Chapter 33—The Provocation of Xiaochao Men

    The so-called VIP area is actually the open-air balcony outside the middle and upper floors of the bar. A row of ten tables with parasols is placed, which can overlook the entire parking lot. The position of the line of sight is undoubtedly the best.

    It’s really not too comfortable to sit here and watch the show on the tiptoe.

    The blue lotus provides the VIP position for Lu Chen very well, on the 5th table near the center, but the waiter who brought them up said that because there are too many guests, they need to fight with others and not enjoy it.

    Whether it is Lu Chen or Li Feiyu, there is no opinion on this.

    After the waiter left, Li Feiyu sat in one's own position, holding the handle of the soft chair and twisting his body, then took a sip of the minted water that had just been sent.

    He narrowed his eyes and looked at the stage underneath the busy preparations. The expression was cool and cool!

    The luggage that Lu Chen will bring is opened, and items such as a tripod and a computer are taken out from the inside.

    "Let me come!"

    Li Feiyu was cool enough to put the empty cup on the table and jumped up immediately.

    The preparation for outdoor live broadcast is very simple. Connect the camera, microphone and filter to the laptop. The former is fixed on the tripod. It is OK to choose the angle of shooting and pickup.

    No need for professional skills, open the computer and connect to the free Wifi in the bar. In just a few minutes, you can log in to the live broadcast room of [Whale TV].

    "The hole is a hole, I am a hole, hear it, please answer!"

    Li Feiyu imitated the voice of the protagonist of the military drama, and snarled into the microphone in a serious way: "Please answer!"

    He shouted three times in one breath and finally reacted on the screen.

    "Hear, pig!"

    "I am going, who is this? Voice is hard to hear. ”

    "Terrorist magic!"

    "what? How do you now live broadcast broadcast, not to say live broadcast music night at 7 o'clock? ”

    "It looks like a test, I see the stage, the scene is very big!"

    "Luo Fei is big? Where did the anchor go? ”

    "Yeah yeah…"

    Li Feiyu laughed and twisted the camera at Lu Chen.

    "Hey ~ everyone wants the anchor, our Lu Fei is coming, everyone welcomes!"

    Lu Chenhehe waved his hand at the camera and said, "Hello everyone, I am Lu Fei, now it is a test device, live broadcast is still at 7 o'clock in the evening, remember not to miss it!"

    The number of fishmeal attentions in Lufei's live broadcast has exceeded 120,000. There are not many people online, but after seeing Lu Chen, everyone is very enthusiastic, and a barrage is quickly brushed out.

    In addition to the greetings, everyone is most concerned about the live broadcast of this situation.

    Lu Chen patiently answered their questions, saying that one's own will definitely perform on stage. As for what songs to sing, it will need to be kept secret for the time being, and it will definitely give you a surprise.

    "I am looking forward to it, is it new song?"

    "Actually, I still want to listen to you at the same table. I can't listen to it!"

    "Cinderella! Cinderella! Cinderella! Cinderella! Cinderella! Cinderella! ”

    "The screen is shameful, Lu Fei is greatly keep it up!"

    "Don't say it, I canceled my date with my girlfriend at night, just wait for Lu Shuai to go on stage!"

    "Is your girlfriend not a five girls? Anyway, I have to bring it. ”


    The floor has lost o()<))o唉!

    After chatting for a few minutes, I saw that the operation was normal. Lu Chen said goodbye to the fishmeal and met at 7 o'clock in the evening.

    "Li Ge, let's go eat!"

    Lu Chen looked at the time just after 5 o'clock, so he closed the computer and said: "I invite you to eat sirloin on the pedestrian street. It tastes great!"

    Li Feiyu swallowed his mouth and touched his belly and said, "It’s a bit hungry. Let’s go, what about the computer?”

    Lu Chen said inadvertently: "Put it here, no one will steal it, there is no important information in it?"

    The laptop is Li Feiyu, and it has been used for many years. White is given to those who can occupy a seat in the VIP area. I am afraid that the other party will be dirty. As for the microphone camera, let alone.

