Chapter 76: The past cannot be chased

    The activities of Jianghai University involving the performance of the Heritage and Art are basically held in the Great Hall of He Liang.

    The auditorium has a large scale and the backstage is very spacious. There are booths, dressing rooms, dressing rooms, electric rooms, Item rooms and even shower rooms and lounges.

    When Lu Chen came in, there were at least one or two hundred people in the big make-up room, most of whom were going to go on stage performances. Many girls dressed in beautiful costumes made up their makeup, and gathered around in threes and threes to chat and laugh.

    Lu Chen has participated in many performances and art performances. He is no stranger to the auditorium. He took a seat in the corner and sat down. He opened the box and took out the guitar without hesitation. Practice feeling.

    In the evening his performance was arranged at 8:30, so the time is still very early.

    "Lu Chen…"

    Just as Lu Chen sang the strings and sang quietly, there was a soft call from the side.

    Upon hearing this familiar Voice, Lu Chen sighed in his heart.

    He put down the guitar and turned around and asked: "Wang Ying, I haven't seen you for a long time, do you have anything?"

    In front of Lu Chen is a girl with a white skirt. The shape of the head is about 1.60. The face of the melon is like a willow eyebrow, and the long hair shawl is thin and powdery. It is a pretty beauty.

    Wang Ying, who is studying at the Chinese Department of Jianghai University, is also an ex-girlfriend of Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen's indifferent tone made Wang Ying frown. She hesitated and asked: "Lu Chen, did Cao Xiuzhu tell you?" My uncle recruited a company in Hangzhou, and the position is very good…"

    "I know, the squad leader has told me."

    Lu Chen interrupted: "Thank you for your kindness, but I plan to develop in Beijing, so thank you."

    "Lu Chen!"

    Wang Ying’s eyes flashed a touch of disappointment, and Voice raised a section: “Can you not be so embarrassed, what development prospects do you have in Beijing? Even if you don't think about one's own, you have to consider the situation in your home. ”

    Her face showed an expression of hatred and iron.

    Lu Chen smiled instead: "Wang Ying, it has been so long, your temper is not the same." I don't think there is really anything to say between us. ”

    Wang Ying did not pissed off, she asked thoughtfully: "Lu Chen, are you still hating me?"

    Lu Chen shook his head and got up and said to Wang Ying: "I used to hate it. Now I have figured it out."

    "I think even if there is nothing wrong with my family, I am afraid that neither of us will last long, and I have problems at that time, so no one needs to blame who blames anyone, and see us in the future as classmates and friends."

    Wang Ying looked at Lu Chen slyly.

    Such a rational and mature Lu Chen, she is very strange, as if standing in front of her is another person.

    There is a feeling of loss.

    After a while, she said something awkwardly: "Well, goodbye."

    After that, Wang Ying turned and left, not very willing to go.

    Lu Chen smiled, he was very clear about Wang Ying's thoughts, but he wanted to make up for the embarrassment of breaking up with one's own.

    But he is full of food, and staying in the city of Hangzhou is a "very good" job.

    As for the entanglement with Wang Ying…

    It’s not reminiscent of the past, let it pass in the past!

    Lu Chenang wanted to sit down again and suddenly felt a little bit wrong, looking subconsciously in the right direction.

    Just a few steps away from him, he still sat with a beautiful girl.

    The water blue evening gown perfectly sets off the graceful and graceful figure. A pair of heart-wrenching straight legs are very casually placed. The bright and sly eyes are filled with a smile, and the delicate and pretty face makes people Pleasant.

    She sat quietly there, emitting enough light to illuminate the darkest corner.

    Lu Chen couldn’t help but swear: "Su Shi?"

    Su Shi is a very famous figure in Jianghai University. She is a departmental flower of the foreign language department. She is a female scholar who has a first-class scholarship every year, and she can multi-talented her songs. The number of pursuers is comparable to that of the river. .

    Lu Chen knows Su Shi, of course, there are not many people who don’t know this, but they are only limited to understanding.

    He did not expect that Su Shi would actually hide alone in it.

