The third hundred and seventy-three chapters Lu Chen Teacher

    "Welcome Lu Chen!"

    "New Star Show" Host Mudan and Xiaohu Group stood up and applauded Lu Chen.

    "Mu Dan, hello, Junzhi, Yiran, Xiaoyang, how are you, everyone good evening…"

    Lu Chen smiled and rushed to the "New Star Show" Host Mudan and Zhang Junzhi nodded, then waved to the hundreds of spectators at the scene, and suddenly burst into cheers.

    "New Star Show" and another interview with the Beijing TV Variety Channel Program "Celebrity Interview" is different, invites new artists who have just emerged in the circle, so the real big names usually do not appear here.

    Lu Chen went to the "Celebrity Interview" and appeared in the "New Star Show", which is the first one.

    He sat down in a position reserved for one's own.

    Mudan explained to the audience: "It is really not easy to invite Lu Chen to participate in our "New Star Show" today, because he is currently shooting the new drama "Full House", and the work is really busy. .."

    She asked Lu Chen: "Are you coming over today?"

    Lu Chen nodded: "Yes, the new drama was filmed on the side of Jinling. I got one of the high-speed rails in one morning."

    The applause sounded on the scene – it was too much to give face.

    Mudan introduces to everyone: "Full House" is the new drama series starring Lu Chen Teacher. It will also be premiered on our Beijing Satellite TV during the summer vacation. When you remember, you must support it!"

    Lu Chen's new drama was not only premiered in Beijing, but also participated in the production of Jingshi, so although it has little to do with the "New Star Show", Host still vigorously publicity.

    Lu Chen said: "Thank you, Mudan, I don't talk about the new drama. Let's talk about Xiaohu!"

    Everyone laughed.

    Mu Dan smiled and said: "No wonder the Xiaohu group said that you are their Teacher, one of the people they most want to thank!"

    Lu Chen modest: "In fact, I did not teach them much…"

    Mu Dan asked: "I heard that the names of Xiaohu and Xiaoshuaihu, Xiaofeihu and Xiaoyuhu are what you came up with?"

    Lu Chen nodded: "Yes."

    Mu Dan laughed: "I also know that you have created a few outstanding works for the Xiaohu group. Do you want to hear it?"

    "miss you!"

    The audience echoed in the audience, especially the fans of the Xiaohu group were even more excited and shouted.

    Xiaohu Group is officially debut today, but before the debut, publicity has already started. Inspur blogs have their official V and support group V, and new blog posts come out every day.

    Relying on Zhang Junzhi's popularity in "Blue Life and Death", and the handsome and handsome of the three teenagers, Xiaohu Group began to become popular on the Internet without a debut, and circled a large number of fans.

    It’s just that this very young male group has not produced any works so far, although they all know that they are still learning and training, but the patience of the fans is always limited.

    Nowadays, the Entertainment Circle newcomers come forth in large numbers. If you want to excel, you have to rely on the works to speak. The foundation of the Xiaohu group is excellent. The lack of solid works is destined to be short-lived.

    So when I saw the publicity's fire almost, they announced their official debut, and used the "New Star Show" platform to complete the one's own debut.

    Mu Dan smiled at Lu Chen again: "It just happens to let Lu Chen Teacher test the results of your study!"

    Zhang Junzhi three people suddenly stood up and bowed to Lu Chenxi: "Please ask Teacher."

    Lu Chen smiled and nodded.

    This "Teacher", or more accurately the "mentor" identity, he actually recognized.

    The mentoring relationship in Entertainment Circle is very common. Li Jie originally planned to have a formal apprenticeship, but she was rejected by Lu Chen. He’s one’s own debut and only one year’s time. The master, maybe you have to gossip and tell jokes.

    Of course, refused to refuse, with him and Chen Feier and Li sister's friendship, the Xiaohu group must be seen in the end.

    So Lu Chen will appear here today.

    “Baiyun crossed the hill and tried to find its home.

