Chapter 314 Demo

    Beijing, CBD Central Business District, Maxim's advertising company.

    The morning sun shines through the large-format floor-to-ceiling windows and falls into the office of Zhuang Jingwei, which is bright and warm.

    The creative director of the company's creative company sits on a soft chair and takes a sip of the coffee that the assistant has just brewed. The whole person seems to be warming up.

    But the fragrant coffee did not help to alleviate the depression in his heart, and the frowning brows never disappeared.

    Even the newspapers that are often seen every day are unintentionally picked up.

    despair! despair!

    The door of the office was gently slammed, and Zhuang Jingwei put down the coffee cup and said, "Come in."

    The door was pushed open and the beautiful female assistant came in: "Director, Chinese car and Lu Chen studio are coming over, and the general manager will let you attend the meeting."

    Zhuang Jingwei nodded: "Know it."

    He restarted the coffee cup again.

    The female assistant hesitated, but reminded: "Director, the general manager let you go immediately!"

    Zhuang Jingwei squinted and said: "I know, you only have a general manager in your eyes, no me right?"

    The 40-year-old man’s fierce appearance is quite scary, but the female assistant is not afraid at all. He vomits his tongue and Hee Hee smiles: “If you want to listen, the general manager’s words, I have to listen. I will go with you, I heard that Lu Chen himself has come…"

    Speaking of Lu Chen, she simply put her eyes on her eyes: "I don't know if he is a real person on TV!"

    There is no doubt that this is also the "Blue Life and Death" fans.

    Zhuang Jingwei dumbfounded the eyebrows of the eyebrows and waved and said: "Go and go, I will pass!"

    Zhuang Jingwei's assistant is his niece. He is still a senior intern. Follow him and he wants to learn something.

    Shantou is usually used to being spoiled by the family, and he is not afraid of him. It is useless to slap his face.

    Therefore, Zhuang Jingwei decided to wait for her internship period to be sent away. It is really impossible to wait!

    When I heard Lu Chen’s name, Zhuang Jingwei’s mood was a bit worse.

    Who is Lu Chen? He had only heard of it by chance. Now he knows clearly what the other person is, the Musician, the New Generation singer, and he has just starred in a Viewership Ratings hot series, which will be his The prostitutes are all overwhelmed.

    As the creative director of Max Planck's advertising company, Zhuang Jingwei knows and has dealt with many Celebrity artists, but he has never seen Lu Chen like this…Not self-reliant!

    The cause of the incident stems from the contract between China Motors and Maxim's advertising company. The dominant top 100 companies will be entrusted to the advertising marketing business of the new station wagon listed this year, and Lu Chen is selected as the brand endorsement.

    Celebrity endorsement is more common. However, after understanding the needs of customers, we began to engage in relevant advertising planning. The primary focus is on the advertisement of the China Vision R100 station wagon.

    When Zhuang Jingwei tried his best for this advertisement, when it was initially conceived, there was a sudden news from Zhonghua Automobile that Lu Chen personally edited and produced an R100 advertisement demo!

    When I heard this news, Zhuang Jingwei thought that one's own was wrong, a singing Celebrity, and an artist who had just debuted, actually wanted to design an advertisement for the Chinese car?

    Not only that, Chunghwa Motors hopes to take a serious look at Lu Chen’s ideas and hold a tripartite discussion meeting for this group of cold doors. The location is placed in the company.

    Zhuang Jingwei felt that the professional ability of one's own was severely provocative and could not bear it!

    If Lu Chen was originally studying art design, it would be understandable. According to Zhuang Jingwei, the Entertainment Circle rookie is a computer in college.

    Computers and advertisements can't be said to have nothing to do with each other, but it's really two things!

    Nowadays, the so-called advertisement demo will be taken to the company, and what is the difference with the door-to-door? If the insider can pinch his nose and recognize it, can be an amateur person…

    The most important thing is that Zhuang Jingwei's creative thoughts may be in vain, so how can he not be depressed?

    The most fascinating thing about the advertisement is that when the customer encounters half of the customer and does not understand his or her own opinion, the creative idea of ​​the company's design refers to the interference of the hand and the foot, and finally comes out with a nondescript.

    However, annoyed and angered, Zhuang Jingwei can not play capriciously, unless he gives up the job, otherwise it can not violate the general manager's orders.

    But on the way to the conference room, he secretly made up his mind, must make one's own Voice!

    In the conference room of the company, it is already full.

    Zhuang Jingwei saw the leader of the Chinese car, met a one's own colleague, and also met Lu Chen.

    Among all people, Lu Chen is undoubtedly the most conspicuous existence. He is tall and young and handsome, and his smile is warm and friendly. Even if he is prejudiced, Zhuang Jingwei has to admit that he is a very Clembrity of Charm.

