Chapter 37—Powerful Opponent

    For the first time, Lu Chen was called "Teacher."

    Of course, Teacher is not the kind of true teacher who teaches and educates people. It is the nickname of the Senior or the prestigious person in the Entertainment Circle. It is suitable for both men and women, and it is very comfortable and respectful.

    Blue Lotus's Music Carnival has been held many times. It is very influential in the small circle of Houhai. It is not a general generation to go to stage to perform. In contrast, Lu Chen's qualifications are the shallowest.

    So when he heard the name "Teacher," he was really a little embarrassed.

    Ms. Na got up and said, "Da Qin, I have passed."

    She is still worried about Lu Chen. After all, she has to face thousands of spectators this evening. It is to advance to Lu Chen’s support, at least to let Lu Chen know that he is not alone.

    Qin Hanyang hesitated and stood up: "Go and go together, we are all ones!"

    Lu Chen understood their intentions and said with gratitude: "Thank you Qin Ge, thank you Na."

    "Not so polite…"

    Qin Hanyang reached out and patted his shoulder and said: "You have real talent, you should be more confident!"

    Lu Chen nodded silently, Qin Hanyang said yes, he should be more confident!

    With 3d Rank's rich memory of life, he has a spiritual wealth of the world, he is not the original.

    Lu Chen does not have to fear any challenges.

    He couldn't help but look at the Fit Band, which is not far from each other. It is also a coincidence that Cheng Xiaodong, the Xiaodong male lead singer of the Fit Band, just came back and the two men's eyes collided in the air.

    It seems that there is an invisible fire shining!

    Cheng Xiaodong’s lips evoke a smile full of ridicule, and he is very disdainful to leave with his companions.

    Lu Chen was not annoyed and brought up one's own guitar box to the backstage.

    He will use the song to fight back and opponent!

    The backstage of the show is on the left side of the big stage, and is used temporarily by the Singer band. Because the space is not large, it is only up to the time to be named by the on-site staff, and then the staff channel passes.

    When Lu Chen, Na Jie and the band came to the backstage, there were already many people in it.

    It also included the Fit Band that came first, and Cheng Xiaodong saw that Qin Hanyang and others who had just walked in did not take care of themselves and chatted with their companions.

    "Da Qin, Na sister…"

    A 30-year-old jacket man stood up and smiled and said, "Are you coming so early?"

    His body was slender, his cheeks were restrained and his cheeks shook, his eyes were stunned, and his long hair was draped over his shoulders. It was a bit like a fallen artist, and it was common in the painter's village of Songzhuang, Tongzhou.

    Qin Hanyang held his hand and hugged him a bit, then introduced Lu Chen: "This is the big captain of the North Needle Band, Gan Langgan, this is our little brother Lu Chen."

    Lu Chen did not humble and take a take action to the other side: "Hello brother, hello, long-awaited name."

    Gan Lang shook his hand and smiled: "I have seen you in the grass, your two original folk songs are good."

    The lead singer of the North Arrows band actually went to forget the grass and saw Lu Chen singing, so Lu Chen was surprised.

    "Thank you, please ask Gan Da Ge a lot!"

    "I can't say anything, I don't have the ability to do original things…"

    Gan Lang asked seriously: "Small land, are you ready to sing those two songs this evening?"

    Lu Chen shook his head and said: "No."

    "now it's right!"

    Gan Lang relieved: "The style of your two folk songs is not suitable for the scene, and it is better for others."

    Lu Chen smiled and said nothing.

    His mind is very keen and he can hear the meaning contained in the other's words.

    The big-character character perhaps of the North Arrows band is straightforward, but under the generous surface, he is deeply arrogant. He bluntly reminds Lu Chen that he is not really thinking about Lu Chen, but he does not want to win too simple.

    Or is it too easy to step on?

    Gan Lang chatted with Na, and Cheng Xiaodong glanced at Lu Chen with gloating.

    Lu Chen quietly found a position in the corner of the backstage and took out the guitar of one's own to start tuning.

    There was warm applause and cheers from outside, and the performance of the previous band was coming to an end.

