Chapter 318 is officially open

    As night falls, the Beijing of the Lantern Festival is already a million lights.

    Room 1701 in Building 7 of Zichengyuan is dimly lit, and a cell phone that is left between the cushions of the leisure floor sofas regularly emits a “beep” vibration sound, and the call indicator flashes red light frequently.

    The call lasted for a long time, and no one saw him pick it up, and when it had just calmed down, on the floor of the master bedroom not far from each other, another cell phone screamed again.

    However, no matter how hard it tries to insist on calling the master, there is no response.

    The main bedroom was very dark. On the big bed two meters wide, the thick duvet was violently fluctuating. Suddenly an ankle came out from under the quilt and trembled gently in the cold air.

    This foot is still white and dazzling in the twilight, exquisitely small and sleek, the skin is crystal clear as jade, the toe is twitching from the toe, and the toes of the round toes are matched with pale pink toenails, which is very cute.

    The owner of the foot seems to be experiencing a fierce battle. It sometimes trembles from time to time, and sometimes relaxes when it is tight, and a piece of toe helplessly wants to hold something like a horrified drowning person.

    I don't know when it started, the low-pitched scorn in the quiet bedroom, the fineness of the tube, the sorrow of the swan, the sorrow of the swan, with a bit of unbearable pain, but it was quickly weakened. The squeaking sound is like a scorpion, and there is an unspeakable joy and joy.

    In the meantime, there is also a deep gasping sound, like a beast in a predator!

    The movement on the big bed lasted for a long time, accompanied by an unstoppable scream, exposed to the feet of the goose bumps, and finally retracted into the duvet.

    Then there was a gasp in the room, and the thick spring color gradually swayed into the night.

    After a long time, a figure was drilled into a warm bed.

    He stood barefoot on the floor, leaned over and picked up the cell phone hidden in his trouser pocket, then quickly hid back to the bed and leaned over the bed to look at the call.

    "what's wrong?"

    Chen Feier came out of the bed and found her head. The beautiful face of this song is full of joy and redness after the joy. The corners of the eyes are still a little bit of tears, and the scent of sweat is more and more charming.

    Lu Chen reached out and took the beautiful woman into her arms. She kissed her cheek with affection and said, "I just called me several times…"

    There are only a few, and the screen shows that it has not been received a dozen times!

    Chen Feier shrank her head and said with apologetic words: "Zhang Jie will definitely call me."

    Zhang Jie is the assistant who has followed her for ten years, and is also the identity of the manager. Chen Feier’s usual external affairs are handled by Zhang Jie, including media contacts.

    She was once and for all half-published the relationship between one's own and Lu Chen, and certainly caused a sensation on the blog. Lu Xi and Zhang Jie called and asked if it was the inevitable result – you two have a fire, have to give an explanation?

    However, Chen Feier didn't have the slightest remorse in her heart. The result of the moment was that she was out of control. In this new house, she did not be ashamed of Lu Chen, and turned one's own into a real woman.

    She has matured, but only now knows that being a woman is such a wonderful thing!

    Lu Chen smiled and dialed the number in one hand, groping with uneasiness in one hand, simply could not stop.

    Chen Feier feels that Lu Chen’s fiery palms are stroking on one's own skin, bringing up the familiar feeling of heat, and can't help but snoring, and the eyes are fascinated with water.

    She loves and is ashamed, hates to open the cherry mouth, biting on Lu Chen's shoulder!


Lu Chen couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief – really!

    However, at this time, he has already dialed Lu Xi’s phone number, and he has to be patient with revenge.


    This phone call was played for ten minutes, and Lu Chen was half-dead by Lu Xi.

    As a Celebrity artist, it is very important to deal with the problem of love. Even if you want to open a relationship, you must arrange your plan first, at least let the company and manager know and unify the media to deal with the media.

    Chen Feier’s blog post was very sudden, and after the completion of the game, no matter what kind of wind and rain would be picked up, he fell into the sea of ​​sweet Mimi.

    It is also self-willed, mainly because both of them are one's own. Studio one's own is the master of the house. Unlike many artists, it is managed by the above entertainment manager, and it is necessary to report approval for a love.

    But in this way, the studios of the two were naturally caught off guard. Zhang Jie and Lu Xi could only call the media while coping with the media's request for an interview.

    As a result, no one answered for a long time. According to Lu Xi’s words, it was too unreasonable!

    If Lu Chen did not make this call, Zhang Jie and Lu Xi would both go to the Purple City Court to "grab the rape."

    Lu Xi knows that Lu Chen runs here to see the house, and then combines the video on the blog, where can't understand what is going on!

    In the face of her sister's anger, Lu Chen can only bow his head and admit his mistake, and dare not refute half a word.