    This Celebrity comes with a gas field that can make those fans fascinated.

    For example, the girl sitting next to the general manager, the eyes are shining brightly, and the difference is directly rushed to the signature for a photo!

    "Zhuang Director is coming…"

    Seeing Zhuang Jingwei coming in, Cai Jin, the general manager of the company, gestured and said: "Come and sit down here."

    The 35-year-old Cai Jin joined the Vision Advertising Company seven years ago. The overseas returning elite has moved all the way to the general manager's throne, and will also bring the company into the ranks of 10 10A-level advertising companies in Beijing.

    On the management of his skills and ability, Zhuang Jingwei also admire her.

    He sat down in one's own position.

    Cai Jin gave Zhuang Jingwei a look in a hidden way.

    Zhuang Jingwei understands what she means.

    In the management of Maxim, Cai Jin has always been adhering to an important concept in the service industry. That is to treat customers with two elements. The first point is that "customers are always right". The second point is "if customers are wrong, Then please refer to the first point."

    This is in conflict with Zhuang Jingwei's professional philosophy, but it turns out that Cai Jin is correct. To make an advertisement is like dancing with a beggar. You must find the most suitable balance under the shackles of policies and regulations and customer requirements. And then jump out of the wonderful dance.

    The importance of Chunghwa Motors to the company is unquestionable. Cai Jin is obviously worried that Zhuang Jingwei, who is somewhat stubborn and stubborn, will conflict with the customer's requirements in the creative conception of the R100advertisement film.

    The attendees were all in line, and Cai Jin closed the door of the conference room and opened the computer projection equipment.

    She straightened her waist and said with a smile: "Today we are looking at the advertising company. I am very happy and honored to organize the demonstration meeting of the China Vision R100 Touring Car advertisement. First of all, I welcome the publicity department of the China Automobile Group. Chen Hong manager…"

    The general manager of the company is graceful and graceful, and the speech is soft and whispered. He listens to people who feel like a spring breeze, but no one who knows her can dare to slap her ability.

    “Welcome Mr. Lu Chen, who is also the Celebrity spokesperson for the vision R100!”

    Lu Chen stood up and bowed to the crowd.

    He made a MV advertisementment for the wagon clips that one's own endorsement, but it wasn't what Zhuang Jingwei thought as he had fished through the door. The talks were held after the Chinese car people saw the demo.

    The reason why the location of the negotiation is to be placed on the advertising company is because this part of the advertising business is entrusted to the 4A-level advertising company to complete, and the Chinese automobile also needs to take the professional advice of the advertising.

    When the applause of the courtesy welcome disappeared, Lu Chen continued: "In response to the requirements of China Motors, I created a song for the first advertisement of the R100, and I also used the material on the Internet to make the song for this song. a MV…"

    He smiled and said: "I am amateur in advertising. This MV is very rough. It just represents one's own personal thoughts, so please give professional advice and work together to complete this cooperation!"

    "Thank you!"

    This time, the applause in the conference room was very warm and sincere, and even Zhuang Jingwei also drummed a few times.

    Lu Chen’s remarks made him feel better about the former. At least Lu Chen was very polite. Although his behavior was a bit too much, his attitude was modest and he did not take one's own for granted.

    This is in line with his identity – brand spokesperson, not Planner!

    After Lu Chen’s speech ended, Cai Jin asked the assistant to turn off the lights in the conference room and play the demo through the projection.

    The general manager of the advertising company is also very curious. I don’t know what Lu Chen’s work is, which allows the Chinese auto industry to abandon the initial plan proposed by one’s own and choose a creative concept of amateur.

    The next moment, a colorful picture appeared silently on the projection screen.

    The deep, wide and empty savannah is in the eyes of everyone, only a straight road inside the scene leads straight into the distant sky, which makes people feel an indescribable shock.

    Those who like to travel or scenery recognize it at a glance. This is the famous Qingzang Tianlu.

    Then the scene slowly pulled up, an off-road vehicle appeared in the picture, and drove alone in the distance, the Music prelude sounded softly, and Lu Chen’s voice.

    The ethereal seems to come from the sky.

    "Those who wander around , on the road ,

Are you leaving now?

    Fragile, proud,

That is how I once was.

    Those who are passionate , and upset .

    Where are you leaving for viavia.

    Like a mystery , and so silent .

    Are you really listening to the story ?


    The light and shadow flow screen switches, and the people sitting in the conference room are unconsciously caught in the unique atmosphere created by the MV.

    The name of this song is called The Ordinary Road!


Note: "The Ordinary Road" lyrics: Han Han, Pu Shu / Composer: Pu Shu.

    PS: The first one is sent, request subscription support! ! (To be continued~^~)

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