    The on-site staff came in and let the Fit Band get ready to play.

    Cheng Xiaodong immediately squatted and jumped two times in the same place. A shiny jewelry screamed.

    "Brothers, let's go!"

    When he left, he looked at Lu Chen again, his eyes were full of provocative looks.

    The appearance of the Fit Band caused quite a stir at the scene.

    Dozens of boys and girls held a fluorescent card with the words "Fei" and "Cheng Xiaodong". They were called and jumped in the crowd. They shouted at each other's names and excitedly seemed to be crying.

    Cheng Xiaodong held the electric guitar with his right hand and raised his left hand with a big card. He waved at the fans and said, "Good evening everyone, I am very happy to be able to participate in the performance of Light Blue Night. I am Cheng Xiaodong of the Fit Band!"

    "Cheng Cheng! Cheng Cheng! Cheng Cheng! ”

    Many teenage fans screamed loudly, desperately waving the light stick in their hands.

    "This Fit Band seems to be very popular?"

    On the VIP seat on the top of the Blue Lotus Bar, Dong Yu whispered to Su Xiaomei, who was sitting next to one's own: "Did you ever think about dig them over?"

    The time created by Light Rain Media is very short, and the work of recruiting artists has always been done by Su Xiaomei.

    Su lightly said: "The Fit Band has already dug up other companies. The conditions for the other party are much stronger than ours. I will give up if the price is too high."

    Dong Yu nodded and said that he understood.

    The development route she set for Light Rain Media is stable. It is not necessary to step into the sky and slowly lay a solid foundation. It is necessary to accumulate enough experience and Strength to plot out.

    So at the beginning, they would not spend too much to sign new people.

    There are many people sitting around Su Guangmei and Dong Yu. Both Chang Wei and Chen Jianhao are there. Others are celebrities in the circle, such as entertainment company executives, Music website editors, songwriters and occupations. The critics and so on, the lineup of the ceremony is quite powerful.

    Chang Wei turned his head and smiled at Chen Jianhao: "Old Chen, after the Fit Band sang, it was your turn to the land."

    Chen Jianhao smiled bitterly: "The oldest boss, who arranged this order?"

    Chen Jianhao's old Jiang Hu for many years, how can't you see the tricks in the order? Previously, I just refused to say it. Now that Chang Wei mentioned it, he took the opportunity to shake it out and ask for it.

    He believes that Chang Wei will not do such a thing.

    Chang Wei haha ​​smiled and said: "Well, I have to ask your own family, I can't manage it."

    Although there is speculation in my heart, but now I get real confirmation, Chen Jianhao still feels dumbfounded.

    Su Xiaomei is his cousin, isn’t he a family member?

    Chang Wei understands his feelings and in turn comforts: "In fact, small things, young people are more tempered."

    Chen Jianhao is speechless.

    At this moment on the stage, the Fit Band just performed a famous rap song.

    Cheng Xiaodong sang and jumped very hard, he easily provoked the emotions of the audience, sparked a wave of cheers, showing his talent and strength.

    The lead singer licked his hair and raised his electric guitar high. He said loudly: "The song below is dedicated to all audiences. Its name is transcendence, let us surpass ourselves!"

    His voice just fell, and the cheers and shouts that sounded under the stage suddenly increased by dozens of decibels!

    "Cheng Cheng!"

    Several female fans excitedly squeezed out the crowd and wanted to rush to the stage, and the result was stopped by the on-site security guard.

    Cheng Xiaodong put down the electric guitar, bowed his head and bowed his body, and his fingers slammed on the steel strings.

    A fierce prelude sounds!


    Sitting in the background of the show, Qin Hanyang and Na sister look at each other in dismay, they all saw surprise in each other's eyes.

    "Beyond" is a very classic rock and roll song. It used to be a big hit in the 1990s, but its singing is very difficult. Especially the high-pitched part has made many coverrs sing to death. The degree of adjustment can not be sung.

    Cheng Xiaodong actually dared to challenge "Beyond" on the spot, which is undoubtedly very confident.

    The two could not help but feel worried about Lu Chen.

    His opponent is very powerful!

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