Chapter 31: Youth is just right

    Lu Chen is no stranger to the Beihaicheng Forum.

    Beihai City Forum claims to be the top BBS of Domestic students. Whether it is popularity or high popularity, when he was studying at Jianghai University, he once ran to the Beihai City Forum to fill the water and smash through the shelves. One's own forum account.

    Although it has not been seen for a long time, when the memory rises, Lu Chen still feels familiar and cordial.

    Even with a few girls in front of me have a lot of good feelings.

    "I am very glad that you can come and listen to me singing…"

    He rushed to the waiter Zhang, who was looking forward to the sneaky sneaky sneak peek, and said with a smile: "I invite you to have a summer style, please take care, thank you!"

    The summer style is a low-alcoholic mint cocktail, which is best for women, and they won't get drunk.

    The girls all laughed, or were excited or shy, filled with youthful and happy atmosphere.

    A girl in a white dress asked: "Are you called Lu Chen? They said that you are still in college? is that true? ”

    "Come on five summer styles, count my account!"

    Lu Chen took a look at Little Zhang, who had just come over, and it must have been sold by one's own.

    He nodded and replied calmly: "Yes, I am studying at Jianghai University. I will graduate in half a month. Is it your senior?"

    Little Zhang was so guilty of Lu Chen’s eyes and rushed to the bar to get wine.

    The girls looked at each other and said in unison: "The senior is good!"

    One of the girls in the yellow skirt said: "I have been to Jianghai University. I have students studying in the art department there. Maybe you know it. Can the seniors leave a flight number for me?"

    This girl in the yellow skirt is very beautiful. She pursues the public in the university, but she is quite reserved in front of the boys. She has never taken the initiative to contact other boys.

    But she really likes Lu Chen's song. "You at the same table" and "Cinderella" like it. The most important thing is that Lu Chen is handsome and cool, and is the senior of Jianghai University. Naturally, he has a special affection.

    "no problem!"

    Lu Chen quickly agreed to tell one's own flight number.

    The girls have taken action action machines and landed their respective flight numbers on the spot to add Lu Chen as a friend.

    Lu Chen therefore also knows that these girls are all from Beijing Normal University, the white skirt girls Zuo Xintian, the yellow skirt girls leaves, both of whom are sophomores in the Chinese Department of Beijing Normal University.

    Zuo Xin sweet people, as their name suggests, belong to the cute and sweet girl. The leaves are the most outstanding among the five girls regardless of their size or appearance.

    Zuo Xintian asked: "Lin Chen, do you have a full version of the video or audio? Recording is not allowed here, I want to bring it back to more people. ”

    She looked forward to Lu Chen very much.

    Lu Chen said: "This is simple, do you know whale TV?"

    "Whale TV?"

    Zuo Xin sweet eyes brightened and quickly replied: "Of course I know, I am still a bronze member inside!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "That's it. You search for the landlord Lu Fei, the land of the land, the flying fly, you can directly connect to my live broadcast room, there are two video full video addresses, you are welcome to see My live broadcast."

    He is by the way to one's own to pull a few fans.

    "You are still a network anchor!"

    The girls were pleasantly surprised and said that they would definitely come to cheer.

    At this time, Little Zhang sent the prepared cocktail, and Lu Chen said goodbye to the girls.

    When he left, the four girls seemed to have negotiated in advance, and they stared at the leaves.

    "you guys…What are you doing? ”

    The leaves were seen by them inexplicably, and they held a goblet to bite the straw, a very innocent expression.

    The girl sitting opposite her smiled and said: "Come on, is our iceberg goddess so heart-warming, look at this Lu Chen schoolmaster? Be honest and honest, otherwise you will be served on a big sentence! ”

    "What are you talking about!"

    The leaves suddenly became shy, and the pretty face was full of intoxicating blush. He said: "What iceberg goddess, where do I look at Lu Chen, I just like his song a bit, you are moving spring!"

    Zuo Xin sweet fills the knife: "I like songs first, then I like people."

