Chapter 32 Blue Lotus Bar

    On Saturday, May 22, it was sunny.

    The sky seems to have just been washed, it is incredibly clean, and there is no white cloud on the pure blue screen, which is very unreal.

    Even if Beijing has vigorously rectified the environment to eliminate pollution in the past few years, it has long since rid of the nickname of "Yudu". Such a blue sky is rare in the weekdays, and people's mood can't help but relax.

    Although not in the hottest season, the girls in the city have already put on the beautiful midsummer costumes, the short skirts on the street fluttering, and they show their long legs and youth.

    "Great morning!"

    Li Feiyu rushed over with a leather box for gasping for breath, and headed for Lu Chen, who was standing on the side of the road to enjoy the scenery: "Let's go, go to the night and say no place to be occupied!"

    "Da Chen" is the new name of Xiao Fei Fei's classmates to Lu Chen. He used to be a "big singer", "small land" and "brother". Now he considers that Lu Chen’s identity is different, so he passed him. After careful consideration, I finally finalized this name that I think is very connotative.

    According to Li Feiyu, people with identity are "big" or "grand" characters. Lu Chen can't reach the level of "Ye" for the time being, but "big" is no problem, and it won't make people call. Give it a small look.

    Lu Chen, Lu Chen, called the mainland is not nice, it is easy to misunderstand, so it is called the morning.

    Lu Chen is dumbfounded on this, but Li Feiyu's mouth is the mouth of sales. The mouth of the sale is said to be one of the seven weapons in the workplace. He can only do anything because he can say it.

    "I have said it three times, our position is fixed…"

    Lu Chen is helpless: "It won't be taken away by others. It's really a bit early now."

    Tonight, the Blue Lotus Bar in Houhai will hold the Music Carnival Night. The title sponsored by Light Rain Media Co., Ltd. is said to have made a big scale. It is the most grand one in history and invites many insiders.

    Lu Chen was also inviting Singer. When the blue lotus people asked him what he asked for, he thought about the need for a VIP seat, and hoped that Blue Lotus could allow him to live live broadcast on the Music night scene. .

    That's right, the program of Lu Fei's live broadcast tonight is the light blue Music night!

    This idea came into being when Chen Jianhao told Lu Chen to invite the news. Nowadays, the content of the live broadcast of the Internet is becoming more and more abundant. Every day, sitting in front of the computer, playing and speaking, the fans are very easy to be aesthetically tired, so it is necessary to make something new. The tricks come out.

    The light blue Music night that he will perform on stage is undoubtedly an excellent gimmick!

    In order to achieve the goal, Lu Chen did not hesitate to show the blue lotus person the reward for the performance.

    He believes that the fishmeal's reward is enough to make up for the loss.

    However, there is really a lot of work there, not only agreeing with Lu Chen’s request, but also paying a lot of rewards!

    Blue Lotus's Music Carnival Night is never forbidden to record, and even the live video is actively put on the network for others to watch, in order to enhance the influence of the event.

    So Lu Chen successfully got a VIP seat. In this position, he did not sit on one's own and gave Li Feiyu.

    Because there is a need for someone to help with live broadcast, Xiao Fei Fei is naturally the most suitable and only candidate.

    After Li Feiyu knew it, it was simply not fun, and he began to prepare for it two days in advance.

    In fact, the outdoor network live broadcast is very simple, can be completed with a 4G smart cell phone, Li Feiyu is not sloppy, in addition to the ready-made high-definition camera and high-quality microphone, he also purchased a matching tripod , camera boxes, filters, and so on.

    Of course, these things must be paid by Lu Chen, and they will still be used in the future.

    "Hurry up early, go early and go early!"

    Li Feiyu said with a smile: "I have already heard people say Blue Lotus's Music Carnival Night, very lively, Xiaomei has been, this time I was a VIP live broadcast broadcast to her, she said at night during our live broadcast Look!"

    He said that he danced his eyes and unconsciously revealed his tail.

