Chapter 74: You Once

    Lu Chen grew a sip of alcohol against the dusty microphone.

    He said: "The song I want to sing is first given to Gao He, the tallest boss in our dormitory. I hope that he will always be so optimistic and open-minded, and then give it to all those who have had ideals and dreams! ”

    The wine is in vain, Lu Chen actually has a lot of words in his heart, but he does not want to say that he does not want to say, so just sing!

    This song was given to Gao He, to a friend, to everyone, and to him one's own.

    "it is good!"

    Gao He and Wan Hongzhi both applauded loudly. They didn’t care what Lu Chen was singing, whether he sang nice, just wanted to cry quickly, laughed happily, and passed the last paragraph before graduation. .

    Many people in the Civic Square noticed the movements here, and they gathered around to watch the excitement. Many of them were students from Jianghai University, pointing at Lu Chen with a little smile.

    Which Senior Brother is drunk, is it a mess here?

    Lu Chen does not care.

    He rang the guitar and began to sing along with the rhythm.

    "I once dreamed of taking the sword to the end of the world.

Take a look at the prosperity of the world,

Young hearts are always frivolous,

Now you are home to the world.

    a girl who has made you feel bad,

It’s quiet now,

Love always makes you longing and troubled.

I have been bruised and bruised.


    The drunken Lu Chen, the song is no longer so clear and clean, with a touch of sad vicissitudes, the deep and strong soul of the soul, instantly attracted the ears of the people present.

    This is a song they have never heard of.

    Gao He didn't laugh anymore, because he wasn't so drunk that he couldn't hear the lyrics.

    Lu Chen’s singing sounds like a sledgehammer with a copper-iron cast iron. He slammed into his heart again and again, letting the nearly two-meter-high man bow involuntarily and trembling.

    The girl who once made you feel distressed has disappeared from the past. Love always makes you longing and troubled. It has caused you to be bruised and bruised. Isn’t it just singing him?

    The next moment, the song suddenly became high and high.





Walking on the road ahead.




There are sad and wonderful things.


    More and more people were attracted by the songs. They began to surround only a dozen or twenty people, and soon increased to dozens of hundreds, forming a large circle in the square.

    Lu Chen turned a blind eye, his heart was completely immersed in the mood of this song, and all the accumulated emotions were thoroughly expressed through the song.


Every moment is sad,

Just look at the sea alone,

Always think of walking around on the road friends,

How many are waking up.

    Let's do this wine,

A good man has a heart like the sea.

Experienced the warmth and warmth of life in the world,

This smile is warm and innocent.


    The vast square seems to be the stage for Lu Chen. The sly, noisy movements are gone, only his singing is echoing, shocking, and shocking!

    Although he is holding in his arms, he is a broken guitar with hundreds of dollars. Although he is facing the old microphone with stains, although the quality of the amplified speakers is not good, although…

    But these are not detrimental to Charm of this song. It is a memorial to the youthful years. It is a statement of regret for the past Era. When it crosses the space and appears in this world, it can still touch everyone!

    "Let's do this wine, the good man is like the sea, and has experienced the warmth of life in the world…"

    Whether it is Gao He, or Wan Hongzhi, Zhou Rui, their faces are smiling.

    Especially Gao He, the thing that he and Wang Xiaoling broke up is like a thorn. It has been painful in the heart. Although Hee Hee seems to care at all, the heartache is only one's own.

    Lu Chen’s song made him relieve.

    No matter how many regrets, no matter what they have lost, they have already had sincere friendship, love, and have the best Era on campus!

    The real man should have a sea-like mind and accommodate countless storms.

    When Lu Chen began to sing the second time, the number of people onlookers reached hundreds of people. Many people raised the cell phone to take pictures of him, and more people listened quietly.

    Until he finished singing.

    In an instant, the warm applause broke out quickly in the crowd, such as "singing well" and "returning one more" and so on, and the atmosphere of the scene was pushed to the climax.

    Many people licked the coins in the pockets and placed them on the floor to open the guitar case.

    They all thought that Lu Chen was a stray Singer.

    "thank you all!"

    Lu Chen thanked him and returned the guitar to the real stray Singer next to him: "Thank you!"