    I am wrong, I am guilty!

    However, there is no regret in his heart.

    After Lu Xi’s death, the mood was probably a bit more pleasant. He asked: “Is Feifei with you?”

    Lu Chen is honest: "Yes."

    Lu Xi hesitated and asked: "Do you two are you, is that the case?"

    That way? This way.

    Lu Chen’s face is thick, and he can’t help but red: “Hey…”

    The topic is too sensitive. He doesn't know how to answer. He only has to wait for silence.

    Lu Xi snorted and said: "I know you…Forget it, give the phone to Mayfair, Zhang Jie wants to say. ”

    Lu Chen gave the cell phone to Chen Feier: "Zhang Jie is looking for you."

    Chen Feier spit out her tongue and took the cell phone: "Zhang Jie…"

    She was also blamed by Zhang Jie, but she was finally able to cope with the past.

    After Lu Chen took back the cell phone, press the power button to turn it off. He didn't want to be disturbed again this evening.

    Just throwing the cell phone aside, Lu Chen suddenly felt a little different in the chest.

    Looking down, I saw that Chen Feier was turning the jade finger to draw a circle on one's own chest. Her watery eyes stared at Lu Chen, and her eyes were full of infinite charm.

    The song "Greg" smiled and asked softly: "Are you hungry?" I will cook some for you. ”


    Lu Chen whispered and immediately pressed Chen Feier under one's own.

    Eat 俺Old Sun first!


    At 9:00 pm on the Lantern Festival, Lu Chen Studio and Chen Feier Studio issued a statement confirming that Lu Chen and Chen Feier are currently in the process of exchanges and sincerely hope to receive the blessings from everyone.

    At 10:30, Lu Chen published an article entitled "I met you is the most beautiful accident!" 》The blog post, the content of the article is a photo of "Blue Life and Death". In the photo, Yin Junxi played by Lu Chen and Yin Enxi played by Chen Feier, and they smiled in the sunshine.

    At the same time, Chen Feier, Chen Feier returned a smiley symbol.

    At this point, the relationship between the two was thoroughly exposed, and also received warm blessings from countless fans.

    Although a few fans expressed disappointment, loss and even sad dissatisfaction, but because of the previous preparations and the great influence of the "Blue" drama, everyone actually has the expectation and preparation, many people even eagerly want them to be together. So I feel a big surprise.

    The most worrying fans of emotional over-situation did not happen.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier first met in the Beijing Satellite TV's draft program "Singing China". At that time, the identity of the two was a player and a teacher. However, when they fell in love with each other, they became the popular Musical World. A good story.

    No one knows how long the relationship between the two can last, but the friends in the circle and other Celebrity artists who know or don't know have also sent good wishes, so that this topic quickly occupied the top spot in the blog.

    Without any suspense, by the second day, Lu Chen and Chen Feier’s relationship became a headline. Meet Yuanxiao, Lu Chen and Chen Feier officially open their love!

    Trend Network: No longer just an affair, Chenfei loves the water!

    Yi Net: Seeing the younger brother and sister, Lu Chen and Chen Feier no longer hide and hide, and face millions of fans.

    Entertainment Weekly: The fake drama is really done, Lu Chen and Chen Feier love to reveal the secret!

    News headlines: the perfect combination of the music queen and the music talent!

    New Town News: "Meeting" a beautiful love.

    pop music…

    A lot of media have turned Lu Chen and Chen Feier's previous information out, and they have made up their love route with all kinds of exaggerated words and earned enough attention.

    More media sent reporters to guard the door of Lu Chen studio and Chen Feier studio, looking forward to blocking the two parties and interviewing the first-hand information.

    However, these media reporters were disappointed. Both studios rejected their interviews. Lu Chen and Chen Feier disappeared, as if the world had evaporated.

    Because neither Lu Chen nor Chen Feier need to use one's own love to carry out hype, turning the good feelings between the two into a tool of interest, and even less willing to become a hot topic in the media.

    There are countless news events happening every day in Entertainment Circle. As long as the two don't cooperate, this topic will quickly subside and will no longer be the focus of attention.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier can quietly enjoy the love of Era belonging to two people.

    They left their always busy work, threw their daily affairs to their respective managers, and ran quietly to Bali for a sweet holiday.

    Until March 2nd, Lu Chen and Chen Feier returned to Beijing.

    In another two days, March 4th, it is the opening day of the most famous 72H Grass Music Festival in Domestic, when Lu Chen will lead the Nirvana band to perform!


Open the love affair and push it down once and for all, is it crisp and neat? Well, in the future, it’s the daily show love festival. Let’s get some support for the monthly ticket, thank you! (To be continued~^~)

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