Chapter 312, Pu Zhenghao

    Business negotiations are not played at home, especially when it comes to high profits. It is often necessary to fight for the final compromise or give up.

    SPG Entertainment or Park Jung-ho is sincere in introducing the "Blue Life and Death" to the Republic of Korea, but his appetite is too big to be accepted by Lu Chen.

    However, the specific conditions can be discussed. Park Chung-ho’s first visit is obviously more tempting. Of course, he can be directly satisfied with his direct satisfaction. However, Lu Chen’s firm attitude towards his own interests has touched him.

    If you switch to another Japanese and Korean entertainment company executive, perhaps will be very upset, many of them are used to the high, and the attitude of the Domestic Entertainment Circle is high, thinking that one's own casually throw something, It can attract a group of people to compete.

    Park Jung-ho is different. He has worked in China for more than ten years. He is deeply acquainted with the culture of China and has a deep understanding of the entertainment industry of Domestic. Therefore, he understands the strength of Lu Chen.

    In the view of the representative of the SPG Entertainment China office, Lu Chen is China's Jin Xianping.

    Kim Hyun-ping is the most famous artist of the Republic of Korea from 2000 to 2010. He has amazing talents, created many classic works of music, and has a handsome appearance. The drama series and movies have been sensational. The whole of Asia has a wide range of influence.

    Just six years ago, Jin Xianping was not satisfied with the toss in the Republic of Korea Entertainment Circle. He also looked down on China's market and ambitiously went to Hollywood. As a result, he mixed up for a few years and did not mix up and become a United States movie. The company's special supporting role for the Asia market has lost a lot of popularity in the Republic of Korea Domestic.

    Lu Chen and Jin Xianping, who just debuted, are very similar. They are all in the top of the draft. They are the same tall and handsome, the same talent, the same outstanding Music people, the same…Young and energetic.

    Compared to the Republic of Korea's narrow and fiercely competitive market, China's entertainment market is too big, just like the vast sea, can fully accommodate the growth of Xiaolong.

    So as long as Lu Chen does not kill one's own, his development potential is endless!

    SPG Entertainment can build a good relationship with such people, which is equivalent to investing in a potential stock.

    Therefore, in the first negotiation, Park Jung-ho will open a "high price" of 800 million won to purchase the "Blue" drama to reflect the sincerity of one's own. The additional conditions attached are more temptations.

    It doesn't matter if you don't talk, as long as you don't tear your face, everyone can continue to talk.

    The so-called bottom line is such a step by step test.

    It was with such a position that the negotiations between the two sides were relatively harmonious, and there was no arrogance. Park Zhenghao left for two hours after he sat in Lu Chen studio.

    After sending the representative of the SPG Entertainment China office, Lu Chen felt that one's own seemed to have just completed a battle and was a bit tired and exhausted.

    Chen Feier’s understanding of Park Jong-ho is still too simple. This old fox is really difficult to deal with.

    His character is tough, but not a tough one.

    Lu Chen said to Lu Xi: "If there is a chance in the future, I want to dig him up!"

    Lu Xi is speechless.

    She gave Lu Chen a manager for more than half a year, and learned more about the things in the Entertainment Circle, so it is clear that people like Park Jong-ho are not able to dig and dig in one's own studio.

    Domestic's entertainment industry is greatly influenced by the Republic of Korea. Many large companies also have digs from the Republic of Korea counterparts, such as arrangers, choreographers, producers, guides, etc., as well as direct dig artists.

    But in general, what can be dug up is basically the role of the second and third streams.

    Park Jung-ho is the representative of SPG Entertainment's China office. The real high-level figure, if he wants to change his course, he will only choose a big company like Fei Shi Records. How could he go to Lu Chen studio?

    Lu Chen’s thoughts are too naive.

    Lu Chen certainly saw Lu Xi’s disapproval. He did not explain it in detail because it is not the time.

    Park Jung-ho is the top executive of SPG Entertainment, but the SPG executive is a marginal/chemical figure. He has worked hard to expand the market in Domestic. He has no credit and hard work, but his position is always motionless.

    Because Park Jung-ho is not the current president of SPG, but the confidant of his predecessor!

    The corporate system of the Republic of Korea has played a very important role in Japan during the economic boom of the Republic of Korea in the 1980s and 1990s, and has produced more than a dozen Big Mac-class companies, such as the famous Samsung.

    But since entering the new century, with the rapid development of emerging industries, the corporate system of the Republic of Korea has been severely impacted by the new culture, the rigid internal management of bureaucrats and the promotion of seniority, coupled with high-level power struggles, many Businesses fail or face difficult situations.

