Chapter 339, stirring the wind

    Lu Chen, the script of "Full House", is written in great detail. Changing can be published as a novel. It is printed in a thick stack. Chen Feier is very serious, so it took a few hours to finish reading. .

    But for this story, she already has a lot of thoughts – romantic comedy.

    Chen Feier likes this script very much, especially the people set-up of the male and female protagonists. The online writer she plays is also a very popular profession. It is different from Lu Chen who plays superstar. It is interesting to think about it.

    However, there are some details of the problem, she needs to ask clearly, otherwise she will not sleep well at night.

    At the point of Chen Feier, fame and fortune is no longer the goal she pursues. It is her wish to make one's own career a higher level and enter the wider world.

    The success of "Blue Life and Death" has made her a big step forward. This new drama is not only a icing on the cake, but also lays the foundation stone of her in the film and television circle.

    How can I not care?

    Lu Chen said: "This new drama I am going to produce two versions, the national version and the Korean version. The national version of the character name will be replaced separately. Unlike the script you are seeing now, the novel and the drama series will be released simultaneously. ”

    “In addition, we cooperated with SPG to join the Republic of Korea drama, and framing in Seoul and Jeju Island is more conducive to expanding the Republic of Korea market…”

    The two-month time is enough for Lu Chen to carefully plan the new drama shooting. Investors, partners, people set-up, story background, shooting framing, publicity marketing, etc. .

    If "Blue Life and Death" is a market entry and belongs to sowing, then "Full House" is the weapon that occupies the market and is really used to harvest profits.

    The benefits of "Blue Life and Death" for him and studio are expected to exceed 30 million, and "Full House", Lu Chen's goal is 50 million +!

    This is not an incredible thing, implanted in advertisements, Domestic premieres and replays, online copyrights, overseas copyrights, novel adaptations, anime adaptations…The benefits of a popular IP are extremely amazing.

    The investment in "Full House" must also be much higher than "Blue Life and Death". When it comes to such a great interest, how can he not be exhausted?

    Therefore, in the face of Chen Fei's inquiries, Lu Chenxi talked about not having a little bit of embarrassment, and he seemed to have a good idea.

    There is a saying that the people who work hard are the most Charm. At this moment, Lu Chen in the eyes of Chen Feier is undoubtedly a man with a very Charm. His eyes are bright and full of strong self-confidence.

    It is this self-confidence that makes Chen Feier unable to resist feelings again.

    She mischievously hooked Lu Chen's calf with her feet, gently honed her temper, and gradually turned up.

    There was a little glamour in the eyelids.

    Lu Chen is not a dull generation. When he says it, he feels wrong.

    When he discovered the truth, he was so angry that he couldn't stand it anymore. He slammed Chen Feier down under his body.

    Suddenly a room spring!

    Long nights, people who love each other will never be lonely.

    Also unfamiliar is [Whale TV]. The next morning, this Domestic live broadcast platform ranked top three has made a large-scale advertisement on the homepage, congratulating the Celebrity anchor for a live broadcast of more than 1 million!

    The Celebrity anchor is of course Lu Chen.

    Last night, Lu Chen’s live broadcast of about 3 hours was rewarded with an item worth 1.37 million yuan. According to the contract, the money he got was more than one million.

    This is the first time since the establishment of [Whale TV]. If you don’t play the exhibition, it will really be thundered!

    Limited to the issue of copyright, [Whale TV] did not dare to take Chen Feier as an advertisement, but such publicity is enough, so many Celebrity artists and media in the circle are paying attention.

    A lot of media have forwarded the publicity draft of [Whale TV]. Some online entertainment versions have also posted Chen Feier’s live broadcast video, so that [Whale TV] has swept a large wave of free advertisements. .

    The media's concerns are not the same. Some have commented on live broadcasts with over a million comments. By the way, this is an introduction to the emerging online industry, which is currently hot, how to attract eyeballs.

    Some care about the situation of Lu Chen and Chen Feier, and they have analyzed how the two are cohabiting. Their careers are developing rapidly and their feelings are very stable, so they will come out to show love.

    Many Celebrity artists, especially those who are small Celebrity artists, are often shocked by the high profits of online live broadcasts. Many of them have worked hard to announce the running of the game, and they really fell to one's own in one year. Not much, seeing Lu Chen on the computer to talk about singing and easily earned millions, how do you not envy hate?

    As for the vast number of fans, they don't care about rewarding millions. They are concerned about when Lu Chen's new drama starts shooting, and when Chen Feier's new album is on the market.

    Of course, how high can the "Blue Life and Death" in the Republic of Korea's Viewership Ratings reach!

    On April 15th, 16th and 17th, KGS broadcasts the eleventh to thirteenth episodes of "Blue Life and Death".

    After last week's "Blue" drama Viewership Ratings broke through the 20% mark, this Chinese drama triumphed on the Republic of Korea TV screen, successfully creating a new record of 30%+, reaching 31.05%!

    This Viewership Ratings has been the highest record of all Chinese dramas in the Republic of Korea, and it has been approaching MBC's "Queen of Power", the latest episode of Viewership Ratings is 33.29%.

    The difference between the two is only 2% more!

    This kind of situation makes the Republic of Korea's film and television circles in vain, because the discerning eye can see that after the "Queen's Power" is nearly 30 episodes, the potential of Viewership Ratings is basically exhausted, and it is very valuable to maintain it at 30%. It is unlikely that it will continue to climb upwards.

    In contrast, the rise of Viewership Ratings in Blue Life and Death is terrible, as if you can't see the end.

    If this is a Korean drama, everyone is envious or enthusiastic, but this is a Chinese drama!

    At one time, the media shouted "Wolf is coming". The "Korean Wave" that once made the people proud is facing the danger of being attacked. The Domestic market will be attacked by the introduction and must be vigilant.

    These Republic of Korea media must have exaggerated the fact that there is a suspicion of sensationalism. The success of "Blue Life and Death" is just a case, but it also shows a lot of interesting things from the side.

    That is the pattern of the market is changing.

    Lu Chen is undoubtedly one of the key figures to stir up the storm.

    On April 16th, Chen Feier’s new album launched a crowdfunding campaign on the crowdfunding online line!


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