The thirty-eighth chapter will never give up!

    "Beyond the light!"

    "Beyond electricity!"

    "Beyond everything!"

    Cheng Xiaodong's singing, accompanied by the passionate music, continued to impact the eardrum of everyone.

    His Voice is sharp and sharp, with a penetrating Strength straight into the sky, and this classic rock and roll "Beyond" is a different taste, especially in the most difficult high-pitched parts, whether it is breath conversion or detail processing. The lead singer of the Fit Band is well equipped.

    If you don't listen to it and see it with your own eyes, it's hard to imagine that Xiaoxiao's body can actually make such a "golden" voice, Cheng Xiaodong's singing talent is beyond doubt.

    More than 2,000 spectators at the scene were excited by his singing. With no light sticks in their hands, everyone waved their arms and jumped up and screamed with the rhythm of Music!

    After listening to the previous two paragraphs, people who understand Music understand that Cheng Xiaodong chose this rock and roll music for no reason. He should have invited Expert to re-arrange the "Beyond" to make the song more suitable for one's own The sound line and singing requirements are equivalent to taking shortcuts.

    However, this shortcut is very clever and very pleasing to the people, and can be seen from the reaction of the audience.

    The Fit Band is obviously a band with great ideas and abilities, and Cheng Xiaodong’s strength is unexpected.

    They are popular in the circle, it makes sense!

    But the stronger the performance of the Fit Band, the more pressure on Lu Chen in the next go on stage!

    This point, many people at the scene are well aware.

    For example, sitting in the top of the bar in the VIP area of ​​Su Xiaomei, her eyes flashed with radiant radiance.

    The Qin Hanyang and Na sisters in the backstage of the performance were all silent. The latter was secretly worried about Lu Chen, who had been sitting in the corner. She was afraid that Lu Chen could not adapt to the climax atmosphere set by the Fit Band and Cheng Xiaodong after playing on the morning, and then lost the proper The level has been completely stepped on.

    The same thing happened before on the Music Carnival night.

    Singer and Singer, the competition between the band and the band, has never been warm and tender!

    And Gan Lang, who is in the background, sits steadily and has a relaxed face.

    The North Arrows band he represented will play after Lu Chen. The first is to avoid the direct collision with the Fit Band. There is Lu Chen's bedding in front of him. There are no shortage of people and three kinds of things. There is no reason to be crushed.

    The most important thing is that Gan Lang has a trump card.

    The Fit Band performed the "Beyond" performance, and Cheng Xiaodong sang even better. After all, this is just the old song of the first 20 years ago. It is a classic that everyone is familiar with.

    Covering the classics is easy to resonate, but everyone will get used to thinking that singing is good, there will be no big surprises and emotions, more nostalgic emotions.

    The trump card of the North Arrows band is two new songs that were written by famous artists two months ago. Gan Lang took the team members to rehearse for a long time and was ready to make a blockbuster this evening!

    One of the songs has been audited by people in the industry and is considered to be eligible to hit the annual top 100 hits. This song will also refer to the work of the North Needle band joining Light Rain Media.

    Gan Lang is full of confidence!

    In contrast, in the [Whale TV] Lu Fei live broadcast room, a lot of fishmeal is not very calm.

    "I am going to go, this is so powerful?"

    "Beyond the difficulty of singing, he sang very well, and we have a lot of pressure on Lu Fei."

    "The anchor is playing in the back?"

    "Yeah, the ranking order has been announced, and the next step is for our anchor to play!"

    "That's very difficult to do, the anchor of the folk songs, is not suitable for the scene here?"

    "How are you guys like this?" We have to believe that Lu Fei is big and greatly keep it up! ”

    "I remember that the previous anchor said that I want to sing new song, I hope new song can do it."

    "In any case, I support Lu Fei greatly…"

The online popularity between live broadcasts has reached 100,000+. There are many people who know how to do this. They quickly see the problem and say one's own concern.

    Someone else did not know, and they understood it under their reminder, so the whole rhythm was taken.

    Originally because Lu Chen was about to be excited, he quickly turned into a repressed worry. Everyone didn't want to see one's own favorite anchor being stepped on the foot, and even the fish ball rewards disappeared.