    SPG is the top entertainment company of Republic of Korea. The time is not long. It is also a family-owned company. After the chairman of Park Zhenghao was abdicated, he was forced to press at SPG's office in China.

    In fact, Park Zhenghao is fully qualified to return to the Republic of Korea to advance to a higher position.

    In addition, Park Jung-ho is not a pure Republic of Korea. His father is a Northeast Korean and immigrated to the Republic of Korea.

    These insiders are revealed to Chen Chen by Chen Feier. She specifically asked the insiders to find out that it is an open secret in a particular circle.

    Many people don't believe that Park Jung-ho will always be watching SPG, but so far, he has not shown signs of leaving SPG.

    Through the previous talks, Lu Chen had the most intuitive impression of Park Jung-ho, and he admired his skill and savvy.

    If a person who is proficient in China-South Korea can be recruited, the benefits are self-evident, especially Lu Chen has always had the ambition to look at the Asian market.

    Of course, the current Lu Chen studio is still too weak, and the talents like Pu Zhengzheng are a bit unrealistic, but the opportunity is always for those who are prepared!

    Lu Chen said: "Sister, the venue of the art park must be discussed, and the price is high!"

    Taking root in the art park is a very important step in studio expansion. It is not just a bigger issue, but the most important thing is the location and environment, which is very suitable for the survival and development of studio.

    Lu Xi nodded. She had already had an appointment with Yu Jizhong to talk about it in the afternoon.

    When it comes to specific contract negotiations, Lu Chen did not participate, but the subletting was very smooth. Lu Chen took Chen Xin and talked with him in the afternoon to sign a formal contract.

    Beijing's New Age Art Center, also known as the Art Park, was completed in 2001. The industries there are limited in use, some are bought out by the company, and some are rented exclusively.

    The place where the art studio of Jizhong was rented to the Art Center Management Committee, but signed a long-term contract and has the priority of renewal, he now equals a part of the lease to Lu Chen.

    This is in line with the rules. As long as it does not exceed the limited scope of business, the park management committee allows subletting, but the price originally rented in the early days is definitely different from the current price of subletting.

    After signing the contract, Lu Xi made a budget table that night, and calculated the cost of moving the studio. The rent plus decoration and studio construction required at least 15 million.

    Then he is entrusting the charity fund that Li Mubai has helped to approve. The 20 million registered capital needs to be paid 10 million, and this part of the money cannot be moved according to the regulations.

    So 25 million will go out, this year will open a new drama, studio investment must account for a very large proportion, then the money earned by "Blue Life and Death" is far from enough.

    Lu Xi also specifically reminded Lu Chen that he signed the contract for Chen Feier to transfer the house. Even if he was paid off in 5 years, he would have to pay 6 million a year!

    After some calculations, Lu Chen found that one's own became a poor man, and he still owed a debt.


    After listening to Lu Chen’s complaints, Chen Feier smiled very happily on the phone: “Then you will write a few more songs to others, and the money will be earned back!”

    As the representative of the singer of Domestic New Generation, he won two awards in the [Asian Chinese Gold Melody]. Lu Chen is definitely a hot person in the popular Musical World. There are many people who want to buy him.

    If Lu Chen can really squat down and write, it is not a problem to earn tens of millions, because there are thousands of outstanding Music works in his memory.

    It’s just that he never thought of being a wholesaler of songs, and he would not squander this precious wealth at will, on the one hand, he raised the threshold of invitation songs, and on the other hand, he also selected the objects of cooperation.

    Now Lu Chen studio's external offer, a song is 500,000, reaching the industry's top level.

    This quotation has scared most of the people, and it has caused a lot of discussion in the circle.

    Chen Feier’s teasing is from this.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "For the time being, don't consider other people's, let's do your album first, this is the most important!"

    "That's really nice, do you want me to borrow money for your turnaround?"

    The woman who fell in love is the most unspeakable. Chen Feier’s emotional intelligence and IQ have been reduced by his words: “You don’t have to pay for that contract, it’s okay to give me money later…”

    If Lu Chen is determined to be a little white face who eats soft rice, then he will be able to do it very successfully.

    But he is going to have a swollen face and a fat man: "No, I can still do it without writing a song!"

    Of course, Lu Chen’s self-confidence is not without reason, because as a Celebrity, especially the popular Celebrity artist, there is an important channel for making a lot of money – that is, brand endorsement.

    In the current brand that all intends to cooperate with Luchen, China Motors is undoubtedly the biggest block!


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