The seventh chapter is like a teenager.

    "You dare to laugh!"

    Chen Jianhao said with a face: "Do you know that one's own is going to be miserable?" My cousin is not so good. You have offended her today, and you will suffer in the future! ”

    He said that although serious, but Lu Chen did not have any fear in his heart, smiled and said: "Boss, do you mean let me sign this contract?"

    "Signing is not a sign, you are free…"

    Chen Jianhao waved his hand and said: "But from this evening, you are the resident Singer who has forgotten the grass!"

    Lu Chen suddenly rejoiced: "Thank you boss!"

    He used to sing Singer, which belongs to the bottom layer of the bar Singer. There is no guarantee to rely on the rewards. If you are lucky, you can make a hard time. You can’t get a good song. sing.

    The resident Singer is different. Although there is no fixed salary, it can guarantee the time of playing, the proportion of rewards is increased to 70%, and it can also run – go to other bars to perform.

    Compared with the part-time waiter Singer, after becoming a resident Singer, Lu Chen does not need to do the work of giving tea to customers, but the income has increased greatly!

    "Sing well…"

    Chen Jianhao opened a Jinwei hand to Lu Chen and encouraged: "Small land, if you can always maintain the current level, and then come up with a few excellent originals, I Believe, you will sooner or later become a man in the grass. The first singer to walk out!"

    In this case, Chen Jianhao never said to other Singers in the bar, even if it was signed by Zhang Nana or Qin Hanyang, both of them are qualified or famous, but they are much higher than Lu Chen!

    Compared with Su Xiaomei, he is more optimistic about the future of Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen was moved in the heart and took a beer and drank it cleanly.

    He put the empty bottle down, reached out and wiped the foam at the corner of his mouth, and said sincerely: "The boss, if there is really one day, I will pay for the purchase of the shares of Worry, no matter how much!"

    Chen Jianhao stunned and immediately smiled: "Well, when you come, you will be a small boss, Hahaha!"

    He knows that this is Lu Chen’s expression of not forgetting.

    But Chen Jianhao is not too serious. There are too many talented and talented young people floating in Beijing. How many of them can really come out? Most of them are unknown, and finally disappeared.

    With a pointed finger, Chen Jianhao said: "Small land boss, now your guest is looking for you, go!"

    Lu Chen looked back and saw several acquainted guests waving at one's own.

    As a bar Singer, no one will refuse to communicate with the guests unless the big name is flying. Everyone drinks and talks, talks about the ideals of Music, and earns a drink.

    Most of the guests who forget the grass bar are good quality, basically there is nothing dirty.

    Lu Chen is working here, and he likes the atmosphere here.

    "Then I will pass…"

    Lu Chen hesitated a moment and asked: "Boss, the reward for that night, is it divided into the resident Singer?"

    Chen Jianhao was furious: "Roll!"

    Lu Chen hugged his head.


    When I walked out of the forgetful grass bar, it was near midnight.

    In May, Beijing still had a cool night in the middle of the night. The night wind blew through the lonely pedestrian street, blowing it on the body and letting Lu Chen instinctively shrink his head, almost sneezing – the temperature difference inside and outside the bar was a bit big.

    But his heart is hot.

    The source of heat is the forty-seven hundred dollar bills squatting in the pockets of the jacket, which is hot and hot.

    Although it has become the resident Singer of the Forgotten Grass Bar, Lu Chen still stood as the last post of the waiter, and then got the salary for the work settled this month.

    From the mouth of the big sister of the cashier, Lu Chen knew that the waiter who had not dealt with one's own had already been squid by the boss. As for the reason, he ran out of the electric room for no reason and brought him a close fat pipe, making him faint. A little understand.

    Lu Chen only wanted to laugh at him. He was not a narrow-minded villain, but he was not a morally noble saint. He saw a guy who hated one's own and got out of his way. The mood was natural and refreshing.

    However, it’s cool, but it’s not as good as the forty-seven new red banknotes.

    One-third of the money is spent on the waiter's work, because there are not many months, so the other two-thirds come from the night's customer rewards share – 70% of the resident Singer!

    Chen Jianhao is a very good boss. Although the requirements for employees are very strict, the treatment is not harsh. The rewards like Singer are not settled on the same day.

    More than 3,000 rewards, Lu Chen has been working for more than half a year in the work of forgetting the grass, the biggest extra income!

    And this is just the beginning!

    Suddenly, Lu Chen was full of hope for the future life. The darkness and sorrow that had been condensed in his eyebrows had all dispersed. He stepped forward toward the subway station.

    Like a teenager flying!

    On the last subway train at midnight, Lu Chen returned to the dwelling of one's own Xiaoxiao.

    I took a shower and went to bed.

    No dreams overnight.

    At 6:30 in the morning, Lu Chen woke up on time.

    He plays two jobs, working more than 15 hours a day, and only two days off each month.