    Lu Chen asked curiously: "Is Xiaomei not resigned? Do you still have contact with her? ”

    Xiaomei is the front desk of Li Feiyu's 4S shop. People are eager to pursue the public. Li Feiyu is one of the secret lovers.

    Speaking of Li Feiyu playing live broadcast, it is because of the influence of Xiaomei, the latter opened live broadcast. It is said that the monthly earning tens of thousands, even the work of 4S shop is not going to do it again, when the professional live broadcast.

    "Don't mention it!"

    Li Feiyu said with regret: "Xiaomei's live broadcast violation was blocked, and she did not resign."

    Although it was a very regrettable tone, but his face did not have a little regret, but he was very happy.

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded and didn't say much.

    Xiaomei, who has never met, is obviously not a good match, but Li Feiyu likes it, and he doesn't say much.

    "taxi !"

    Li Feiyu waved and stopped a taxi that had just passed.

    The two men rushed to Houhai together. Beijing's taxi driver was not unfamiliar with the piece of land. After speaking the address, he was very slippery and pulled to the parking lot outside the Blue Lotus Bar.

    The predecessor of the Blue Lotus Bar was a small factory in the street. Later, after the transformation of the city, the current pattern was formed. In front of the bar is a bustling pedestrian street, followed by a rugged artificial lake.

    Unlike the Forgetting Grass Bar, all the parking lots in the Blue Lotus Bar are connected to a two-lane asphalt road, so it is very convenient to enter and exit. No matter whether it is usual or a holiday, there is no empty seat at night, and the business is not good.

    The most enviable thing is that a big house, together with a larger parking lot, the land ownership is bought early by the owner of the Blue Lotus Bar, Chang Wei. If he wash his hands and sell the industry, he will not spend all his life. !

    However, Chang Wei has never had such an idea. He has been operating the one's own bar with great care. He is a man of arrogance. The people in the industry circle say that they all have thumbs up.

    Music Carnival Night is the beginning of 7 o'clock in the evening. It is not here at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Many people have come as early as the two. They have Lu Chen's counterparts, but more are still audiences.

    The venue and the stage have been arranged, and there are many backgrounds in lighting, sound and LED giant screens. Many staff members are busy making final commissioning work and maintaining order.

    At the intersection, Li Feiyu’s eyes were straight: “Shit, this is the concert scene!”

    The area of ​​the parking lot is large enough, even if it is part of the stage, it is no problem to accommodate two or three thousand spectators. The whole Houhai has the strength to hold such a large-scale event.

    "Do you want to come to the show?"

    A field worker came over and asked very politely.


    Lu Chen took out one's own identity card and VIP ticket to check the other party. The Blue Lotus Music Carnival has been held for many times, and has been done very regularly. There is no ID card or the audience ticket can not enter.

    He even noticed that a blue and white police car was parked not far away, which should be sent by the local police station.

    After the staff checked the card, they said, "Please come with me."

    Under the leadership of the other party, Lu Chen and Li Feiyu walked through the parking lot and entered the blue lotus bar.

    The layout of the Blue Lotus Bar is undoubtedly more luxurious than the atmosphere of forgetting the grass. The length of the wave-shaped bar is more than twice that of the latter. The wine rack is full of dazzling drinks, one hanging upside down. The glass shines in the light of the light.

    The bar is divided into upper, middle and lower floors. The T-shaped performance stage is very international. The background of the giant screen is at least 500 feet. The various lighting and sound equipments that are cleverly arranged are amazing.

    Due to the activities held in the evening, the inside is not open, and the ground floor hall is used as a temporary backstage, and different blocks are used for Singer and the band who come to perform.

    The location of the Forgetful Grass Bar is on the right side of the bar, and the three wine tables are used to grow the table. The area is not small.

    In the evening, it is not only Lu Chen, but the band members and Na sisters have not yet arrived. The Singer of other bars is not too much.

    After Lu Chen put the guitar one's own, he and Li Feiyu went up to the VIP area on the second floor.

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