Chapter 78—This Era, shake and shake!

    In Lu Chen’s dream world, “The Flowers” ​​is a classic created by a talented Singer.

    This low-key, beautiful and slightly sad folk song has touched countless people, has been repeatedly sung by other singers many times, and often appeared in the school's Literature and Art evening, which is called graduation divine song.

    Although it is in a different space, the Charm of this song has no fading.

    It easily evokes the deep feelings of people's hearts, especially those who have loved, loved, hurt, hurt, experienced the same parting, and naturally have a strong resonance.

    So there are so many girls crying, the songs are full of feminine memories, full of thoughts and delusions, after all, the enemy is not a faint detachment – we are going to the world!

    In "The Flowers", Lu Chen poured out the most sincere feelings of one's own.

    He used this song to say goodbye to one's own campus youth Era.

    "Those flowers, thank you all!"

    Lu Chen was deeply envious.

    Applause, suddenly exploded, as if it was a gunfire on the battlefield, violent and lasting!

    A lot of girls stood up, their eyes with tears, violently patted the delicate palms, even if it was a red pat, it didn't care.

    The boys are also following, and the way they express their feelings is more direct, that is, shouting loudly.

    "Sing well!"Sing it again! ""Come again! "…

    Soon, all the cheers and shouts turned into the simplest word: rush!


    Without experiencing the baptism of social reality, these boys and girls mostly retain their simple and sincere feelings.

    They like it, they are moved, they don't succumb to one's own praise and applause.

    Lu Chen straightened up and nodded: "Thank you!"

    He took a deep breath and then turned and walked towards the background.


    "Chong!"Rush! ""Rush! ”

    However, the shouts from the stage were not disappeared because of Lu Chen’s departure. Instead, they became more and more fierce and loud, and the kind of high-spirited momentum seemed to overturn the dome of the grand auditorium!

    The majesty of the male voice, the delicateness of the female voice, completely blended into a Voice.


    Several school leaders and teachers in the first two rows of the auditorium couldn't sit still. They stood up and turned around, waving their arms to signal the classmates to be quiet, not to interfere with the performances behind.

    But no one cares about them at all, their authority has expired on graduation day!

    Many people look at each other in dismay and don't know what to do. After all, there is such a situation in the school's Literature and Art performance. It is really rare and there is no such thing.

    Even Lu Chen one's own did not expect.

    He was just about to step down the ladder, and the host rushed over to stop him.

    "Lu Chen, you will return to the venue and sing a song!"

    The college students are all passionate and impulsive. If the atmosphere at the scene is not controlled, it may be a big deal.

    This Host's face is white.

    "it is good!"

    Lu Chen also realized the seriousness of the problem and quickly returned to the center of the stage.

    And as he reappeared, the heated shouts quickly calmed down, but everyone still stood still.

    Lu Chen sorted out his thoughts and said to the microphone: "Thank you all, thank you for loving this song so much, then I will sing a song for you again. It is also the song I wrote by one's own, and I hope you like it."

    "It's called Era!"

    The warm applause sounded loudly, and the rain hit the bananas intensively.

    But it disappeared in an instant.

    Because Lu Chen began to sing.

    "Time, you are slower and the world is one year older.

How can I be in a hurry?

Youth has fled.

    For so many years,

You always say that the meeting has not changed.

But the photo has recorded the young face.

    What hasn’t changed is that

This piece of infatuation,


This piece of time.

    So many years of youth,

Never go back,

I have also met people who have made me feel nostalgic.

    This world is still the world,

But you and I are no longer there.


    Feel free to play the guitar, and Lu Chen sings and sings all the audience back to the past Era with songs to relive the goodness of the past and to remember the people who come back and forth in one's own life.

    This song has a sentimental difference from "The Flowers", but it is more nostalgic.

    Sing like a chorus.


This Era, shake it,

This time, turn around.

    This Era, shake it,

This time, it turns around!