    “I have been to Jianghai University. I have students studying in the art department there, maybe you know it!”

    The opposite girl said with a sigh of relief: "How can the schoolmaster leave a flight number to me?" Ok? ”

    She retelled the words of the leaves, and finally added a long-sounding "Hmm", full of demon!

    Zuo Xintian and others suddenly laughed.

    The girls have forgotten that this is not their own bedroom, but in the bar, their laughter inevitably attracts the strange eyes of many customers around.

    Feeling the strange atmosphere, the girls who realized the problem quickly closed their mouths, and all of them were sitting in danger.

    This made the leaves finally escape the forced catastrophe.

    She really just liked the two songs that Lu Chen sang, but she was joked by her companions. I don’t know how, but there was a little bit of incitement in my heart.

    Is it really a heart?

    The sly face of the leaves was once again shy blushing, and she quickly took a glass of wine and drank a summer scent to conceal one's own thoughts that she thought was ridiculous.

    On the stage, who is singing Love Song?


    When Lu Chen returned to the basement, it was already 10:50 in the evening.

    He did not miss the agreed live broadcast time, and opened the computer to log in to the account of [Whale TV].

    The second live broadcast after signing the platform starts at 23:00!

    This time has passed the prime time of the live broadcast of the network, but it doesn't matter, because Lu Chen has already said goodbye to Chen Jianhao in the bar. From tomorrow, he will push his performance time to 10:30 in the evening.

    In this way, he will be fixed at 7:00 to 10:00 in the live broadcast of [Whale TV] in the future, just 3 hours!

    Although it will be very hard, but in a short time, Lu Chen did not intend to give up any piece, [Whale TV] can make him earn a lot of money and popularity, forget the grass bar can help him expand the circle of contacts, but also There are more opportunities.

    Time As the water flows, Lu Chen returns to the regular life.

    He woke up at 6 o'clock in the morning, went out to run after washing, and tossed one's own until he was weak and then dragged his tired body home. After lunch, he arranged the memory in the dwelling.

    Dinner is going to eat buffet, the price of the buffet is not cheap, but for Lu Chen's growing appetite, it is the most cost-effective, and he can afford it now.

    At 7 o'clock in the evening, work begins!

    In [Whale TV], or in the network anchor industry, Lu Chen is completely new.

    However, his performance in live broadcast is not like a newcomer at all.

    Because Lu Chen can use a clean and transparent sound to play the lyrical folk songs, you can also use a slightly hoarse voice, loud roar, light rock and roll songs, or tell jokes that others have not heard, with humorous and vivid expressions. It’s fun to make fish meal.

    Xu Bo, Mo Ran, Fang Mingyi, Singer, actor, freelance writer, 3rd Rank The experience memory from the dream world, which is displayed in the network by Lu Chen, which makes him have a Charm different from others.

    Don't sell your face, don't fool, don't make people public, don't swear, don't make a third-rate joke…In the fixed 3 hours live broadcast time, Lu Chen always treats the audience and fans seriously.

    attitude decides everything!

    Some people watched Lu Chen's live broadcast. After seeing it, he left no more attention, but more and more people stayed and became the fish meal of Lu Fei's live broadcast. He stayed in front of the computer every day and waited for him to start broadcasting on time. .

    Because everyone likes Lu Chen’s singing, likes the jokes he said, and prefers to interact with him.

    Lu Chen’s popularity in [Whale TV] has also accumulated with time. After the most important fishmeal attention has exceeded 50,000, it has continued to increase for several days, and it has reached 70,000 and 100,000!

    The highest online 150,000+, 3T+ per day, the data is hot!

    Although the growth of popularity has been greatly reduced after the recommendation of newcomers, Lu Chen’s goal has been aimed at the really popular anchors in [Whale TV] – he can replace it!

    Youth is just right, since the water is raging!


I am grateful to the friends of Yuexiashan for their reward.

    Regarding the update, I can only say that I am working hard. (┬_┬)

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