Chapter 333 is playing big!

    "Blue Life and Death" signed an agency contract with SPG on March 5 and aired on KGS on the 25th.

    After only 20 days apart, SPG's efficiency is very high. The replay of the Domestic "Blue Life and Death" is not over yet. KGS has broadcast four episodes on the 25th and 26th.

    The copyright of SPG's purchase of "Blue Life and Death" is not purposeful. In order to save time and cost, there is no investment in the marketing of this drama. It is only published on the official website and blog.

    KGS also does not attach importance to "Blue Life and Death". In addition to the program preview a few days before the broadcast, there is no publicity of any big fanfare. It is a bit sneaky.

    It can be said that all aspects of the association, in addition to Lu Chen, no one really optimistic about the performance of "Blue Life and Death" in the Republic of Korea, even if the slogans are loud and loud, most of them are just hard.

    The drama series of the Republic of Korea, where is so easy to shake!

    After the first four episodes of "Blue Life and Death" were broadcast, Viewership Ratings came out very quickly.

    This inevitably caught the attention of many people.

    2.83%, 3.07%, 5.58%, 6.12%, average Viewership Ratings 4.4%!

    Republic of Korea's drama series Viewership Ratings Unlike Domestic, the three major TV stations take turns sitting in the village, where the Domestic is a vassal, and a drama series can have a 1% Viewership Ratings to open a celebration.

    4.4% of the average Viewership Ratings are still decent, but not as good as those that started at 10%!

    For example, the popular MBC historical drama "The Power of the Queen", the latest Viewership Ratings is approaching 30%. Compared with the gorgeous new drama that invests tens of billions of won, "Blue Life and Death" is an alien ugly duckling.

    However, SPG and KGS have paid more attention to the importance of "Blue Life and Death".

    The average 4.4% is not high, but the first episode 2.83% to the fourth episode 6.12%, Viewership Ratings more than doubled, this growth is very surprising.

    To know that the "Blue" drama is a foreign drama, and it is still a Chinese drama that has never been popular with the Republic of Korea market. Under the situation of no publicity investment, such a large increase can be achieved in just two days. Drama series has a hot trend!

    In terms of the current Viewership Ratings scores, "Blue Life and Death" has created a record of the same type of Chinese drama on the Republic of Korea TV station, and the potential for later promotion is huge.

    Most importantly, KGS found through telephone interviews with its affiliates that the "Blue" drama was highly rated by the audience, and the positive evaluation was over 90%!

    And on the Internet, especially in the drama series related forums, there is also a discussion of the "Blue" drama.

    "This is the first Chinese drama I have ever seen. It feels good unexpectedly!"

    "The actor is very handsome, the heroine is very beautiful, and the performance of the two is very good. It is a good drama worth recommending."

    "The storyline is also very good. Have you noticed that the names of the characters in the play are very Korean? Besides the background, it feels like an excellent Korean drama, not a Chinese drama."

    "I have seen a few Chinese dramas before, and I have nothing to compare!"

    "The spoiler, this is a tragedy Smecta."

    "Spoiled to die…"

    Unexpected Viewership Ratings plus good reviews have made SPG suddenly feel like a treasure.

    So SPG and KGS met again and arranged a new publicity plan for "Blue Life and Death".

    KGS re-adjusted the broadcast time, delayed the "Blue" drama to the prime time, and changed the broadcast of 2 days and 4 episodes for 3 days and 3 episodes, extending the broadcast time.

    With the investment of publicity funds, the popularity of "Blue Life and Death" in the Republic of Korea has suddenly increased.

    And the effect is immediate!

    The fifth episode on April 1st, Viewership Ratings 9.37%, the second episode on the 2nd, Viewership Ratings 12.79%!

    On Sunday evening, April 3, KGS broadcasted the seventh episode of "Blue Love and Death".

    When Song Jiayi and Yang Yanni came to the multimedia room on time, they were very surprised to find that they were full of people, basically no space!

    The two look at each other in dismay, and they feel a strong sense of pride.

    When was the Chinese drama also so popular in the Republic of Korea?

    The two girls even keenly felt that the trainees who saw them had changed their eyes.

    |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||The Viewership Ratings for the Blue show reached 15.86% that night.

In addition to the surge in Viewership Ratings for live broadcasts, the playback of this drama series has also increased dramatically, just like the Domestic HD digital TV. The Digital Set-top Box used by TV viewers in Republic of Korea has a look-back function. Many viewers look back at the first few episodes of “Blue Life and Death” at different times.|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||

    This is also the sign that the "Blue Life and Death" Viewership Ratings are starting to explode!

    The next morning, when Song Jiayi and Yang Yanni had just finished training and preparing for a break, the leader of the training center was called to the office, and an SPG executive had already been there.

    The other party informed Song Jiayi and Yang Yanni that they were selected to return to Domestic, ready to participate in the shooting of Lu Chen's new drama!

    Upon hearing this news, Song Jiayi and Yang Yanni could not believe it.

    After the confirmation is true, the two can't help but cry!

    They worked hard and persisted here, and finally saw the return.

    At the same time, "Blue Life and Death" in the Republic of Korea Viewership Ratings climbing news, quickly passed back to Domestic.

    The latest episode of Viewership Ratings breaks 15%, so in the case of thirteen episodes that have not been broadcast, the average Viewership Ratings of the show is over 10%, and it's far more than that!

    When is the Chinese drama in the Republic of Korea so imposing?

    Many people in the industry who understand the situation are shocked, and they have to inquire about Lu Chen studio.

    As for the fans of Lu Chen and Chen Feier, it is completely boiling!

    They are not very clear about the true meaning of "Blue Life and Death" in the Republic of Korea, but I understand that Lu Chen and Chen Feier will honor one's own promise.

    "This is playing big!"

    In the recording studio of Fei Shi records, Lu Chen said to Chen Feier: "You have to pay for the dowry!"

    In order to counter the "visital aspect" of the big V, Lu Chen's idea originally reached 10% of the "Blue" Viewership Ratings, then the first and second prizes were won in the fans, and the first prize was 10 Republic of Korea. The number of places to visit, the second prize of 100 happy tours, as for the third prize to send 1,000 souvenirs is almost the same.

    As a result, Chen Feier sneered at it and changed to a one-two-three prize.

    Announced twice, giving the fans a big surprise.

    Such a big surprise made Lu Chen really stunned.

    Lu Chen actually wants to tell one's own girlfriend, in his dream world, the original Korean drama in the Republic of Korea's Viewership Ratings reached 40%+.

    Although the current situation is different, he believes that taking a 20% average Viewership Ratings should not be a problem.

    This means that you have to pay tens of millions of dollars, and it is not enough to put all the money you sell to SPG.

    The reason for Chen Feier is very simple. If you want to play, you can play big!

    If you have a piece of heaven and earth in the Republic of Korea, it is worth the extra money.

    As for the cost, she packs it.

    Millions of tens of millions of districts are not enough for Chen Tianhou's dowry!

    For Lu Chen’s embarrassment, she proudly expressed disdain.


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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