    The other party took the guitar unknowingly. When Lu Chen turned away, he just woke up like a dream. He quickly asked: "Friend, what is the name of your song, where can the score be downloaded?"

    Lu Chen replied with a reply: "This song is called you, it was written by me one's own."

    The wandering Singer was stunned and watched as he walked away with a guitar.

    "The third child, when were you so powerful?"

    On the way back to the dormitory, Gao He couldn't help but ask: "Is this song really written by one's own?"

    Although he doesn't know popular music, he can hear that this is the first real good song.

    It's hard to believe that it was written by Lu Chen one's own.

    Lu Chen said calmly: "Yes, I am relying on singing to make money in Beijing!"

    "The third child is really strong!"

    Wan Hongzhi said excitedly: "I think he is very suitable for Celebrity, handsome enough to sing and write songs."

    Zhou Rui called: "Well, it’s so good, how many more bottles do we drink?"

    His wine is still not awake!

    Lu Chen three people laughed and laughed, dragging Zhou Rui back to the bedroom, and then slumbered and slept.

    This morning, Lu Chen has been dreaming.

    In the dream, he returned to the world familiar with strangers, as if to dissipate the ghosts of the world, walking like a passer-by in the earthly red dust, watching the bustling end, watching the joys and sorrows.

    When he was Xu Bo, it was Mo Lun, but it was Fang Mingyi…


    I don't know how long the time has passed. Lu Chen suddenly felt a itch in his nostrils, and he couldn't help but make a loud sneeze. He also woke up one's own.

    Lu Chen opened his eyes. The first thing I saw was a girl with a round face and a rounded, smiling face. In her hand, she also wore a Small-sized brush for Wan Hongzhi.

    Lu Chen dumbfounded: "Cao Daban squad!"

    Cao Xiuzhu smiled and said: "I can't call you guys who are sleeping late, get up and have breakfast!"

    Lu Chen looked down, Gaohe did not know where to go.

    His nose was pumping and he said, "Peeling egg porridge, bacon burger, um, and aroma of soy milk!"

    Cao Xiuzhu was shocked: "Do you smell it?"

    She took a hamburger and porridge to hand to Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "If you go to KFC for a few months, you can smell it. Thank you, the squad leader!"

    He was not polite, turned over and took the breakfast, sitting on the edge of Gaohe's bed and eating directly.

    Wash what you have to eat and say.

    Cao Xiuzhu hesitated a moment and sat down next to Lu Chen. He said: "Lu Chen, Wang Ying asked me how you are doing recently. She said that her uncle's company in Hangzhou wants to recruit people, if you…"

    Cao Xiuzhu deliberately opened the Gaohe trio, which is to say something to Lu Chen alone.

    She always believed that Lu Chen and Wang Ying are very compatible.

    "no need."

    Lu Chen’s appetite disappeared instantly. Putting down the hamburger said to Cao Xiuzhu: “Squad leader, thank you Wang Ying for me, but I have found a suitable job.”

    Wang Ying is his ex-girlfriend, and the two broke up after his father died.

    At that time, this incident had a great impact on Lu Chen.

    Cao Xiuzhu bit his lip and asked: "Do you still remember her?"

    At the beginning, Cao Xiuzhu introduced Wang Ying to Lu Chen, and the breakup between the two made her always worried.

    "Hate hate?"

    Lu Chen shook his head and said: "All passed, I am fine now, really, I will not blame her."

    Just be a passerby.

    Cao Xiuzhu glanced at him deeply and said: "Lu Chen, you have changed."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "People will always change."

    He used to be young and frivolous. Now he has experienced the vicissitudes of the family and the life of Beijing, and the vicissitudes of life in the dream of 3rd Rank, has really matured.

    The only constant, perhaps is only the blood of the heart.

    "Which are you and your family, what are your plans after graduation?"

    He opened the subject and was reluctant to talk about one's own.

    Cao Xiuzhu replied: "We stayed in Hangzhou after graduation and we will get married after two years of stability."


    Lu Chen smiled and said: "When you must remember to invite me to drink wine!"

    There are tears and laughter, and life is always like this.


Note: "The Once You" word / song: Xu Wei.

    PS: The second one is sent, and the recommendation ticket is supported!

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