Seventy-seventh chapter of those flowers

    The girls in the neon feathers are walking at a brisk pace, like a butterfly walking down the aisle leading to the backstage. The relatively narrow space is filled with a powdery flavor that can make people's heart beat faster.

    These beautiful girls have just finished a dance performance, and the applause in the auditorium has not subsided. They talked and laughed, the sweat on their forehead mixed with the makeup powder, and shone in the light of the wall lamp.

    Lu Chen, carrying the guitar, politely leaned over to put the back against the wall and give way to them.

    Several girls curiously looked at Lu Chen, and kept walking with him.

    Leave a string of silver bells like laughter.

    On the outside stage, Host is reporting: "Thanks to the wonderful performances of the twenty-four beautiful girls, the following program from the computer science application, male solo…"

    "His name is Lu Chen, let us welcome him with applause!"

    His voice just fell, Lu Chen, who was already standing at the exit of the stage, immediately went up and stood in the spotlight.

    Faced with nearly 10,000 alumni and Teacher, he showed a confident smile.

    After the baptism of the light blue Music Carnival Night, even if it is facing more audiences, Lu Chen will not be nervous.

    He believes in the song of one's own.

    The applause rang, and although it was not enthusiastic, many students still gave face.

    In particular, Lu Chen’s classmates were desperately clapping, and the loud whistle sounded professional.

    Lu Chen is tall and handsome. Once he was rich in family, he didn't have the kind of suffocation of the rich family, and he was very happy to help others, so the popularity in the classmates has been quite good.

    Many people know the changes in Lu Chen's home. They also know that he ran out to work early to make money. Their applause is support and admiration for Lu Chen, because it is not easy to do this.

    On the 37th row of the 18th row of the auditorium of He Liang's Great Auditorium, Wang Ying raised her hand and took two shots, and immediately put it down.

    She stared at Lu Chen, who was standing in the middle of the stage, and suddenly felt that the latter was strange.

    The girl sitting next to Wang Ying quietly came over and pushed down the voice and asked, "Why, you still want him?"

    Wang Ying shook her head a little.

    She didn't know what it was to be one's own, and she clearly broke up for so long, and the two also made it clear.

    But there is always a feeling of emotion in my heart!

    The girl next door is bitter: "The points are divided, you don't think too much!" What is the use of handsome people now? I can't eat it in the middle, and you can find a better one than you in your condition. For example, Chen Peng is very good. ”

    Wang Ying frowned and said: "I have already passed away with him, and I don't think much."

    The girl next door smiled softly: "This is right, our girls, it is most important to find a suitable husband. Out of the society one's own, how hard it is, the price of Hangzhou is so expensive, it is impossible to follow the handsome guy. !"

    Wang Ying left her ear and listened to her right ear. My mind didn't know where to go.

    At this moment, Lu Chen said to the microphone: "Thank you for your applause. The song I am going to sing here this evening is written by me one's own, and it is also the first public singing."

    "I will give this song to all the girls, all the school girls and school sisters, because it is with you, Jianghai University is a really beautiful campus, I hope you will always be beautiful and beautiful!"

    There were countless laughs in the auditorium, and many girls applauded again, with more enthusiastic applause.

    Most of the boys are envious and hateful, and there is no secret curse.

    Use original works to please girls? Think really beautiful, sing and sing to the end – let you pretentious play handsome.

    Handsome guy, especially the handsome guy who can play the guitar, the most annoying!

    However, Lu Chen did not feel the resentment from the single Wang. He turned his head and slammed the thumb on the side of the field, indicating that one's own can begin.

    After a while, the image of new song MV appeared on the huge screen behind Lu Chen.

    He flicked the strings and played the prelude, soft and soft.

    The first appearance on the LED screen is the imaginary scene of Jianghai University. Then a silhouette of the girl appears quietly along with the sketched flowers, bringing out four hand-painted art characters – those flowers.

    "The laughter reminds me of my flowers,

Quietly open for me in every corner of my life.

    I thought I would stay by her side forever.

Today we have left in the sea.

    Are they old?

    Where are they?

    We are all going to the world!

    La……miss her.

    La…Is she still open?


    They have been blown away by the wind and scattered around the horizon!


    A touch of sadness, a touch of faintness, a low-pitched sing about the past Era, Lu Chen's play is simple and simple, but the beautiful melody and lyrics make this song have a striking strength of Strength.

    Especially the girls, they look at the big screen MV, there are a lot of familiar or strange photos, those are their youthful memories, those running, hug, jumping, playful…

    The past Era is now in front of me, happy, sad, sweet, excited…

    They are about to graduate, they will be blown away by the wind and scattered in the horizon!


If some stories haven’t finished, forget it.

Those feelings have been difficult to distinguish between true and false in the years.

    There are no flowers here today.

Fortunately, I used to have your spring and winter and winter and summer.

    La……miss her,

La…Is she still open?


    They have been blown away by the wind and scattered around the horizon.

    Are they old?

    Where are they?

    We are all going to the world!


    The auditorium, which can accommodate thousands of spectators, is quiet. There is no applause, no laughter, no voice, everyone is listening and listening to Lu Chen’s singing.

    Some girls are already crying.

    The song evokes the romantic prayers and involuntary wounds in their hearts. It is like a dandelion flower that should be opened in due course. The soul seems to go with the flying lines and cannot be recovered.

    Lu Chen played and sang, and the memories surged.

    The flower that left the deepest imprint in his life is one of his school sisters.

    She appeared in Lu Chen's most lonely time. At that time, his father had just passed away, and he broke up with Wang Ying. He experienced the great changes in life, and the decadence was like a walking dead.

    The appearance of cockroaches seems to be a bright sunshine, which dispels the darkness and haze of Lu Chen’s heart. She uses one's own tenderness to soothe the injured soul of Lu Chen, and let Lu Chen finally get rid of depression and regain her strong life.

    It was only Lu Chen who could not leave her. After graduation, she followed her family to immigrate to United Kingdom.

    This relationship, even Lu Chen's best friends did not know, he did not tell anyone.

    Always in my heart.

    Today, he sang this song here, and he sang for the sake of it.

    Her photo is also in the MV, and she smiles brilliantly!


Are they old?

    Where are they?

    We are all going to the world!


    Unconsciously, Lu Chen’s tears were wet, and he never sang so emotionally, and his voice was accompanied by a voice.

    In the audience, many girls have burst into tears, they either sobbed alone, or embraced each other to comfort each other, arrogantly venting the emotions that were stimulated in the heart.

    Wang Ying bite the one's own lips, and the look in her eyes is complicated to the extreme.

    Intuition told her that Lu Chen’s song was sung to his most beloved one.

    That person is not her.

    She was also impressed by the song, but thinking of this, her heart seems to be bitten by the poisonous snake, strong sorrow and pain, like losing the most treasured treasure!

    The picture of the MV is finally fixed on a photo.

    In the afternoon of the drizzle, in the depths of the old streets and alleys, a gentle and moving woman holds the silhouette of the paper umbrella.

    The smoldering water vapor made the scene look awkward and could not make a clear picture of her true content.

    But the beauty of the empty valley is destined to be one of the most profound memories of all witnesses.

    Lu Chen finished singing.

    He stood up and said to the microphone: "Those flowers, thank you!"

    He wants to thank all those who appear in one's own twenty-two-year-old life.

    Because life has their existence and it is wonderful!


Note: "Those flowers" word / song: Pu Shu

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