    Along with the clear and clean, slightly sad songs of the morning, an unspeakable atmosphere shrouded the auditorium. Everyone consciously and unconsciously sat down again and listened quietly to him.

    The same quiet, there is a background.

    The facilities in the auditorium are very advanced, and there is a TV screen in the backstage to watch the scene of the broadcast.

    Almost everyone in the big make-up room was in front of the screen.

    Cao Xiuzhu is also one of them.

    She just shed tears, and there are still tears in her eyes.

    The same tears, not only her.


So many years of youth,

Never go back,

I have also met people who have made me feel nostalgic.

    What has not changed is this infatuation,


This piece of time!

    I want to sing an Era 为 for you.

This way my youth will not be old.

    I want to sing an Era 为 for you.

This way my youth will not be old.


    Our youth will not be old!

    After the end of the game, Lu Chen did not thank him again, but quietly stepped back and left the stage.

    The rest, let everyone slowly remember.

    This time no one has to stay and ask for a return, because everyone is still immersed in the atmosphere created by the song.

    Lu Chen successfully returned to the background.

    He just came down, and a figure rushed over to hug him!

    Lu Chen was shocked. When he took a closer look, he quickly called out: "Hey, hey, Cao squad leader, don't hug!"

    It was Cao Xiuzhu who embraced him. The female squad leader loosened his arms and said: "Lu Chen, you sing very well, I don't know that you are so talented!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I am called a big machine late…"

    At this time, a lot of people around Lu Chen surrounded him and patted the palm of his hand.

    Whether it is going to go on stage or returning to the show, they greet Lu Chen with neat, warm and sincere applause!

    Lu Chen was surprised and moved. He couldn't express himself. He could only say: "Thank you, thank you! thank you all! ”

    Su Shi is also in the crowd gathered. She is smiling and is a blessing.


    At the end of the graduation party, when Lu Chen and Gao He returned to the dormitory, it was already 11:30.

    Everyone did not speak, lying on their beds.

    This is the last night in college.

    "Goodbye, the youth of the dog day!"

    I don't know who's screaming and shouting, breaking the silence of the night, passing through the glass window.

    It looks like a wounded lone wolf.

    "Goodbye, my university!"


    There was a low sound of something bursting.

    boom! boom! boom!

    This Voice seems to be contagious and spreads like a plague.

    Gao He, who was sleeping in the lower bunk of Lu Chen, stood up and stood up. His head slammed into Lu Chen’s bed.

    But the Qilu man didn't care at all. He lifted the thermos on the ground, then pushed open the glass window, slammed the hot water bottle down, and tried to use the strength of the whole body outside the window: "Wang Xiaoling, I love you!"

    "Go home with me!"

    Lu Chen, Wan Hongzhi and Zhou Rui look at each other in dismay, no words to comfort.

    Wan Hongzhi silently mentioned the one's own thermos, followed Gao Hezhen downstairs: "Dog Day!"

    Lu Chen laughed and jumped out of bed.

    Let's get together!

    Thermos, basins, tooth cylinders, trash cans, textbooks…

    The dormitory area of ​​the entire university soon became a crazy battlefield. Everyone threw out the things that can be lost!

    Percussion, shattering, shouting, crying…In the empty night, I have been echoing for a long time.

    This is our youth!

    There was nothing to worry about, and Gao He leaned over and pulled a can of beer from under the bed to open it.

    He grabbed a few cans of beer and threw them to Lu Chen and others. One's own also opened a can. He said with a hoarse voice: "On the last night of the university, we stared and never sleep!"

    The voice just fell, the door of the dormitory was pushed hard.

    Appeared at the door, it was a girl with a petite face and tears on her face.

    She cried, "Gaohe, I am going home with you."


    The beer cans in Gaohe’s hand suddenly landed, and the mixed foamy liquid splashed out.

    Bit by bit splashed on him.


Note: "Era 谣" word / song: Wang Fanrui, the lyrics have a few changes.

    PS: Thanks to the 10,000-dollar rat of the fugitive, congratulations on him as the second rudder of the book.

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