not very satisfying compared to the C package.

    I don’t know if I don’t know how to play!

    Lu Chen secretly lamented, he pinched the price list, and tentatively asked: "Miss Ni, if I choose the C package, how much discount can your company give?"

    He mentioned Qin Hanyang last time, and he can bargain with the production company.

    Miss Ni said with sincerity: "Mr. Lu, my authority can give you a maximum of 5% off. If you can ask our manager or Director to sign, the minimum is 10% off."

    Lu Chen died when he heard it. He didn't say that he didn't know the manager and director of Tianzhu Music Workshop, and even if he could get the signature of the other party, he would have to pay 450,000 yuan.

    Lu Chen knows that if it is not one's own personal appearance, but an industry company such as Light Rain Media, it is estimated that the price will be lower, who will let him do it alone?

    As the so-called tree is so good, the signing of entertainment media companies will lose a lot of freedom and rights, but there are also many conveniences, such as production and distribution, there is no need to worry about it, it is also a publicity effort.

    But Lu Chen does not regret the choice of one's own!

    He thought about it and said: "Then I think about it, Miss Ni, can I take this price list?"

    Miss Ni smiled: "Exactly, if you have any questions, you can ask me directly."

    Her business card was given to Lu Chen when she met.

    "Thank you!"

    Lu Chen left the Tianzhu Music Workshop with a price list.

    In fact, for Lu Chen, the 450,000 is really not a big number. It can be earned after a period of time, or it is enough to sell two songs.

    However, this involves another problem, that is, if the investment is so large, is it worth the cost?

    Lu Chen has no bottom.

    He is a small achievement in the live broadcast of the network, has a large number of fans, can be placed in the Entertainment Circle even the newcomers can not talk, or an outsider, there is no influence at all.

    Moreover, the online album also involves the issue of piracy. The online album price is very low, but not many people are willing to pay, because the free pirated resources will be found soon after the album.

    The same principle applies to [Whale TV]. Don't look at him. There are hundreds of thousands of fishmeal, just like rewards. Really willing to save money will always be a small number of people.

    The album is 100% out, but Lu Chen doesn't want to lose money, and he doesn't want to compromise on quality. It's very problematic – the idea is very good, the reality is too cruel!

    With a tangled mind, he took the elevator down to the bottom of the Deron Building.

    Just a few steps away from the elevator, suddenly a middle-aged man strode over and stopped Lu Chen.

    "This gentleman, are you going to make a song at the Tianzhu Workshop?"

    The middle-aged man looks like he is about 50 years old, wearing a suit that is not very fit, so he looks loose.

    When he spoke, his face was obviously a little nervous, and his eyes were more concerned with the security guards in the hall not far away.


    Lu Chen groaned and asked curiously: "Do you have anything?"

    The middle-aged man suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. He immediately took out a business card from his pocket and handed it to Lu Chen.

    “The deaf person is Wang Changsheng, the manager of Nirvana Music Studio. Can we talk?”

    His speech rate is quite fast, with a hint of uneasiness and hope.

    Nirvana Music makes studio?

    Lu Chen thought for a moment, without a slight impression, hesitated or said: "Okay."

    Mainly curious.

    On the first floor of the Delong Building, there is a teahouse. The two sit down and find a pot of tea.

    After the seat, Lu Chen’s first question was: “Manager Wang, how do you know that I am preparing to make songs in the Tianzhu workshop?”

    The studio manager, Wang Changsheng, pointed to the price list that Lu Chen had placed on the table. He was embarrassed to say: "I saw this in your hand, so come and try your luck."

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded.


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