Chapter 337 of the nuclear bomb

    Chatting with fans across the Internet is not a job or a burden for Lu Chen, but a relaxation of mood.

    At the same time, he answered the question. He was not interviewed by a media reporter. There was no microphone recording pen on the screen that was desperately plugged into the mouth. There were also long shots and short shots around the screen.

    Lu Chen can pick out the questions that one's own is willing to answer, ignore those unscrupulous barrage, and don't need to deliberately swear words without any pressure.

    Of course, chatting and chatting, in the end, I have to hold up the guitar and play a few songs.

    Lu Chen is very good at talking this evening. He invites the fans to sing songs. As long as it is one's own work, what to sing, it is so fast!

    The fans are of course very satisfied, which can be reflected in the number of fish balls that are soaring in geometry. The most heavyweight aircraft carrier rewards more than one hundred, and the scenes in the live broadcast are spectacular.

    While playing and singing, Lu Chen felt as if he had returned to Era who had been working in [Whale TV].

    I can't beat you.

    "This Era, shake it, this time, turn around!"

    Perhaps this "Era 谣" can best reflect the mood and mood of Lu Chen at this moment.

    In just less than a year, many things have changed.

    He can't help asking one's own, is this one's own?

    The answer is ok!

    So singing and chatting, unconsciously, time flies, until a cup of coffee sent to the table makes him come back.

    Lu Chen turned his head and couldn't help but saw Chen Feier standing next to the computer desk.

    She opened her mouth and said to Lu Chen silently: "Hot drink…"

    Previously in the bedroom, Chen Feier saw the script for almost two hours, and she was all fascinated.

    The movement from outside came to wake her up.

    So she dressed and ran to the study room adjacent to the master bedroom to brew a cup of coffee for Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen nodded and took a sip of coffee – well, very good.

    And this scene has been seen by millions of fans!

    Due to the limitations of the camera's horizon, you can't see the full picture of Chen Feier, but the latter's hands and small half-shadows are still very clear, and the live broadcast suddenly boils.

    "Hey, who gave Lu Chen a big coffee?"

    "According to my 25 years of life experience, 100% is a sister, and definitely a beautiful woman!"

    "Seek the truth!"

    "Big news, now more than 10 o'clock, we have a mysterious woman around Lu Chen…"

    "Oh, I guess Chen Feier, what do you think?"

    "I guess Lu Chen's sister!"

    "Chen Feier!"

    I didn't ask the question. The song didn't want to hear it. The attention of all people was attracted by the "mysterious woman" who suddenly appeared in Lu Chen. The number of the barrage instantly reached the point of horror.

    Lu Chen dumbfounded, simply said to Chen Feier: "Greeting to everyone."

    The relationship between the two has already been made public, and the show's love is not two times. There is no need to cover up.

    Of course, it is the first time that it appears in the live broadcast screen and at home.

    Is everything the first time?

    Chen Feier grinned and bent down to wave at the camera and said, "Hello, I am Chen Feier."

    Before she came out, she thought of the possibility of being photographed by the live broadcast camera, so she changed her long skirt.

    Lu Chen asked her to say hello to the fans, and her heart was actually sweet.

    Therefore, Chen Feier’s smile is also very sweet.


    This time the live broadcast room exploded, the intensity is like a nuclear bomb that just put a million tons of equivalent!

    Actually it is Chen Feier!

    Everyone knows that Lu Chen and Chen Feier are falling in love. It is very normal for couples to live together. However, Chen Feier reveals the true body so broadly and sits on the fact that she lives with Lu Chen, but it makes people feel Very surprised.

    Because many couples in the Entertainment Circle even announced the relationship, they are still very scrupulous in this regard, because the male and female points in the circle are too unusual to be separated, and after the cohabitation, they can not help but break up, so even if they have lived together, they try to avoid Public view.

    Chen Feier’s calm explanation of her relationship with Lu Chen is really good!

    Of course, for the majority of fans, this evening is definitely a surprise night.

    "Wow, it’s really Chen Feier!"

    "Feier sister, I love you!"

    "The single dog said that he was seriously injured by 10,000 points. Everyone is farewell and does not need to be rescued."

    "I saw the sadness and love of the show, I really can't stand Aaaaaaaahhh!"

    "Chen Feier, sing a song with Lu Chen!"

    "Yes, sing Singing songs, couples chorus!"

    "Singing +1!"

    Such a strong voice, Chen Feier of course saw it, she smiled and bent, thought about it: "Since everyone wants to listen, then I will sing a song for everyone, it is new song!"

    "Long live!"

    "Don't bother, listen to the song carefully."

    "I am so excited and excited!"

    "Support new song."

    The fans have boiled again, and the fish balls that are being rewarded are like heavy rains, and a carrier aircraft formidable might pass.

    In just a few minutes of time, the number of items that Chen Feier had after showing up was actually more than the sum of two hours in front of Lu Chen. The record of breaking [Whale TV] is no problem.

    Chen Feier had to pass the guitar from Lu Chen, driving him away from the position, and one's own sat down with the guitar.

    Although she doesn't have much experience in online live broadcast, she doesn't have any fit in the microphone and camera. She smiles and says: "This song is a song in my new album. It has not been publicly sung yet. It is also land. Mr. Chen created for me, I hope everyone likes it, thank you!"

    "The name of this song is called to see you across the ocean!"

    As soon as the voice fell, Chen Feier flicked the strings and played the prelude.

    Chen Feier is never a folk song Singer. When there is very little playing guitar, it doesn't mean that her level of playing the guitar is very poor. On the contrary, she is very skilled.

    "For you and me, I have used half a year’s savings,

Looking across the sea to see you.

    For this gathering,

I breathe when I meet,

Have been practicing repeatedly.

    Words have never been able to bring my affection,

Express one tenth of a million,

For this regret,

I thought about it at night and I didn't want to sleep.

    Remember that it always accumulates slowly,

Can't be erased in my heart.

    For your promise,

When I was desperate,

I can't help but cry!


    The sound of the piano and the singing, like the moonlight in the night sky, gently spilled into the room.



Note: "Looking at the ocean to see you" lyrics / song: Li Zongsheng.

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