Chapter 317 Explosion

    The 300 square meter Advanced apartment is of super-luxury class, the size of the ordinary villa, the space of the upper and lower floors is very large, of course, the master bedroom is no exception, with the bathroom and cloakroom, the adjacent room is decorated into a study, even the computer They are all ready-made.

    Chen Feier was very careful. Although the house that originally belonged to her did not live much, she still left a lot of traces of living, and specially changed the items such as sheets and quilts, so that the bedroom does not look like a boudoir.

    Just on the bedside table, there is a photo of her.

    This song is like a child who is selling one's own treasured toy. He took Lu Chen and turned the three rooms upstairs. At the end, he asked, "I like it?"

    Lu Chen hugged her and smiled. "Like, it means that one person lives too big and is empty."

    Chen Feier said: "You can let Lu Xijie come and live together, as well as Auntie and Lu Xue. In the future, Lu Xue can come to Beijing to study, even if the results are not enough, he can read a good university."

    Lu Chen sighed: "They won't come, but you still have one less person…"

    Chen Feier wondered: "Who?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Do you not feel that there is a female host in this family?"

    Chen Feier suddenly understood, and the pretty face flew red: "What is that about me?"

    Lu Chen revealed the color of thinking and said: "You said that if I turn you into the door, then the 30 million that owe you can not be paid?"

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "I want to be beautiful, I regret to let you staging, and pay back the money!"

    Lu Chen finally exposed his face. He crushed Chen Feier on a soft big bed and said evilly: "I regret it late, now that you are in my hands, even if you break your throat, no one will save you. It!"

    Chen Feier called: "Help!"

    Pressing her graceful body, sniffing the charming fragrance, listening to her soft and charming "call for help" sound, Lu Chen can no longer hold the heart of the fire, and kissed it deeply.

    The atmosphere in the room suddenly became very incomparable.

    And when the two were mad at the fun, Chen Feier’s wave blog commentary area exploded!

    Chen Feier’s fans in the Inspur blog have more than 20 million fans. Usually, one of her blog posts is tens of thousands of comments that are forwarded by hundreds of thousands. After the broadcast of “Blue Life and Death”, it is a large number of Philippine fans. There are more and more people who are concerned about the movement of the song world.

    Therefore, this blog post titled "Meeting" was released and immediately caught the attention of countless fans.

    When the fans clicked on this blog post and found that the content inside was neither Chen Feier's selfie photo, or the work itinerary sharing, or the life feelings, or something, it was actually Lu Chen's self-singing video.

    "Blue" has created a record of Domestic drama series Viewership Ratings in recent years, which makes Lu Chen and Chen Feier have a tendency to become Domestic couple idols. The relationship between the two has always been one of the topics that fans are talking about. .

    Some people say that Lu Chen and Chen Feier are also teachers and friends, and they have a very good relationship but not a real couple.

    It is also said that the two have long been in love, but they are not open.

    In addition to some media catching up, Lu Chen and Chen Feier did not reveal any intimate photos to confirm this anecdote.

    Lu Chen’s name and photos have also appeared on Chen Fei’s blog, but they are basically related to work, related to Music, or a friendship that looks simple.

    And now this blog published by Chen Feier one's own is undoubtedly very unusual.

    The video in Bowen is undoubtedly shot by Chen Feier one's own. The shooting technique is not too good, but because the cell phone is very good, it is still very clear.

    The first is the scene of the shooting, definitely not a public occasion, there is always only one person in the scene.

    "This song, to the most beautiful, intelligent, proud Miss Chen Feier!"

    Before starting to play the piano, Lu Chen’s words are not like ordinary friends, full of love!

    The most important thing is that when he was about to sing, he looked back at Chen Feier.

    The deep feelings in the eyes can be seen as long as they are not blind.

    it's a beautiful accident, that I met you!

    This song, is not the voice of Lu Chen?

    Not to mention that Chen Feier took the initiative to upload the video to the blog, clearly to announce the relationship!

    How can her fans not blow up!

    "The public is open, I will know!"

    "Is this a show of love? Killing a single dog! ”

    "555, Mayfair, my goddess, why every goddess has to leave me!"

    "Junxi and Enxi are really together, and the flowers are celebrated!"

    "Whose is this home?"

    "Lu Chen gave Chen Feier's Love Song, really good, very moved?"

    "You are all pulling me, I am already on the balcony!"


    In just half an hour, "Meeting" was brushed out of hundreds of thousands of comments, but was repeatedly forwarded by netizens, including Chen Feier's friends in the circle, further spreading the influence.

    Although Lu Chen’s number of fans is not as good as that of Chen Feier, it is more than 15 million. Many fans are powdered by two people, so there is something going on here, and I know immediately.

    The reaction of Lu Chen fans is even more intense.

    "Hahaha, Lu Chen greatly forformable might!"

    "I have already said it, now I have nothing to say? Make a relationship! ”

    "Hey, Xiu En loves to die fast, and my family Lu Chen will not be taken away by people!"

    "Chen Feier and Lu Chen really match, we all bless together, don't talk."

    "Singing out heterosexuality, same sex is true love!"

    "It’s an unexpected surprise. I hope that the two feelings will last for a long time, blessing."

    "Yuan Lan Festival, are you two really so good?"

    "Oh, I can’t think of Lu Chen’s eyebrows and the rebellious revolution…”

    For Chen Feier’s sudden release of the “Xiu Enai” video, she and Lu Chen’s fans were mostly surprised, and then they were blessed, only a small part of the loss, dissatisfaction or curse.

    In fact, basically not many people are surprised. After all, there are so many paving in the front, and the success of "Blue Life and Death" is really amazing when two people don't come together with perhaps.

    There are very few fans who are lucky enough to think that they are making advertisements or MVs, but this kind of convincing idea can't even be a bubble.

    Compared with the exploding fans, the people in the Entertainment Circle have no doubt to be cautious. After all, the two did not make a formal statement. In order to avoid the formation of an oolong, they temporarily took a wait-and-see attitude.

    In addition, the explosion is the media, and no one can think of Chen Feier suddenly making a big news at the Lantern Festival.

    So the cell phone of the two managers was quickly blown up!


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