Chapter 319 Grassland Music Festival

    Time has passed, and the hot news in the Entertainment Circle is like a storm in the summer, so it’s going to go fast.

    Because the two studios did not cooperate, the two parties did not hype the disappearance of the game, so in addition to the fans on the Internet noisy, the media quickly shifted their sights, too lazy to continue to be passionate.

    There are too many Eight Trigrams in the circle. There are two actresses in the ring. There is a rumor that a male star has come out of the cabinet. It is really fake and fake, and how much material is needed.

    When Lu Chen broke up with Chen Feier, or one of them derailed, it was the value of the report.

    This is exactly what Lu Chen and Chen Feier expected. After the storm subsided, they quietly returned to China. During the period, they did not show their love on the blog. In addition to cooling the topic, they also avoided the abuse of single dogs.

    The beautiful time always flies fast, and when I return to Beijing, the two have to separate again and busy their respective careers.

    Although she loves Lu Chen, her wealth has accumulated to the point that she can't finish her life. Chen Feier has not yet exited the idea of ​​Entertainment Circle. She likes to sing, likes acting, likes to stand in the spotlight, likes one's own. Occupation, do not want to become a housewife early.

    One day, she was tired and tired, then she married Lu Chen without regrets, and forever quit the circle, wash her hands and make soups, and regenerate several children to accompany them to grow old happily.

    For Chen Feier's thoughts, Lu Chen is very supportive. His career has just started, it is time to make great achievements, and he does not want to mix feelings and career together.

    Two people understand each other and support each other, and the relationship can last for a long time to blossom.

    The points in the Entertainment Circle are too unusual, and neither Lu Chen nor Chen Feier wants to be one of them.

    On the day of returning to Beijing, Chen Feier began recording the new album.

    Lu Chen, together with the Nirvana band, took time to practice the new work and prepared to participate in the 72H Grass Music Festival.

    For this famous music carnival, he wrote two new songs early.

    The 72H Grass Music Festival was founded in the early 1990s by a number of record companies along with seven famous musicians in the circle. At the time, the first "Music Open Music Festival" was held in Beijing's morning sun park.

    In the first fans of the Music Festival, 32 Singer and 11 bands were invited to participate. The audience attending the Music Festival was over 10,000, which caused a great sensation at that time and became a popular event in the popular Musical World.

    Among the 32 Singer and 11 bands, there are famous black crows, sky bands and so on. There are also many unknown names, but some of them have emerged in the Music Festival, which has caused widespread concern of Musical World, which led to the registration. The number of participants has increased, and voluntary participation has become an invitation to participate.

    Later, the open-air Music Festival was moved to the Wild Mountain Park near the New Age Art Center. At the same time, it was renamed the 72H Grass Music Festival, which has been held for 19 sessions so far.

    Although the middle has been broken several times, the 72H Grass Music Festival has always had a strong influence in the popular Musical World, especially for those who are really popular Music lovers.

    The 72H invited objects, mainly featuring Singer and the band, regardless of whether the other party is a big fan or a street singer, as long as there is a unique singing style or work, there is an opportunity to stand on its stage to tens of thousands of viewers. Demonstrating the strength of one's own, so that it is favored by Entertainment Manager Corporation.

    Qin Kaixuan, Xu Liwen, Gunazza, Cao Lun, Red Express, Wednesday, and so on, all came out from the 72H Grass Music Festival and went to the whole country!

    This year's 20th 72H Grass Music Festival, invited Singer and the band is the largest number of previous years, and received a lot of sponsorship, so it is also very grand.

    Just after the Lantern Festival, many Singers, bands and fans rushed to Beijing from all over the country, and then set up tents at the Music Festival in Wild Mountain Park.

    Singer and the band who came in advance did not get the invitation letter. They went here with a pilgrimage idea, in order to participate in this major non-mainstream Music exchange.

    The 72H Grass Music Festival is called a non-mainstream Music Festival in the circle, because in this event, the most popular is not the mainstream Love Song song, but rock and roll, heavy metal, R&B, rap Non-mainstream type works such as postmodern and folk songs.

    Therefore, the 72H Grass Music Festival is very famous, but the big coffee superstar is rare. The old Singer and the bottom Singer and the underground Singer are the most. The singer songs are scorned by the people and then they are taken down.

    Freedom, temperament, pioneering, creation…It is the theme of the 72H, it is like a huge magnet, attracting talented but unwilling Music people come.

    And those fans who came early, that is the real love, not everyone has money and leisure, many are specially invited to leave, take the five- or six-hour or longer time high-speed rail to the capital, for It is able to occupy the best position on the spot.

    On the 3rd of March, in the wild mountain park in the south of the New Era Art Park, tents with red, green and green counts have been erected, extending from the grass in front of the stage to the hillside hundreds of meters away. The scene is spectacular.

    The singing stage was basically completed, the background and lighting were all arranged, and only the audio equipment was not entered.

    On the morning of the 4th, the day of the opening day, the outdoor speakers with six high contrasts were placed in different positions, and the test screen was played on the large screen of the stage background LED, and the atmosphere suddenly became lively.

    There are more and more fans on the scene. The entrances and exits of the parks have begun to restrict the flow of people. In the distance, the police cordon has been pulled up. The big speakers have been reminding them of the notices. The media reporters appeared in the crowd.

    Lu Chen and Nirvana, arrived at Noyama Park near noon.

    Originally, Lu Chen didn't have to come so early, because his performance time was arranged around 8 pm, and it was not too late to come back when it was dark.

    However, he long ago had long been the name of the 72H Meadow Music Festival. He had never had the chance to run Beijing to see the scene. This time, he had the opportunity to participate personally, so it is worthwhile to pay for the belief of one's own in advance.

    As for Wang Jing and other Nirvana members, they have seen the scene, but it is also the first time to go on stage, and it is also very exciting and even exciting.

    When Lu Chen took the person just in front of the stage, he was immediately stared.


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