    Today is the Sunday of rest, I could have slept, but under the influence of the circadian clock, he opened his eyes and looked at the lead-gray cement layer on the top of the chamber, and there was no more sleepiness.

    Lu Chen’s heart was a little scared. He was afraid that after one’s own waking up, the things he got in his dream would disappear.

    The familiar and unfamiliar memories quickly emerged in my mind, leaving his embarrassment gone.

    Turning over and getting up, Lu Chen put on his clothes and put on the worn-out sneakers. He left the basement after rushing through his personal cleaning work.

    At this time, other people are still asleep, and the sound of the snoring can be heard through the fire board. They are all ants of Beijing drifting. Sleeping at noon on Sunday is the greatest enjoyment.

    Out of the District, Lu Chen ran across the road to the river, and then ran along this artificial river bank I'm free.

    Work too busy, too little rest, he used to have no habit of morning exercise. Every morning, KFC, who is going to work as an hourly worker, is even exercising.

    But today he just wants to run, otherwise his heart will not be comfortable and uncomfortable.

    At this moment, the sky is already bright, and the green willow-lined river bank is still covered with thin smog. There are already many people who exercise early on the trails and the flowerbeds on the side of the road, most of them are old people.

    Several bird cages hung on the tree branch, and the thrush bird jumped in the cage, making a crisp and pleasant tweet from time to time.

    After a quick walk for ten minutes, Lu Chen’s Stamina consumed seven or eighty-eight. He had fine sweat on his forehead, his breathing became heavy, his legs were as heavy as lead, and his mouth was dry. Pull out the rust smell.

    It is a lack of long-time exercise to protest, after all, he usually runs to work for up to four or five minutes, Speed ​​is not so fast.

    However, there is a Voice in Lu Chen’s mind, urging him, encouraging him, supporting him, and letting him continue.

    For the future, he needs to have a healthy and healthy body!

    So under the support of some kind of belief, Lu Chen continued to run with his teeth biting until the pace gradually became brisk.

    He is still very young, young is the biggest capital, so everything is possible…

    Near noon, Lu Chen returned to the dwelling in the basement.

    Of course, he didn't exercise for the whole morning. More time was spent on trivial matters. For example, the money earned last night was deposited in the bank card, and then went to the nearby Merchant Shop to pick a set of cheap sportswear and sports. Shoes, and finally ran to the supermarket to buy daily necessities.

    Run back and forth, full of return, Lu Chen's clothes have been soaked in sweat, dried up a layer and a layer, sticky and sticky to the body is very uncomfortable.

    However, he did not care about bathing and changing clothes. He first turned on the computer and transferred the 4000 yuan that had just been deposited in the bank card to one's own mother Fang Fang and his sister Lu Xue.

    There are only more than 300 points left in his pocket pocket.

    But Lu Chen is not worried because he is full of hope for the future!

    After the transfer was completed, Lu Chen seemed to have put down a big event, and the whole person became relaxed, and also felt the fatigue and soreness accumulated in various parts of the body.

    Today his amount of exercise is really big, completely beyond the limits of the past, and inevitably there are sequelae.

    Take off the sweaty smell of clothes, Lu Chen is ready to go to the bathroom shower.

    叮 铃铃~

At this time, the cell phone resting on the small desk rang and the call indicator flashed.

    Lu Chen did not look at it and reached out.

    "Brother, what are you doing?"

    On the other side of the phone, there was a familiar voice from my sister Lu Xue, which was crisp and sweet with the youthful atmosphere of the girl.

    Lu Xue is seventeen years old this year, and he is a high school student in the middle school of Lu Chen’s hometown.

    Lu Chen replied: "I am going to take a bath and go to dinner!"

    Lu Xue "hmm", then asked: "Old brother, are you rich, why give me money?"


    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I earned more than 4,000 yesterday, transferred 3,000 to my mother, and then gave you five hundred pieces of spare parts. Is it very moving? Quickly say that I am the best brother in the world! ”

    "go to hell!"

    By phone, Lu Chen can imagine the appearance of his sister roll one's eyes: "You are not bad, but you don't have to give me so much. Mom has given me pocket money. Don't be so hard, pay attention to your body. La…"

    Listening to the phone, the younger sister said, Lu Chen could not help but feel a bit sad.

    Before the accident at home, my sister Lu Xue was the little princess who loved the whole family. Usually, 500 yuan is not enough for her to buy double shoes. Where needs to be pushed like this.

    "Well, you study hard, call me if you have anything…"

    After chatting for a few minutes and asking about the situation in the family, Lu Chen ended the conversation with Lu Xue.

    He rushed into Xiaoxiao's bathroom and closed the door to unscrew the faucet.

    The cool tap water passed through the shower head and turned into a small column of water, hitting him.

    Lu Chen closed his eyes and the memories of the past appeared in his mind.

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