Chapter 316 met

    February 22 is the Lantern Festival.

    On the 15th of the first month, the Lunar New Year's festival is officially over, and the major universities will start school. The whole society will re-enter the daily fast pace.

    After signing the endorsement contract of China Motors, Lu Xi made a sigh of relief and helped Lu Chen win the two advertisement contracts of Thunderbird Watch and Lan Jie Daily, and re-entered 10 million.

    The money for the new drama was basically no problem, but Lu Chen did not rush to announce the shooting plan.

    On the Lantern Festival, he came to the new home of one's own.

    This set of Chen Feier was transferred to Lu Chen's new home in the Purple City District of Beijing.

    Zichengyuan was developed by Bandung, the leading capital of Domestic real estate industry. The location of the real estate is between the Third Ring Road and the Second Ring Road. It is not far from Yuyuantan Park. It was completed in 2007 and is now a real high-quality and high-priced property.

    The house is in Room 1701, 7 rooms, with a total of 300 square meters, 5 rooms, 2 halls and 3 bathrooms. Compared with the single apartment rented by Lu Chen, the conditions are simply different.

    The most important thing is that the management of the Purple City District is very good. I live here. Lu Chen basically does not have to worry about the trouble of being harassed by paparazzi. Of course, the property fee is quite expensive.

    Considering that the Purple City District is also close to the New Era Art Park, Lu Chen decided to move over after the sub-lease contract was signed there.

    The house has been officially transferred to his name. Since Chen Feier has already renovated this house, he can check it directly by bringing the items with him. It is convenient.

    The decoration of the new home is very good. It can be seen that it is designed by a famous designer. The European minimalist style is decorated with artistic decoration, which makes people feel that it is a comfortable experience.

    The first floor has two rooms, living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom. The living room is very large. It is no problem to invite three or five friends to hold a small party. The kitchen and restaurant are very neat and have no signs of being used.

    Sofas, furniture, kitchen and kitchen appliances, etc. are all well-known brands. All of them are famous brands. Although Lu Chen does not understand the decoration, Chen Feier has seen at least two or three million in this house. .

    The price of Zichengyuan is at least 100,000 yuan. This first-class house and floor-to-ceiling house sells him 30 million yuan, which is definitely a discount, the real price of relatives and friends.

    Of course, relative to the price at the time of her purchase, it is a big profit. In recent years, Beijing's housing prices have risen particularly sharply, even if it is a five-ring, it has to be two or three thousand, to the point that ordinary people can't afford it.

    If Lu Chen is not on Luck to take this road, don't say buy a house in Zichengyuan. Even if you run to the neighboring city of Beijing, you can't afford to buy a house.

    "I have lived here a few times, but I have arranged for people to clean it regularly, so it is very clean."

    Chen Feier smiled and took Lu Chen’s hand and said, “I will go upstairs to see you!”

    Today, she took Lu Chen to see the house, happy to be like one's own just bought a big new house.

    As a singer of tens of millions or even over a hundred million, Chen Feier has a soft spot for real estate. She never puts one's own money into financial products, most of which are invested in real estate. There are many villas, commercial houses and shops under the name.

    It turns out that this conservative investment method has brought her huge profits beyond the industry!

    Rich and able to be willful, plus a wide network of contacts, so Chen Feier can hold one's own career and destiny in her hands, she does not need to rely on Manager Corporation, living more freely than most artists .

    Walking up the spiral ladder, Chen Feier laughed very mysteriously: "I have prepared a gift for you."

    Lu Chen curious: "What gift?"

    Chen Feier smiled and did not answer.

    Upstairs, it is a special world. The small hall connecting the stairs is transformed into a small bar and a teahouse. Outside is a landscape balcony filled with various green potted plants. People can't help but want to sit down. Enjoy a cup of tea while reading a book, and enjoy the bustling scenery of Beijing.

    In contrast to the small bar, there is a brand new upright piano, and the gold harp logo on the body flashes with a faint glow, clearly indicating its worth.

    This valuable Steinway piano is the gift of Chen Feier to Lu Chen!

    Lu Chen surprise: "Thank you!"

    Chen Feier seems to be resentful and look at Lu Chen, as if blaming his politeness.

    Lu Chen smiled and reached out to take Chen Fei's willow waist into his arms and bowed his kiss on her soft lips.

    A long kiss full of emotion and affection, kissed Chen Feier's face red before the end.

    She shyly pushed Lu Chen and said: "Try the piano."

    Lu Chen nodded, and opened the piano cover in front of the piano. He first tried the tone and pitch.

