The 376th chapter of the street

    On the second day after recording the "New Star Show", Lu Chen returned to Jinling Film and Television City and re-entered the intense shooting process of "Full House".

    This drama series is very multi-participating, and the co-productions are powerful, so whether it is in the Republic of Korea or in the Domestic, the shooting is very smooth, if you do not encounter twists and turns, you can fully meet the TV audience in the summer file.

    For Lu Chen, the shooting work is busy, his big IP plan is equally important, so I take a lot of time to code every day, and then insist on uploading to the wave book release.

    It’s just a new book called “Recalling the Ancients”. The results are not very good. Strictly speaking, it is very good!

    On the evening of May 27th, Lu Chen opened the book and uploaded it until June 5th. For a total of 10 days, he uploaded a total of 60,000 words of text, and updated two chapters and six thousand words a day.

    According to the update volume, Lu Chen's new book fully meets the requirements of the web. Generally speaking, the author does not update too much during the new book, and will add more words after the sale on the shelf.

    But the data in the new book is really terrible.

    Click: 420, recommended: 79 votes, collection: 22 people, comments: 58!

    Inspur Reading is one of Domestic's largest original Heritage websites. Because the related blogs benefit from publicity, there are many authors stationed in the station. There are many great gods, and there are several popular works that have been made into big IP.

    The website claims to have 10+ authors, but the actual number is certainly not that much, although the competition is fierce, and it is very difficult for newcomers to want to go out.

    However, the website has a recommendation mechanism, and the signed works will get the recommendation opportunity. As long as the quality of the book is not too bad, it is still possible to stand out.

    The Editor in the website will also pay attention to the new book. If a new book has 10,000 words, there will be Editor reading. After 5 to 60,000 words will be reviewed again. If the requirements are met, the author will send a letter to the author and enter the formal signing process.

    Lu Chen’s new book did not receive a letter from the station when it was two or three thousand words. Now there are still 60,000 words, and there is still no news. According to the words in the circle, it is dropped by the Editor. There is no future and hope in the eyes. .

    Lu Chen’s time on the Internet also opened a small-small-small-sized group, which has a preliminary understanding of the network circle and knows a lot of rules.

    This makes Lu Chen quite depressed.

    His ambitious big IP plan has just begun, and he has a heavy sap.

    Not to mention the bleak clicks on the collection data, 49 of the 58 comments are recommended by other authors to promote each other, or simply Wanjinyou Book Review, only 9 real readers, and most Both are negative reviews.

    "What broke the book, looked at it, didn't work, and left."

    "The author's writing is still good, but the plot is not attractive enough, and the beginning of the abuse of the Lord."

    "I looked very awkward after reading a few chapters and abandoned."

    "I suggest that the authors look at the book of the Great God and study it!"

    "I wipe…"

    Only one reader gave a positive evaluation: "A very good novel, it feels like the type of traditional martial arts? There is really no one writing this kind of book now. The author has an idea and supports one! ”

    This reader gave the reward of Lu Chen 100 reading coins.

    “What is the 100 reading currency?”

    Chen Feier asked curiously.

    The singer squatted on the big bed of the hotel and looked at Lu Chen’s new book review on his laptop.

    She has no hobbies about the Internet Literal. She has seen several TV dramas adapted from popular novels before, so there is basically no understanding of the Internet Literalature.

    After Lu Chen opened the book with the vest in the book, she came to the interest.

    In fact, Chen Feier does not like the type of subject that Lu Chen wrote. Her favorite novels are emotional, and there is no love for this more or less.

    If it wasn't for Lu Chen's new work, she wouldn't bother to pay attention!


    Lu Chen coughed and explained: "It is equivalent to 1 dollar."

    "1 dollar?"

    Chen Feier’s pretty eyes are full of incredulous looks: “I thought it was 100 yuan, but also in other words. You spent so much time, and you earned 1 yuan by writing 60,000 words?”


    Lu Chen coughed even more seriously: "Actually, according to the rules of the website, I can only get 5 hairs."


Chen Feier finally couldn’t help it anymore, and patted the quilt and smiled: "5 hair…"

    Just two days ago, she and Lu Chen had a total of more than 10 million to the fans.

    Now Lu Chen worked hard and spent a lot of romantic Era belonging to two people, actually only earned 5 hair.

    She is not ridiculed, she really can't help it!

    While laughing, Chen Feier said: "Who told you not to use one's own name, but what newcomer vest is used, now taste the bitter? Let you do it, deserve it! ”

    If Lu Chen opens a new book with the name of one's own, he will scream on the blog casually, ensuring that countless fans are constantly coming to support, and rewarding is definitely not like this.

    Therefore, Chen Feier did not understand Lu Chen's behavior. In her view, Lu Chen's big IP plan is in the right direction, but why not use the popularity resources that one's own has accumulated?

    There are ready-made shortcuts that don't go, but they have to climb the cliffs, so she is not at all sympathetic!

    In fact, the results of the new book are so fierce, Lu Chen also regretted a bit, thought about re-sending with the name of one's own.

    However, his original intention to open a book with a newcomer vest is to first test whether the subject of martial arts can be liked by readers, rather than relying on fans to pile up popularity and attention.

    There is a big difference in this. If he can make the book red with the new vest, the data is real and reliable, then the martial arts big IP plan is really promising!

    In addition, Lu Chen also wants to keep a low profile.

    As a result, the new book is on the streets.

    His dead duck's mouth is hard: "Do it, I have saved a lot of scripts. How can I write this book and finish it? I can't do it!"

    This is the last choice, it feels a little shameful!

    Chen Feier said: "When are you going to write?" I haven’t been with me recently, just watching one’s own playing computer, beware that I’ve taken you away and looking for someone else! ”

    Lu Chen, a tiger pounces her under her body, said with a swearing voice: "You don't want to dream, you don't want to pull out my palm in your life!"

    Chen Feier suddenly exclaimed: "Help!"

    But her mouth was immediately blocked, and she could only see the "hmm" from her nose.

    The atmosphere in the room has become incredible.

    The laptop was taken to the side, and above the screen display area, the black characters of the four literary books of "Smiling Jiang Hu" were striking.


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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