The 372th chapter of the new star show

    "New Star Show" is the second variety channel of Beijing TV Station. In 2010, the interview program was launched, mainly for the newly-recruited rookies in the Heritage and Art, Performing Arts and Entertainment Circle.

    The capital is famous for the world. The capital is the cultural center of the country. The real talents are gathered together. Everything in the industry has a new generation of strengths. The new artists belonging to the Entertainment Circle are of course endless.

    Therefore, this program of the Beijing TV Variety Channel will never lack a protagonist who can make people's eyes shine. Since the launch, hundreds of industry newcomers have been invited. Viewership Ratings has always been very good.

    It is precisely because of this that it is not an easy task to get on the stage of "New Star Show". It is only a week before the episode is broadcast.

    Li Jie also spent a lot of effort to let the Xiaohu group get the debut of the "New Star Show" debut.

    Like most Variety Programs, "Rising Star Show" is not live broadcast. It was recorded one day in advance. The broadcast time for this week is on the 28th, so Lu Chen, who is a special guest of Program, returns to Beijing on the 27th.

    In fact, Xiaohu Group can successfully board the "New Star Show", and Li Jie can also invite Lu Chen to appear as a very important reason. Now Lu Chen and Jingshi have a very good cooperative relationship.

    The program recording starts at 1 pm on the 27th and is located in the T2 studio of Jingshi.

    The Beijing TV T2 studio is not as big as the T1 studio that was just built last year. It can only accommodate 700 live audiences. The stage background is much smaller, but it is most suitable for this kind of talk program.

    For the Xiaohu group headed by Zhang Junzhi, it is the way for their debut to rise from the T2 studio to the T1 studio.

    Because by convention, the T1 studio will be the live broadcast venue for the finals of the "Singing China" Beijing Division!

    "There are three handsome big boys below, they are the little tigers!"

    As the voice of the live Host fell, the cheerful Music sounded, and three teenagers wearing T-shirt jeans appeared on the go on stage and received warm applause from the audience.

    Like this kind of interview class or other categories of variety program, the previous live audience is basically the "tower" of the TV station, and even a lot of staff are simply TV stations.

    Therefore, the atmosphere is completely okay, the live audience questions and answers are pre-arranged, and even the audience's expressions have fixed routines.

    But the audience in front of the TV is not a fool. At first, everyone still can't see it, but the same routine has been played more, and the audience feels wrong – how to see it is a fake.

    Then there were a lot of comparison photos on the Internet, and many of the Variety Program scenes were taken up, which caused a lot of TV viewers' dislike.

    Therefore, most TV stations now dare not play this way. The source of the invited Program viewers is much more complicated. Although there are also "toss", it is really much less than before.

    Today, when I came to the scene, there were hundreds of fans of the Little Tigers.

    Although Xiaohu Group has not officially debuted, the official blog and the support group have been established early, and Manager Li of Manager Li has a special person responsible for publicity work in this area.

    Because Captain Zhang Junzhi of Xiaohu Group has a lot of fans, and the image of the three-person youth group is perfectly shaped, it relies on the development of life photos and training photos, so that a lot of powder is circled in the blog.

    These fans are surrounded by the group after 00, so come to the scene to keep it up, all the teenage boys and girls, more girls.

    Seeing the members of the Xiaohu group who are handsome on the go, they immediately cheered up with a plate.

    Of course, most of them are called Zhang Junzhi's name.

    The atmosphere at the scene immediately became active and lively, and it was filled with youthful atmosphere.

    After Zhang Junzhi sat down, Host smiled and said: "It seems that our little tiger group is very popular, but I think there are still many people who don't know you now. Can you introduce yourself first?"

    Zhang Junzhi: "Host is good, everyone, I am Xiaoshuaihu Zhang Junzhi!"

    Hu Yiran: "Hello everyone, I am Xiaofeihu Hu Yiran!"

    Yue Yang: "Hello everyone, I am Xiaoyan Hu Yueyang!"

    The three men said in unison: "We are a small tiger group!"

    Applause, laughter, and screams sounded in the audience at the same time. Whether they can become true Celebrity in the future, at least the impression of the first appearance on the screen must be profound.

    The "New Star Show" Program begins with the conversation.

    The problem of Host and the answers of the three members of Xiaohu Group are definitely designed in advance, but because it is not live broadcast, for the effect of Program, the problem raised by Host is also temporarily played, so consider "nova" "The ability to adapt."

    Of course, if they are poorly performing or have problems, they must be cut off later, but the negative impact is inevitable – there are still many fans on the scene!

    Luck's is that Zhang Junzhi's performance is remarkable, although it is not so amazing, it is very valuable compared to their age.

    Host asked again: "You have chosen this path, and at least for the moment it is successful, then who are you most grateful for?"

    Her eyes looked at Zhang Junzhi.

    Zhang Junzhi thought for a moment and replied earnestly: "The first thing I want to thank is my mother. It is my mother who supports and encourages me to embark on this path, so that I can choose to do one's own favorite things."

    "Here, I want to say to my mother, Mom, I love you!"

    This question and answer is not pre-edited. Host listened and stunned, and immediately smiled. He applauded and said: "It’s too good, thank you very much!"

    In fact, at this moment, Li Jie stood in the background with Lu Chen. When she heard the words of one's own son, her eyes were red, but she was laughing and smiling happily.

    Lu Chen used both hands to hold Li's shoulder to show comfort. Her story is also Legendary in the circle.

    Host continued to ask: "What you are most grateful to is Mom, is there anyone else to thank?"

    Zhang Junzhi nodded and said: "There is another one, that is Lu Chen Lu Teacher. Without him, there would be no such tiger group!"

    Host exaggeratedly exclaimed: "The original Lu Chen is your Teacher!"

    The three men replied in unison, "Yes!"

    Host laughed: "It’s Luck today, we invited the Teacher to the scene, please Lu Chen!"

    In the sound of "Music at the same table" accompanied by Music, Lu Chen walked to the frontcourt from the background.

    The cheers and applause from the scene suddenly became warm!


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