    There are hundreds of thousands of Steinway piano sounds that have not been said. Although the vertical style is not comparable to the triangle style, it is already a luxury configuration as a home. The pitch is also adjusted by professionals. At least Lu Chen can't hear the problem.

    Although I have gained countless precious memories in the dream world, Lu Chen has never relied on these wealth to eat and die. He has been working hard to improve one's own aspects and never stopped learning.

    For example, the piano, Lu Chen's original level is not much stronger than the beginners, but now he is not very big to go to the amateur eight or nine level, and there is still a lot of room for improvement.

    Aside from the memory of the dream, Lu Chen is still very talented on Music.

    Chen Feier said: "Play the song."

    Lu Chen asked: "I play you singing?"

    Chen Feier thought for a moment and replied: "You sing and sing, I will shoot you."

    She also really took out one's own cell phone, and opened the video recording function to shoot on the morning.

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded. He sat up straight and pressed his fingers on the smooth keys. He said very seriously: "This song is for the most beautiful, intelligent and proud Miss Chen Feier!"

    Chen Fei's hand couldn't help but shake, and she held back the cell phone and continued to shoot.

    However, Lu Chen played a prelude.

    What surprised Chen Feier was that the melody popped up by Lu Chen was very strange, but strange.

    This is a brand new work!

    Although I have long been accustomed to Lu Chen's infinite endless inspiration, but at this moment, Chen Feier still feels a great surprise – this song is specially for her!

    "Hear, winter, leave,

I woke up in a certain month.

    I think, I wait, I am looking forward to

The future cannot be arranged accordingly.

    Cloudy, evening, outside the car window,

There is a man waiting in the future.

    Left, right, I'm free,

Love has to turn a few turns to come.

    What kind of dialogue will I meet?

The future of the people I am waiting for,

I heard the wind coming from the subway and the sea.

I lined up with the number plate of love!


    Beautiful melodies, bright style, simple lyrics…Although the lyrics have a hint of sorrow and sadness, they are sung by Lu Chen, which is more like the pursuit of love and persistence!

    The audience was only Chen Feier, and she listened to the song, and her eyes were filled with intoxicating tenderness.


I flew forward over a time sea,

We have also been hurt in love,

I looked at the entrance to Lu Meng a bit narrow,

it's a beautiful accident, that I met you!

    One day my mystery will be revealed…


    When Lu Chen sang "I met you is the most beautiful accident", he looked back at Chen Feier.

    Meeting you is the most beautiful accident!

    Chen Feier bit her lip, wants to cry and wants to laugh, and wants to plunge into his arms.

    She stopped the video recording and put down the cell phone. It was opposite to Lu Chen’s gaze, and the lingering emotions silently met in the air.

    This song Lu Chen only sang again. After singing, he stood up and asked Chen Feier: "Do you like it?"

    Chen Feier directly plunged into his arms and could not wait to send a kiss.

    After a long kiss, the two sat together on the sofa chair. Chen Feier leaned in Lu Chen’s arms and asked the cell phone to play: “What is the name of this song?”

    Lu Chen replied: "Meet…"


    Chen Feier gently chewed the song title and suddenly sang: "I flew over a time sea, we also suffered in love, I looked at the entrance to Lu Meng is a bit narrow, I met you is the most Beautiful accident!"

    Her memory is very good, she actually sings half a word and the tone is very accurate.

    Lu Chen was very impressed, because Chen Feier had heard the cover, and it was very close to the original sing in his memory, and her singer-like voice perfectly reflected the artistic conception of this song.

    "You said that I put this song on the new album?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You like it."

    The song of Chen Feier’s new album has been confirmed, but what does it matter if she likes to change one?

    Chen Feier happily opened the video "Meet" just recorded in the cell phone and read it again.

    After reading it, she had a whim: "You said, how about sending this video to my blog?"

    Lu Chen stunned and immediately smiled: "You like it!"

    The video that should have been very private should be sent to the blog. The relationship between the two is almost semi-open, and it is definitely unstoppable.

    But what does it matter? Sooner or later, the current timing cannot be said to be immature.

    The great heat of "Blue Life and Death" made Lu Chen and Chen Feier the best CP in the eyes of the fans. I don't know how many people shout "together" on the Internet!

    Upon hearing his answer, Chen Feier looked up at Lu Chen and asked, "Really?"

    Lu Chen nodded: "Really!"

    Chen Feier Hee Hee smiles, selects the video Editor title and forwards it to the one's own associated blog!

    After uploading, she seemed to have done a big thing, took the cell phone and then got up and pulled Lu Chen and said, "Go, let's see the bedroom!"


Note: "Meeting" lyrics: Yi Jiayang / composer Lin Yifeng

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