    I didn’t notice it.

    In Lu Chen’s limited impression, Su Shi’s side is always surrounded by several flower guards who are attentive to the dog’s legs.

    Su Shi blinked and said: "Lu Chen, I am not intentionally eavesdropping on the two of you."

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded: "Sorry, nothing has disappointed you."

    Su Xiaoyin chuckled, and immediately said: "Really, I feel that Wang Ying still has feelings for you."

    Lu Chen and Wang Ying, who have been in love with each other, are also famous at Jianghai University.


    Lu Chen said: "All have passed."

    Su Shi understood that he did not want to talk more, so he opened the topic: "You must be developing in Beijing, it must be very difficult?"

    She rarely talks to boys, because the mad bee is too tangled, and it is really troublesome to say a few words to misunderstand others. This evening is to avoid the pursuit of those who deliberately ran to the corner of the background.

    The result unexpectedly saw a dialogue between the former couple.

    Su Shi had heard a little about the Eight Trigrams of Lu Chen, and he still appreciated his performance.

    The man’s husband is supposed to be self-respecting and self-confident.

    So she doesn't mind talking to Lu Chen a few more words, anyway, everyone will go to work tomorrow.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "It is not easy, it takes a lot of effort, I hope to be successful."

    He asked: "What are your plans after graduation?"

    This sentence is probably the most inquiring between the students today.

    Su Shi said: "I went to Wharton to study."


    Lu Chen marveled: "Great!"

    Wharton is the number one business school in the world and is part of the University of Pennsylvania. It has a history of hundreds of years and has produced countless business elites and economists.

    Just want to enter the Wharton business is also very difficult, Lu Chen's sister Lu Xi has been yearning for this famous school, but the realistic choice is the Beijing University of Beijing University.

    The Su Shi people looked very beautiful and did not say that their studies were so outstanding that Lu Chen had to take it.

    Su Shi smiled and said: "Thank you, if you have the opportunity to come to Philadelphia in the future, remember to find me to drink tea."

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "I don't have your contact method."

    Lu Chen did not pursue the other side's thoughts, because he and Su Shi are undoubtedly the people of the two worlds.

    I just talked very well now, so I sighed.

    Su Shi was very generous and directly reported a flight number to Lu Chen: "Private number, please don't circulate it!"

    Lu Chen is in the cell phone.

    Su Shi got up and said: "It’s my turn to go on stage, Lu Chen, goodbye."

    Lu Chen followed up: "Goodbye, Su Shi."

    He knew that the two of them might not have much chance to see each other again, and there was a slight regret in their hearts.

    Such a girl with a good heart, even if it is not a couple, can become a friend is also a big Luck.

    Seeing the other person's figure disappeared into the background, Lu Chen just sat down, the result is the buttocks on the stool, Cao Xiuzhu Cao squad leader gasping for breath rushed over, meeting is a complaint.

    "Lu Chen, how do you hide this guy here? Let me find it! ”

    Lu Chen was surprised: "What is it?"

    Cao Xiuzhu said: "Your performance is ahead of schedule. The two programs in front of you need time to prepare, so arrange for you to play after the next program!"

    Lu Chen: "I am dizzy!"

    The evenings in the university are very random, and the large programs have pre-rehearsal and time schedules, but in the event of an unexpected situation, a single-player program like him will go to the top.

    "You don't want to faint, I am dizzy!"

    Cao Xiuzhu was anxious to get angry: "Hurry up and prepare, do you want me to help you make up?"

    "no, I'm fine!"

    Lu Chen quickly said: "You help me to send this to the pilot room first, and wait for me to play."

    He took out the U disk from his pocket and handed it to Cao Xiuzhu.

    As early as last month, Cao Xiuzhu called Lu Chen and told Lu Chen to perform at the party, so he made a song MV early to match the one's own.

    "no problem!"

    Cao Xiuzhu took the U disk and hurriedly ran to the pilot room.

    Lu Chen breathed a sigh of relief. He turned and looked at one's own in the mirror of the dressing table.

    Keep it up!


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