Chapter 133 advertising new endorsement

    Lu Chen is very cautious about brand endorsement.

    Many Celebrity, especially those who are suddenly blushing in recent years, often adopt the strategy of smashing and fishing in dealing with brand endorsements. They are desperately trying to advertise more desperately, and the nickname is “brushing double high”.

    The emergence of the phenomenon of “brushing double high” originated from the fact that some entertainment Manager Corporation crushed the contracted artists and squeezed as much profit as possible during the contract period.

    Some artists are one's own willing to do this, because the competition of Entertainment Circle is too fierce nowadays. Most artists have great pressure to survive. They don't want to make money when they are popular. If there is too much gas, what else can you fish?

    So they desperately pick up various advertisements, even those high-risk endorsements.

    However, based on the long-term development of artists, brand endorsements are often very cautious and well thought out.

    Lu Chen listened to Chen Feier's opinion on the brand endorsement.

    Chen Feier is one of the most popular exhibition queens of Domestic. She is a big brand of Domestic International. She has at least tens of millions of endorsement fees a year and has rich experience in this area.

    Chen Feier's advice to Lu Chen is first and foremost a cautious choice, such as financial products, pharmaceutical health products, medical and medical equipment, agricultural products such as seed pesticide farming, etc. It is best not to touch.

    The risk of these advertisements is relatively high. Once the product has problems, it will often affect the reputation of the spokesperson and even cause trouble to the lawsuit.

    Because of the inadvertent endorsement of eating a lawsuit or planting a Celebrity, it is not one or two!

    Even Chen Feier had almost suffered a loss in this area, so she is very careful about picking advertisements now, and naturally she does not want Lu Chen to repeat the mistakes of others.

    So far, Lu Chen has endorsed two brands, one is [Whale TV] and the other is Senqi clothing. The cooperation between the two is very successful.

    You are welcome to say that Lu Chen’s endorsement brings benefits to both families far more than the rewards he has received!

    For this reason, [Whale TV] and Senqi clothing are all expected to be renewed next year, when the new contract will inevitably rise.

    With the great heat of "Blue Life and Death", the number of brands coming to Luchen to seek advertising cooperation has suddenly increased. The most important one is undoubtedly China Motors.

    Zhonghua Automobile is one of the oldest and most famous domestic automobile brands. Its predecessor can be traced back to 70 years ago. The “China” plate was established with the new China.

    In the early 1950s, the Chinese Jeep once drove the Yalu River along with the liberation truck, and made a great battle for the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, becoming a household name of Domestic.

    However, since the reform and opening up in the 1980s, foreign brands have entered the Domestic market, and the market share of China Auto has shrunk dramatically, almost to the brink of bankruptcy.

    Under the support of the state, this national brand has finally survived the most difficult period, and it has been reborn through the introduction of technology and independent research and development.

    After Lu Chen debuted, the first car bought in Beijing was the newly launched X7 from China. This hybrid electric city SUV is cheap and good, and is currently Lu Xi.

    It is precisely this Chinese X7 purchased by Lu Chen that has allowed China Auto to select him as the new brand spokesperson.

    At least one of the most important reasons.

    Of course, as a car company with an annual output value of tens of billions, Zhonghua Automobile is very cautious about the choice of brand spokespersons. They choose Lu Chen first because the latter has a growing influence in the youth group, and Lu Hao’s self-declaration Since then, the image has been very good.

    Lu Chen won the title of "Singing China", which is also a small factor for Zhonghua Automobile to choose him. He then participated in the National Day party of Jingshi and created the main melody works of "I Love You China".

    He once rescued people regardless of danger, and also raised funds for the rescue of fans. Now he is preparing to set up a leukemia charity fund…As such, it is really no problem to evaluate the top ten outstanding young people at the provincial and municipal levels.

    In contrast, how much Lu Chen's solo album sold, and how high the Viewership Ratings of the drama series is, is not a key factor.

    Demanding and demanding, the treatment is naturally good, and China Motors has given Lu Chen a two-year, 12 million contract.

    Due to the many detailed terms involved, the contract was not finalized in one day and two days. China Motors hopes that Lu Chen can participate in the promotion of the publicity of their newly launched R-class station wagon.

    The specific requirement is to shoot the advertisement, and also ask Lu Chen to create a song for this advertisement.

    Because of the importance of this contract, Lu Chen, together with Studio, put the focus of his current work on the Chinese car. Lu Xi continued to negotiate with the other party for the most favorable conditions, and he’s own for the new Chinese car. Product creation ideas.

    The station wagon is in people advocating nature, a model of car-derived cars, driven by a craze for tourism, is less expensive to buy and use than SUVs and MPV, and has a more dexterous body for driving and parking, thus playing an important role in the lives of the economically developed countries, especially in Europe.

    But in Domestic, the station wagon is a niche model that was never introduced before because it is not suitable for the market demand of Domestic.

    However, with the improvement of the material living standards of Domestic consumers, holidays with family members or friends, driving a wagon, and going out together have become a new fashion for urban car owners.

    Especially for young people, it is very romantic and very tough to drive a wagon to go far, and it is dreamlike by many Talent and Art youths. It can often be found in some fashion magazines. See a similar car travel article.

    China Motors is targeting this emerging market and launches the first R100.

    Lu Chen first used two days of time to digest and research the relevant information sent by the Chinese car, and then searched online to browse the advertisements of many foreign wagons.

    In the meantime, he wrote a song and handed it to Wang Jing to arrange the accompaniment.

    Finally, after a week's time, Lu Chen created and edited a MV to be the R100's advertisement demo – he is equivalent to a part of the advertising company's work!

    After the completion, Lu Chen asked Lu Xi to contact the Chinese car, and showed the MV advertisement to the other party!


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