    Li Feiyu sneered: "There is a lot of important information, 500G files, the loss is really big!"

    Lu Chen was speechless, and he took the wretched guy and left the bar.

    After eating the fragrant claypot rice and returning to the blue lotus, it is almost 6 o'clock.

    At this time, the sky gradually darkened and the lights lit up, but the number was small.

    Inside the performance venue, there were at least a thousand spectators gathered in the small plastic stools provided by the bar. Many of them were paired couples, whispering each other and letting a group of single dogs eyes linger.

    The MV is being played on the big screen of the stage, the Voice is very lightly adjusted, and there are still few busy staff.

    In the bar, the band and Singer who participated in the performance came a lot, chatting, greeting and drinking.

    Lu Chen found the location of one's own, and the band and Na sister still did not appear.

    Instead, there is more paper on the desktop, and the black-and-white title should be a schedule for evening performances.

    He did not care, said to Li Feiyu: "Li Ge, you go up first, what do you want to drink, it is my account, the live broadcast at night depends on you!"

    "Do not worry!"

    Li Feiyu patted his chest and said: "If you can't make a 5T reward, the brothers will come to see you!"

    Lu Chen dumbfounded and sent away the guy who loves to play treasure.

    He sat down in position and reached for the form sheet resting on the table.

    Blue Lotus's Music Carnival show, in addition to sending the Singer of the bar, will also invite peers to participate.

    The show was not pre-rehearsed, the performance time was arranged according to the number of bands and Singer, and the scene was not repaired. Singer could also sing without plugging in, relying on the strength of one's own to win the audience's applause.

    Because Chang Wei is willing to save money and has a wide network of contacts, the Blue Lotus Music Carnival Night is getting bigger and bigger, and even invites the famous Singer to participate. Every time there are people in the circle, there are many entertainment media. The company's executive director.

    Therefore, the order of appearance of the performance is very important. Lu Chen wants to see one's own in the first to go on stage.

    He just picked up the form and suddenly four or five young people came over.

    Leading the young man in the age of 20, about 1.6 meters in the head, he cut the popular fashion of the men in the moment, the skin is white and handsome, the left ear is also wearing diamond earrings, eyes squinting nose.

    When the little tidal man walked, the bottom of the foot was like a spring, hopping, and then the denim jacket with the metal piece slammed, and a large silver-plated chain hangs from the waist to the hem.

    He stood in front of Lu Chen, chewing gum in his mouth and asked, "Are you forgetting the grass?"

    Lu Chen didn't like the aggressive rudeness of the other side, so he didn't stand up and nodded faintly.

    "Is Lu Chen right?"

    Xiaochao male showed a sly smile and said: "I heard that your guitar is playing well, people are still very proud. Now it looks really true. Do you know buddies?"

    Lu Chen stood up without hesitation and said, "How do you know, don't know?"

    Lu Chen does not like to cause trouble, but he will never be afraid.

    Although I don’t know why the other party is going to provoke him, it’s ridiculous for him to swallow!

    Xiaochao suddenly got a shock and instinctively stepped back two steps.

    Lu Chen's height is more than 1.8 meters, he has an absolute advantage in height, and this time to his unremitting exercise, although he has not yet trained the muscles of strong men, but also has a strength and momentum.

    Both sides face the embarrassment, Lu Chen completely crushed opponent!

    I noticed that Lu Chen’s face looked like a smile, and realized that one’s own Lucy’s Xiao Chao was very upset and shouted: “What? Do you want to challenge? ”

    Several of the partners who followed him showed a bad look.

    Lu Chen smiled lightly and said: "challenge? If you are outside, I am always there, not here! ”

    Here is the Blue Lotus Bar, the site of Chang Wei’s boss.

    Who dares to do it here?

    "Calculate your understanding!"

    Many people around me noticed the movement here and looked over. Xiaochao male did not dare to continue to make trouble, and sighed fiercely: "We are walking, when you cry!"

    He left with his companion, and suddenly walked back a few steps, raising his hand and making a throat gesture to Lu Chen!

    This little boy!

    Lu Chen laughed all the time, who's home?

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