    Seeing such a situation, Li Feiyu of the on-site Host rushed to sweat on his forehead.

    Before Lu Chen played, he did not have any way to reverse the current situation. He could only encourage everyone to support Lu Chen over and over again. Please have confidence in Lu Chen.

    The effect is not big.

    System System Notification: Call me Li Bai (Silver III) to give an anchor to an aircraft carrier!

    System System Notification: Call me Li Bai (Silver III) to give an anchor to an aircraft carrier!

    System System Notification: Call me Li Bai (Silver III) to give an anchor to an aircraft carrier!

    At this time, three eye-catching System System Notifications popped up on the screen, and three prestigious aircraft carriers lined up in front of the audience of all live broadcasts. Domineering is simply not necessary.

    The negative atmosphere in the live broadcast of Lu Fei was instantly crushed into powder by three aircraft carriers, and the smoke disappeared!

    "Long live Li Bai!"Tuhao formidable might! ”

    Then habitually a large wave of seeking to hug the leg to raise the barrage, all kinds of worship, so most of the audience's attention has been diverted, and not many people pay attention to the performance of the Fit Band.

    Call me Li Bai: "Lu Shuai will win, Lu Jiajun will never give up!"

    "Never say no!"

    The same barrage captures the entire screen in an instant, so if you want to see the live broadcast screen, you can only cancel the barrage or put the barrage on top, otherwise it will be a piece of white!

    Never give up!

    This is the slogan of Lu Jiajun. Now the size of Lu Jiajun has expanded tenfold. The first 5,000 people are full, and two new groups have been opened.

    The army is going out, and the grass is not born!

    Li Feiyu said with excitement: "On behalf of Lu Fei, I would like to thank Li Bai, the chief of staff, and thank all the members of Lu Jiajun. I also believe that our Lu Fei will definitely not lose to others. Lu Jiajun will never give up!"

    He couldn't help but clench his fists and look at the big stage in front.

    In the morning, you must work hard!

    On the stage, Cheng Xiaodong is ending a one's own singing with a high dolphins.

    This ending is obviously Cheng Xiaodong's own's own plus, is to show off the sound is also in the show, no suspense to push the mood of the audience to the peak!

    After the 20-second voice ended, he once again licked his already wet hair and said coolly: "Thank you, tonight is yours, let us continue to pick it up!"


    Countless spectators shouted loudly and cheered and cheered.

    Seeing that the effect was so perfect, Cheng Xiaodong smiled smugly, holding the electric guitar to the audience slightly bent down, then turned and left the stage.

    "Cheng Cheng! Cheng Cheng, sing another song! ”

    Many female fans screamed desperately, and some even cried, as if they had lost the most beloved thing.

    After the performance of the Fit Band, it was the turn of Lu Chen.

    Sister Na gave him a big hug: "keep it up, we support you!"

    Qin Hanyang also patted his shoulder: "Sing well!"

    Lu Chen nodded, then strode out the backstage with the guitar and set foot on the stage leading to the stage.

    It was just at this time that Cheng Xiaodong came down with the members of the Fit Band. The little tidal man held his head up like a king who was triumphantly triumphant. He had just received the worship of thousands of subjects, and his spirit was so powerful!

    He saw Lu Chen alone to go to the stage of the stage, the lips squinted and showed a proud smile, and stood still.

    Lu Chen set foot on two steps, and the position of Cheng Xiaodong was two levels worse, but he was able to look at each other.

    Noticing that Cheng Xiaodong was full of provocative and proud eyes, Lu Chen said to him a little bit: "Sing well!"

    Cheng Xiaodong dismissed his mouth and licked his mouth. There was no point to let the position open.

    Lu Chen smiled lightly and leaned over from the left side of Cheng Xiaodong. He did not compete with each other.

    This little trick has no effect on the current Lu Chen!

    On the stage, he heard a clear sneer from the members of the Fit Band behind one's own.

    Lu Chen looked the same, stepping on the steady and powerful pace, came to the front of the microphone.

    Then face more than 2,000 spectators!


Ask for Ahhhhhh ~ (screaming)

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