The 367th chapter of the most romantic confession

    On May 20th, the "Full House" drama crew returned to Beijing from the Republic of Korea that night, many fans found Chen Feier updated the blog post in the wave blog.

    The content in Bowen is very simple, only two sentences: 520 someone just sent a gift, do you say good-looking?

    There is a picture attached to the text. A jade hand is pressed on the keyboard of the laptop. It refers to wearing a ruby ​​ring. The red bell is like a blood-like ring with the surrounding diamonds. Brilliant, against the white skin like snow, luxurious and exquisite.

    Chen Feier’s fans suddenly burned!

    What day is today? 5.20, Network Valentine's Day!

    Countless single fans, immediately suffered a ton of damage, crying in the comments.

    "The blogger made a fatal blow, single dog HP-10000!"

    "I am so sad that I can’t bear it, I want to turn it black!"

    "Hahaha, someone must be Lu Chen, and it is still a ring. Isn't it a successful marriage proposal?"

    "Don't guess, ask for a diamond ring, and wear a ring finger."

    "Good envy, ruby ​​is very beautiful, if anyone can give me one, I will marry him immediately!"

    "Lu Chen is very hearty…"

    Ruby is known as the "stone of love", the hot red makes people always associate it with passion and love, symbolizing the enthusiasm and fire, representing the beauty, eternal and firmness of love.

    Lu Chen was the ring that he bought when he was in Seoul. He chose to give Chen Feier a romantic surprise on this special day. As for the latter to show off the damage caused to single dogs on the blog, it can only be regarded as I was injured.

    After many fans saw Chen Fei's blog, they ran to Lu Chen's blog.

    Xiu En love is definitely going to show a full set, Chen Feier show, and then it must be Lu Chenxiu.

    The single fans who have been hit have no longer cared about hurting again. If you want to abuse it, then simply abuse it!

    However, Lu Chen did not show a gift in one's own blog, but put a song, a song he just played and recorded.

    The title of the song is the name of the title: you have it in your life!

    "Because I dreamed that you left,

I woke up from crying,

Watching the night wind blow through the window sill,

Can you feel my love?

    Wait until the day when you are old,

Are you still with me?

Look at those vows to lie,

Slowly drifting away.

    How many people have loved your youthful face,

I know who is willing to bear the ruthless changes of the years.

    How many people have come and gone in your life,

I know that you and I will be with you all your life!


    Since the filming of "Blue Life and Death Love" last year, Lu Chen put his main energy on the film and television drama, giving the impression that he is temporarily bidding farewell to the popular Musical World.

    But there is still his existence in the popular Musical World, as well as his story.

    Just for a lot of fans, they are more like a Lu Chen as Singer, not a Celebrity idol, they like Lu Chen's song, I hope Lu Chen can create more and better works.

    From time to time, fans have asked in Lu Chen’s blog to ask him when he will release a new album, when will he open a personal concert, and when will everyone be able to hear "You at the same table", "The Flowers", "Night Sky" The brightest star in the…

    Now, those fans who are eagerly awaiting have finally got a Xiaoxiao satisfaction.

    Even this song is sung for someone.


When everything has been dull,

Is there a kind of persistence that remains in my heart!


This "Life has you" is Lu Chen's impromptu work, pure piano accompaniment soundtrack, the lyrics continue his usual style, the lyrics are vivid, simple and appropriate, the melody is smooth, soothing and natural, and full of affection.

    Although there is no gorgeous arrangement and no deliberate lyric interpretation, it is precisely this inner-hearted emotion expressed through Music that no one can be indifferent.

    Listening to this original original Lu Chen's new work, everyone seems to see him sitting in front of the piano while playing the piano while facing Chen Feier Singing – how romantic it is!

    In particular, some of the lyrics, "How many people have loved your face when you were young, you know who is willing to bear the ruthless changes of the years, how many people have come back in your life, I know that I have been with you all my life. ", it is more moving and affectionate.

    It is the true feelings that touch people's hearts, not just the lyrics and songs in the works, the words and songs can not carry the deep truth, can only help express the feelings in the heart.

    If love is action, then love is dedication rather than demand. Love is for one's own needs and no regrets. One's own, love is the heartfelt happiness when the other party needs it!

    Anyone can hear that Lu Chen used this song to confess to Chen Feier. Although the fans have gradually become accustomed to the love and romance of the two people, today, when I heard this "Life has you", I still can’t tell. Moved.

    I know that you and I will be with you all your life!

    Lu Chen’s “520” blog post has just been released for half an hour, the number of reposts has exceeded 10,000+, and the number of comments has doubled, and many of the musicians in the circle have heard the message after listening to the song.

    "I think Chen Feier should be the most Luck woman in the world today."

    "A very nice song with a lyrical folk and Love Song style, romantic and warm."

    “Perhaps has a little sadness, but it’s just this sadness that reflects the beauty of love.”

    "I really hope that Lu Chen will not go to the drama series again. He belongs to the pop music scene!"

    "It is a kind of happiness to hear this song on this special day today…"

    The influence of Inspur blog is so great that Chen Feier’s photo and Lu Chen’s song quickly appeared on the homepage of the major entertainment editions the next day. The latter is also known as “5.20 most romantic”. Confession!"

    There is even an internationally renowned jewelry company that has contacted two studios, hoping that Lu Chen and Chen Feier will be able to speak for their brand together.

    At this time, Lu Chen and Chen Feier have left Beijing and went to Jinling Film and Television City to continue the filming of "Full House".

    The so-called heart planting flowers and flowers, unintentional willows, after the "Jeju Island incident" and "520 confession" two things, in the absence of deliberate marketing publicity of the situation, "full house" in the network and the media It is getting higher and higher and is regarded as the most worthy of a drama series this summer.

    A lot of media reporters simply ran to Jinling Film and Television City and followed the "full house" drama crew. Although they caused a little interference to the normal work of the drama crew, the cooperative investors could not smile.

    Under normal situation, such media heat costs millions of publicity, and it may not be able to speculate.

    I believe that the premiere of "Full House" will inevitably lead to a very high Viewership Ratings.

    Everyone is going to make a fortune together, and the cooperation with Lu Chen is really correct!

    At the same time, however, "Full House" and male and female starring frequently appeared in the media entertainment film and television version, which constantly attracted the attention of fans and the audience, and also made the competition opponent feel pressure.

    Last year, "Blue Life and Death" was a hit and the watch was released, so that many film and television production companies and entertainment Manager Corporation were eyeing the same subject matter, and they all invested in the trend.

    At least seven new dramas of the same type were launched in the same period of the industry, including the "Spirit of the Sea" by Shonan Satellite TV. Not only did Zhang Liwei and Hu Yang, who were popular with the "Blue" drama, starring in the men and women, but also the cast and investment scale. They are very big, and it is very likely that they will hit the front of "Full House" in the summer!

    Shonan Satellite TV has always paid attention to marketing publicity. Faced with the rising popularity of "Full House", where can bear it, immediately start the publicity machine to fire one's own new drama.

    Zhang Liwei and Hu Yang, who play the leading role of men and women, continue to burst out all kinds of materials. It is rumored that the fake drama is really in love, and then the various laces of the drama crew are changing to attract the attention of the audience.

    Other new dramas, although lacking in strength, can't be silenced, and they have to pay for it. The Eight Trigrams of the industry in the time is so hot that it is dazzling.

    On May 27th, Lu Chen quietly returned to Beijing alone to participate in the recording of the "New Star Show" program of the Beijing TV variety channel.


Note: "Life has you" lyrics / song: Lu Gengyi. (To be continued~^~)

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