Chapter 315 The Ordinary Road


I've crossed untold mountains and oceans ,

As well as through huge crowds ,


"But soon,


Only to find the only answer is on the ordinary road !


    The "The Ordinary Road" is a work specially designed by Lu Chen for the China Vision R100 wagon. The typical Trip-Hop chord is decomposed. The whole song has a strong folk style, a slow and lyrical rhythm and its clear The voice and the low-pitched singing make the song full of faint warmth and sadness.

    In Lu Chen’s MV, which uses video clips from the network, the car and the scenery are the eternal theme. The ever-changing scenery in the picture, and his vocal and sing-along sings reflect each other, presenting a strange Charm. The mood of the people can not help but with the speeding car rushing to the distance.

    It allows the listener to feel calm and youthful, and find the future direction in sadness and confusion!


I am just like you "like him,

This is me in the dark,

The only way to go!

    Time, no words like this,

Tomorrow is just around the corner hiahia,

With the breeze blowing there is a long way to go ,

Where did your story go? ”

    Surprised and a faint look, solidified in the eyes of Zhuang Jingwei.

    Before watching this advertisement MV, the creative director of the Vision's advertising has a strong doubt about Lu Chen's work. He can't wait to prepare for Lu Chen's color to let the latter know in the professional field. No one can plug in.

    But when the MV is played halfway, Zhuang Jingwei is silent.

    From the perspective of the creation of the advertisement film, this MV is a rough mess, the editing is very amateur, and the transition of the picture is unnatural, completely new-level work.

    If it was made by a technician of the Vision, Zhuang Jingwei would definitely expel him.

    However, Zhuang Jingwei is not going to brain to take this to attack Lu Chen.

    Because this is a demo piece in itself, it is like a script for filming. The technique is completely irrelevant. The key lies in the theme of creativity, conception and expression.

    At this three most important points, Zhuang Jingwei can't pick up big problems!

    The soundtrack is great, the theme song is great!

    The target group of the China Vision R100 wagon location is the business person elite between the ages of 25 and 40 in the city. They have a certain economic foundation and career, and they are pursuing spiritual freedom and enjoyment.

    Like to travel by car, it is also one of the characteristics of this class of people.

    Lu Chen's idea of ​​advertising, or this advertisement MV, is undoubtedly able to cut their spiritual G point. It is sincere and frank, and it is an extraordinary journey of life.

    The lyrics have a deliberately rough taste. The Rap at the end of the song directly points to the hearts of the people, and truly expresses the voice of the target group. It is a wonderful interpretation of the song of life with rich emotions!

    Lianzhuang Jingwei listened and watched, and could not help but have a desire to go out.

    Unlike the ordinary car advertisement, there is no description of the advantages and configuration of the car, and there is absolutely no introduction to the product itself. The film reflects a strong feeling.

    Only in this way can you touch the hearts of the people!

    Until the film finally, as the song disappeared, the picture was completely dark, and an advertisement became silent.

    Who did not move the heart is far.

    Immediately after the advertisement disappeared, the logo of the China Auto and the Vista R100 quietly emerged.

    The picture is frozen!

    The meeting room was silent, Era seemed to solidify at this moment.

    After a while, I don’t know who is leading the applause, and then the applause of the screaming screams.

    Half of the audience is the management of the advertising industry. As a practitioner in the advertising industry, even if they are not so profound and meticulous, they can judge the merits of an advertisement.

    From the creative point of view, the idea of ​​this advertisement MV is not that unique and unique. Even if it costs a lot of money to re-craft it, it is estimated that it will not be awarded any prizes.

    However, its theme and product are highly compatible, especially the theme song is perfect, and it is definitely an excellent advertisement in the domestic market.

    If you count the popularity of Lu Chen, the influence must not be underestimated!

    Let the audience including Zhuang Jingwei speechless, the idea of ​​editing this demo is actually a Singer artist, not the elite of their industry.

    This makes people feel shameless.

    After applause, Cai Jin asked Zhuang Jingwei: "Zhuang Director, do you have any opinions?"

    Zhuang Jingwei thought a little, Shen Sheng said: "Conceived and well-intentioned, the theme song is first-class, the big direction does not need to change, as long as the re-photographed according to the idea, it is definitely an excellent advertisement!"

    "I have enough confidence in this!"

    His eyes looked at Lu Chen, and he sincerely exclaimed: "Mr. Lu Chen, it is an honor for me and we to cooperate with you as an excellent artist!"

    Zhuang Jingwei’s words made everyone’s face smile.

    People in China Motors have already seen the demo, and now they need professional advice, and they have received praise and approval from the advertisement, which proves that their vision is correct and they have chosen the brand spokesperson.

    Time is money, the sooner the advertisement is filmed, the better the publicity of the new model.

    Zhuang Jingwei's colleagues have never seen him so convinced that an amateur person is so convinced that they are interesting and will be anecdote in the future.

    As for Lu Xi, who accompanied Lu Chen, he was even more happy, so that Zhonghua’s endorsement contract would be stable.

    She is also proud and proud of Lu Chen.

    A song, a clip MV, Lu Chen easily convinced two powerful partners.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you, it is my honor to cooperate with Zhonghua Automobile and Vision."

    There is no tit-for-tat argument, no intrigue, and the atmosphere of the three parties is very harmonious. The representatives of China Motors have made a decision on the spot to confirm the creative ideas of the advertisement. The following is the specific shooting problem.

    Lu Chen clips all use network material, most of which are from outside movies. No copyright issues can be used. In addition to the alternative materials, many scenes need to be shot.

    As one of the protagonists, Lu Chen naturally has his participation, and prior communication is very important.

    The next day, Lu Chen studio signed a formal endorsement contract with China Motors.

    2 years and 12 million, excluding the compensation for work outside the contract, such as this "The Ordinary Road", China Auto will need to pay an additional 500,000 to buy the copyright.

    With the first endorsement fee, studio's financial situation has improved a lot.

    The new drama series was taken on the agenda.

    But before that, Lu Chen still has an important event to attend, that is the 72hMusic Festival!


The second one is sent, I wish you all a happy Dragon Boat Festival, eat more salty dumplings! (To be continued~^~)

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