Xiao Yu wakes up the sleep in the dream and starts to smile.

I made youth a kite to climb the sky.

    The shell climbed onto the beach to see how big the world is,

Caterpillars look forward to having a pair of beautiful wings tomorrow.

The river lie in the embrace of the forest singing the song written in spring.

I slowly weave a picture of the years.


    The Xiaohu group sang the song "Butterfly Flying" made by Lu Chen.

    The song is light and the lyrics are positive. While maintaining the popular style, it is also very suitable for young boys and girls of the teenage age.

    According to the scheduled plan, after participating in "Singing China", Xiaohu Group will launch its first album. The title song is this "Butterfly Flying", which is a copy of Lu Chen's successful route.

    But the Xiaohu group is completely different from Lu Chen. They are not only a team combination, but also a performance with a sing and a jump.

    The dance content of Zhang Junzhi’s three people at the Xingyuan Art Museum is a very important part. Their dance teacher is a professional coach from the Republic of Korea. The dance moves are officially arranged, accompanied by a loud song. The youthful vitality of the teenager.

    Although the first appearance on the TV Program, whether it is Zhang Junzhi, Hu Huoran and Yue Yang, they are inevitably a little nervous, the reaction is slightly stiff and unnatural in the dance.

    However, after singing half a song, the usual training results are strictly strict. The three people are more relaxed and easy to move, and the movements are more and more natural. The cooperation between them is very tacit.

    Such a small tiger group brought hundreds of audiences to the scene, which is absolutely refreshing. Although there is no shortage of male and female groups in the Entertainment Circle, such a young juvenile group is really fresh and fresh.

    Not to mention the fans of the Xiaohu group. When the performance of the Xiaohu group ended, many girls stared at the stars and applauded, pushing the atmosphere at the scene to a climax.

    This kind of scene makes Zhang Junzhi three people very excited, they breathe slightly, their faces are full of joy smiles.

    Host Mudan applause and smiled: "Very nice, jumping very well. Do you want to come again?"


    The audience responded in unison, and several teenage fans even screamed.

    So Zhang Junzhi and the three people continued their efforts to continue to perform a "Youth Talk".

    This song is not the work of Lu Chen, but the song that Li Jie invited other famous artists to customize to the Xiaohu group. It is consistent with "Butterfly Flying" in style and content.

    "Youth" is also the first good work, but it is obviously inferior to "Butterfly Flying".

    In fact, it is not a problem to fill the Xiaohu group’s debut album with 10 works of memory, but he will not do so.

    If there are more good things, it will depreciate, and the long stream will be the king. Now even the original sound list is ready to introduce new rules to limit the number of works on the same album. It is not a bad thing to properly low-key.

    Don't say Xiaohu Group, even if it is Chen Feier's album in the future, Lu Chen is only ready to write three or four songs.

    It is enough.

    "Thank you for the wonderful performance of Xiaohu Group!"

    Mudan said, she turned to look at Lu Chen and asked: "So Lu Chen Teacher, are you satisfied with the performance of these three students?"

    Lu Chen replied: "With a score of 10, I will give them 9 points!"

    There was a "wow" sound in the audience, and I probably didn't expect Lu Chen's score to be so high.

    Mudan was not satisfied, so he asked in confusion: "Why not 10 points, where is the deduction?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "One less point is given, lest they be too proud."

    His answer was unexpected. Everyone was stunned first, but after the reaction, they laughed.

    Lu Chen’s meaning is actually giving a perfect score. It’s just that the joke is not objectionable, and there is no suspicion of boasting.

    Mu Dan laughed: "Well, well, the Xiaohu group has already performed, very exciting. Then, as the Teacher of the Little Tigers, should you also show your hand? Everyone said, okay? ”

    The audience naturally screamed loudly, and the cheering sticks squeaked.

    For them, today's "New Star Show" is undoubtedly refreshing.

    Lu Chen didn't feel bad, and said very refreshingly: "Then I will sing a song for everyone."


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