The 378th chapter is a bit better.

    The wind and the smoked willow, the flowers are intoxicating, it is the season of the South China Spring.

    On the Ximen Street of Fuzhou Prefecture, Qingshiban Road stretches straight out and goes straight to the West Gate.

    Before the construction of a magnificent mansion, the two flagpoles in the left and right are each a two-footed flagpole, and the top of the pole flutters the green flag. On the right head flag, a yellow silk thread embroidered with a claw and a lion with a sturdy posture. The flag flutters with the wind, making the lion more vivid…

    Wang Pu habitually placed a cigarette, his eyes swept across the text displayed on the screen.

    Unlike many net-book readers who are accustomed to a ten-line line, Wang Pu often reads very carefully, especially when the opening of a new book is taken seriously.

    Because he thinks that the opening can reflect the skill of an author. If the opening is good enough, then you have the confidence to keep reading. If you don't know what to do, there is no need to waste time.

    This is also the sorrow of Old Bai. If it is a small white reader, it doesn't care at all.

    Unlike many old Bai Bai who have a sense of superiority, Wang Pu will not sneer at Xiao Bai readers, because Old Bai himself comes from Xiao Bai, but he wants to envy the latter with books that he can read.

    And without the support of a large number of small white readers, the text will not develop to today's scale.

    The opening of this "Jiang Hu" is very good for Wang Pu. There is no such thing as a traditional way of crossing the revival and opening the golden finger. It is not like the traditional style. people.

    Most importantly, there are basically no typos.

    This makes Wang Pu feel very comfortable and gives him reason to continue reading.

    With the gradual deepening of reading, Wang Pu discovered that the "Jiang Hu" described in the book gave him a very fresh feeling. Although there is no dynasty background, it is completely different from the imperial dynasty in the popular fantasy novels. There is a feeling of seeing wild history vernacular novels.

    Unconsciously, Wang Pu was attracted to it, and his mood rose and fell with the experience of the story's protagonist Lin Pingzhi, until the appearance of the "Large Big Brother" in the mouth of the little nun Yilin.

    This style is wrong!

    This long narration shows a vivid image of a knight who has the courage and enthusiasm. The gripping heart is even more impressive, and the protagonist is the protagonist.

    In contrast, the former protagonist Lin Pingzhi really is too far apart!

    The supporting role is far more brilliant than the protagonist, but it is a big taboo!

    Wang Pu couldn't help but worry about it. He didn't know what the plot would be, but when he saw the itch, he suddenly found that there was no more.

    No? How can it be gone?

    Not updated yet.


    Wang Pu couldn't help but scream, and the cigarette butt in his mouth fell with a long ash, just falling on his trousers.

    "Sleeping! Lying trough! ”

    Wang Pu patted his hand a few times, but fortunately the cigarette butt had already been extinguished, and his pants were not burned.

    "What are you looking at? So excited? ”

    Sitting in the next door, the "Great God" looked over and curiously asked.

    Wang Pu shook his pants and said with a smile: "It is a novel written by a great god. Do you want to watch it?"

    "Great God" shrugged and looked like a lack of interest – he only likes to play games.

    "It's boring to read a novel. Let's play this "Fairy Devil" with me. It's very fun, I will take you!"

    Wang Pu glanced at his screen and said: "It is such a free online game that swindles money. I am not fooled, and I don't have much energy."

    Wang Pu has played several online games before, all of which claim to be free and can't be spent without spending money. He doesn't rely on the game to make money like "God". How can time and energy come to the abuse?

    Wang Pu did not pay attention to the "Great God". He will pay attention to returning to this new book and leave a message in his comment area: "Good book, keep it up update, must be fully booked after the shelf!"

    He thought about it, and he got a 588 reading coin for a bite!

    Although there is not a few money for this reading coin, it is really not easy for Wang Pu, an Old Bai reader. His family is ordinary, and he will send money back every month in Jiangcheng.

    Genuine full subscription is Wang Pu's greatest support for the author, and usually rarely rewards, unless it is a real favorite.

    This tens of thousands of words in front of "Smile Jiang Jiang", he likes it very much.

    In addition to the message rewards, Wang Pu also ran to the group to sell: "The old bookworm recommended this "Jiang Hu" is really good, personal evaluation, with the recommendation!"

    The group members responded quickly.

    "Give a link, go and see, don't look back and shoot Old Wang!"

    "I just read it, it is quite good, and I feel that the style is obviously biased towards physical publishing."

    "I don't like this theme. I just abandoned it when I saw it."

    "Little white is not white, too traditional, I don't like it very much."

    "I am very optimistic about this book, the author has strength!"

    "With the recommendation…"

    In the group, there were many people who had seen this "Jiang Hu" because of the recommendation of the old bookworm. Some liked it or not, but the positive evaluation overwhelmed the negative.

    For the hard-to-adjust Old Bai readers, this is not easy!

    Wang Pu was dissatisfied. He thought that this book should be strongly supported, so he went to other readers and the Reading Forum to recommend this book to other book friends.

    The data of "Smile Jiang Jiang" in the book of Inspur is very bleak, and the six or seven thousand words are not signed. It must be that Editor looks away. Wang Pu does not want to have a good book buried.

    Many powerful authors, because the previous results were not good enough to be disheartened and gave up, Wang Pu did not want to see this author called "Recalling the Ancients" also suffered the same fate.

    He even wants to persuade the other party to change the book to send a book – the east side is not bright, the west side is bright!

    And just under the recommendation of Wang Pu, the data of "Smile Jiang Jiang" in the book of Inspur has obviously increased, click, recommend and collect analogously climb, especially the collection, quickly rose from dozens to more than 200. .

    Correspondingly, the comments in the book review area have also increased, and several readers have given rewards.

    Although this is insignificant compared to the popular new books on the website, it is a bit of a bitter taste compared to the previous bleak.

    It’s just that Lu Chen at this moment hasn’t tasted this taste. He is secretly coming to a local drama in Jinling with Chen Feier to watch the first movie of one’s own.

    The name of the film is called Dahan Wudi.


The second is sent, request subscription support! !

    Note: Some of the content is selected from Jin Yong's "Jiang Hu". Explain that copying is for the protagonist to create an IP plan and film and television drama service, so it will not cost too much ink on this. The book becomes a stream of copying books. (To be continued~^~)

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