Chapter 39—In the Spring

    Lu Chen never thought about it.

    One day, he was able to stand in such a place and sing to so many audiences.

    The bright beam of the spotlight hit the body, and Lu Chen’s heart was surprisingly calm.

    Unsettled, it is [Whale TV] Lu Fei live broadcast between 150,000+ online fishmeal!

    "Lu Fei has played a lot!"

    "I saw!"

    "I am so excited! so excited! so excited! so excited! So excited! ”

    "The anchor keep it up, we support you, always support!"

    "The anchor forformable might…"

    As a live host, Li Feiyu did not go to the screen at all.

    He curled up his body, staring at the direction of the stage, his eyes wide open, his right hand clenched his fist and pressed one's own mouth, as if something was going to spew out, and only then could it be restrained.

    Tension, incomparable tension, as if standing there at the moment is his one's own!

    Li Feiyu's location is 3.5 meters above. In the top VIP area, those in the circle are still talking about the performance that the Fit Band has just finished. They expressed their appreciation and recognition to Cheng Xiaodong's singing. The evaluation is that all the bands that have played so far are Singer. The highest.

    Su Xiaomei didn't care, she took Dong Yu's hand and said: "The kid is on the scene, you wait for the show!"

    Her mouth was smiling and she was very charming, like a fox aiming at a chicken.

    Dong Yu dumbfounded: "Are you ashamed? Even if he sings badly, what can you get? Export gas? ”

    "Sister Yu, is this Miss superficial?"

    Su Guangmei said proudly: "I am attacking him. I want him to be aware of the identity of one's own, and then I will sign him to train, because only those who have experienced setbacks will appreciate it!"

    Dong Yu is speechless.

    Su Xiaomei actually wants to say that she is not only prepared to give Lu Chen the appetizer.

    The real big meal is behind!

    The scene quickly quieted down. The craze that was originally set by the Fit Band and Cheng Xiaodong quickly subsided. More than 2,000 spectators looked at Lu Chen, who was carrying the guitar to go on stage, either surprised or curious, or confused or wondered.

    The performers who appeared in front of Lu Chen were all in groups, either a complete band or a Singer with a band accompaniment. No one like him brought the ordinary acoustic guitar to the stage.

    Is Lu Chen ready to play Love Song or folk songs?

    Is the kind of soft and incompetent song matched with the atmosphere of the scene?

    How much courage to let him dare to stand in front of everyone?

    Many viewers felt that one's own emotion was destroyed, and there was some dissatisfaction. There was even a buzz in the crowd.

    Although most of the audience is still very good, at least they will not smash before Lu Chen sings, but only the buzz of three or four people sounds extraordinarily harsh.

    Invisible, it gave tremendous pressure to the people standing on the stage!

    Lu Chen didn't pay any attention. He said to the microphone: "Good evening everyone, I am Lu Chen from the grass, I brought you my original work. This song is the first time in public. Sing."

    "It's called, In the Spring!"

    Original works? First time singing? In the Spring?

    The audience at the scene was a bit confusing, and the amount of information was a bit too big.

    Lu Chen did not explain it again, and the prelude played cleanly.

    The moment the steel string was moved, his eyes looked at the void of I'm free, and the dark eyes seemed to have a flame jump.

    Countless memories emerged in Lu Chen’s mind, which is the memory of Xu Bo.

    In the middle of the flames, it turned into an endless vicissitudes of life, and a deep hoarse voice screamed out!

    "Remember the spring many years ago,

I didn’t cut my long hair at that time.

No credit card or her,

There is no home for 24 hours of hot water.

    But I was so happy at the beginning,

Although there is only one broken acoustic guitar,

On the street, under the bridge, in the fields,

Sing the songs that nobody cares about!


    The beginning of the melody is very soothing, is to tell people about the story of the past, with a little bit of vicissitudes and nostalgia, nostalgia for the time that will never be forgotten.

    However, when everyone thought it was a nostalgic folk song, the rhythm of the song suddenly increased, and the piano sounded!

    "If one day, I have nothing to do with it.

Please leave me there, in Era!

    If one day, I will leave quietly.

    Please bury me, this In the Spring! ”


    Suddenly, the heartbreaking shackles are so strong that there is no added feeling, just like the artillery fire on the battlefield, bombarding everyone’s heart with lightning speed, letting them shudder to the scalp!

    Really touched the soul!

    But the song at this time is back to the rhythm of the previous melody.

    "Remember those lonely springs,

I didn’t have a beard at the time.

No Valentine's Day and no gifts,

Without my lovely little princess,

But I think everything is not so bad,

Although I only have a fantasy of love,

In the early morning, at night, in the wind,

Sing the songs that nobody cares about!


    The people who were previously caught off guards finally woke up and excited.

    Everyone present was the first to hear this song. It is reasonable to say that a new song is hard to resonate with the audience. Many good songs need to be listened to several times to hear the true taste.

    But this is not the case with "In the Spring". It is not complicated in terms of melody or lyrics. There is no place to understand. The hot, vicissitudes and nostalgia that it contains are so true. Touching people, people can't resist!

    Everyone understood, understood, and was impressed.

    People are impressed, not because of the sadness contained in the lyrics, but because of the loss of the soul, the entanglement of emotions, the embarrassment that is lost afterwards, and the frustration that the past era has been unable to recover.


"Maybe one day, I have nothing to do with it.

Please leave me there, in Era!

    If one day, I will leave quietly.

Please bury me in this In the Spring,

In the Spring ~"

The whole scene was completely quiet. Only the accompaniment of the guitar and the song of Lu Chen were echoing. The harsh snoring sounds had already disappeared, and people thought it was ridiculous.

    The biggest impact of this song is not more than 2,000 spectators, but the Singers who performed on the same stage as Lu Chen.

    They come from the north and the south, and many people come to Beijing for the pursuit of the ideal of Music. They are eager to become famous, eager to be appreciated, and eager to be the target of great attention.

    However, the reality is always so cruel. When ideals are replaced by the need to survive, and youth disappears, there is no gain. They gradually become numb, no longer stick to their beliefs, forget their original intentions, and become accustomed to it.

    Until now, I heard Lu Chen’s "In the Spring", the deep shackles hidden in their hearts, so that layers of blood were torn open, and I could not understand the pain.

    How can such a song be sung by Lu Chen! !

    He is so young, he is just a newcomer, he…

    At the doorstep of the performance, Qin Hanyang and Na sister stood side by side, the former's face rose red, the body was shaking slightly, the latter's eyes were filled with crystal tears, biting the lips with teeth.

    Inside, the people in the North Arrows band were all silent, and Gan Lang sat as if he had been petrified.

    He feels that one's own is very sad.

    Cheng Xiaodong stopped in the employee channel and looked very ugly.

    On the ground floor of the Blue Lotus Bar, both Singer and the band members who have already been out of the game or waiting to play, all spontaneously flocked to the large floor-to-ceiling windows, looking at the stage through the glass, like a pilgrimage!

    Because they know that they are witnessing the birth of a classic!

    No one spoke in the middle and upper VIP areas.

    At this moment, there is no need to say anything more, just listen to the song.

    "If one day, I quietly leave, please bury me, in this In the Spring, In the Spring ~"

"Gazed at the spring of the moment, still like the warmth of that time…"

    The song is dying, and the emotions still exist, as if the spring never left.


Note: "In the Spring" word / song: Wang Feng.

    PS: I am used to writing the climax first. If I feel that it is not refreshing, I will try to be as simple as possible.

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