Chapter 331 in the Republic of Korea

    "My Philippine formidable might!"

    "This is a red/naked naked show, but I like it!"

    "Yeah, I know that after the public relationship, I must show love, and the days of dog abuse come."

    "I am thinking very seriously. What if I have a sweet tour for two and no girlfriend?"

    "Without a girlfriend, you can find a friend!"

    "My Philippine is domineering, you are good in the morning, and our fans are blessed!"

    "Everyone goes to SPG official V, let them hurry to broadcast "Blue Life and Death"!"

    "Support my morning, support me Philip…"

    Since the official exposure of Lu Chen and Chen Feier’s relationship, the names of the two have changed.

    Lu Chen’s fans like to call him “My Morning”, called Chen Feier “You Fei”. In turn, Chen Fei’s fans are called “My Philippines” and “You Morning”. As for the two common fans, “I am morning. "I am Philippine."

    At present, the number of common fans is increasing, and it is particularly cool to see the two people show their love.

    Especially this time, the love show is so unpredictable. Everyone is moving to SPG official V while they are moving. I strongly urge SPG to broadcast the "Blue" drama to the Republic of Korea TV station with the fastest Speed. .

    Due to the limited number of Domestic's drama series, which are intended to be broadcast on the Republic of Korea, they are represented by Entertainment Manager Corporation, such as SPG, which has a long-term relationship with the Republic of Korea.

    SPG spent 1 billion won to introduce "Blue Life and Death", although it has the intention to use Lu Chen Studio to accelerate the development of China market, but it is also willing to recover the cost.

    Coupled with the strong demands of Lu Chen and Chen Feier, SPG immediately said that it would contact the Republic of Korea's local TV station with the fastest Speed, and strive to broadcast it on one of the three major TV stations in the shortest time.

    In order to shorten the time, SPG adopted an unconventional means for "Blue Life and Death", that is, no longer re-voiced, but added bilingual subtitles on the basis of the original film, saving costs and ensuring the original taste of the work.

    Of course, doing so may make some Republic of Korea viewers not adapt well, but the location of SPG is very clear. The target audience of this introduction drama is young people, and their acceptance of foreign language films with subtitles is the highest.

    So on the third day of the signing of the agency contract, the high-definition film source of "Blue Life and Death" was transported by air to SPG's headquarters in Gangnam District, Seoul. On the one hand, the subtitles were re-matched, and on the other hand, the three major TV stations were contacted.

    Although SPG's work on "Blue Life and Death" is very meticulous, in their view, "Blue Life and Death" wants to score 10% of Viewership Ratings in Republic of Korea, which is really a bit whimsical.

    Domestic's urban youth idol films are greatly influenced by Korean dramas. The same type of dramas returning to the Republic of Korea are basically failures. "Blue Life and Death" is red in the Domestic and Korean TV viewers of the Republic of Korea. influences.

    Moreover, the Republic of Korea TV audience's support for Korean drama is very strong. Even if "Blue Life and Death" can be broadcast in prime time, under the competition of other Korean dramas, it is very successful to have a 5% Viewership Ratings.

    The drama series of the Republic of Korea is like a rock, not a casual move.


    Seoul in the early spring is still very cold, but in Myeongdong, New Shadong, Lotte and other commercial places, the beautiful women on the streets can't wait to change into spring clothes, adding countless bright colors to this big city in East Asia.

    In the Jiangnan District, Apgujeong, Song Jiayi walked out of the gate of the SPG headquarters. She did not hang around the bustling commercial district, ignored the brightly lit shops nearby, and hurriedly moved to the dormitory building not far from SPG.

    When they arrived at the house, the roommates had not returned yet. Song Jiayi took out the cup noodles from the cupboard and boiled the blisters.

    While waiting for the cup to open, she sat on the edge of the bed and massaged one's own calf, soothing the muscle soreness caused by training for a day.

    It has been two years since Song Jiayi came to the Republic of Korea.

    As a Chinese artist who signed SPG, she is undoubtedly Luck. She can train as a trainee to SPG's headquarters to receive rigorous training.

    However, the two years of boring and painstaking training have also eroded Song Jiayi's initial excitement and excitement, leaving only the persistence of patience and the sorrow of the unknown future.

    After coming to the Republic of Korea, she realized that there are many trainees under SPG, and the quality conditions are better than her. Even if the opportunity to debut is not easy to obtain, the internal competition is very cruel.

    As an undeclared trainee, Song Jiayi has almost no source of income. In the high-consumption Seoul, she has worked very hard, and she insisted on it with a spirit of disobedience.

    The cup was soaked, and although she had already hated the taste, she still forced one's own to finish.


    Just packed up the empty cup, Song Jiayi is preparing to rest in bed, several roommates push the door in.

    There are four trainees living in this small room. The short hair girl who greets Song Jiayi is Yang Yanni. It is also from Domestic, two months later than her, and she has not yet debuted.

    In the same country, the relationship between the two is very good, and mutual encouragement and support.

    Song Jiayi turned over and asked, "Where have you been?"

    Yang Yanni smiled and said: "We are going to visit Lotte."

    Song Jiayi noticed that she was carrying shopping bags in the hands of two other Republic of Korea roommates.

    Yang Yanni’s family is much better than Song Jiayi’s. She usually goes to spend money on shopping.

    Song Jiayi was a little envious and said: "I am exhausted…"

    Yang Yanni put down the shopping bag and stretched out Song Jiayi: "Go, let's watch TV!"

    Song Jiayi shook her head: "Don't go."

    The management of SPG is very strict. If you want to watch TV or go online, you need to go to the multimedia room and computer room on the second floor of the dormitory. There is no network cable or TV cable in the room. Of course, there is no TV.

    Yang Yanni said with wide eyes: "You don't know?" Domestic's very hot "Blue Life and Death" was broadcast at KGS this evening. This drama was introduced by our SPG agent!"

    Blue life and death?

    Song Jiayi suddenly stunned. She heard about the show and knew that SPG introduced its agent to the Republic of Korea.

    Just did not expect to broadcast so soon!

    Song Jiayi suddenly got a little excited. This is from the drama series of Domestic, even if it is not for learning, have to support it?

    "What time does it start?"

    Yang Yanni looked at her watch: "There is still half an hour!"

    She turned her head and asked two roommates in Korean: "Meizhen, Huiying, are you going together?"

    The two Republic of Korea roommates know Chinese. They generally understand what Yang Yanni and Song Jiayi said. They looked at each other and shake their heads.

    China's drama series, what's so good?


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    Note: Parallel world, all settings related to Republic of Korea are purely fictitious, please do not compare reality. (To be continued~^~)

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