Chapter 332 Overseas Premiere

    Song Jiayi and Yang Yanni took the elevator down to the second floor of the dormitory.

    The second floor multimedia room is large, with four separate rooms, each with TV, speakers and karaoke equipment. Three of the rooms have TV programs for KBS, MBC and KGS at night, mainly for variety shows. And drama series.

    KBS, MBC and KGS are the three major TV stations of the Republic of Korea. These three TV stations occupy the majority of the market share, mainly broadcasting news, variety and drama series programs, and there are also 20 cable TV stations. It mainly broadcasts imported movies, American dramas, Japanese TV dramas, and late-night adult dramas.

    There are nearly 200 trainees living in the dormitory of SPG Entertainment. These trainees are not all signed by SPG, but also trained on behalf of the company, but the company is treated equally in management.

    For these trainees, watching the programs of the three major TV stations is both a relaxing and a learning process. Through the TV screen, they can know many seniors in the circle, familiar with various variety festivals and drama series.

    Everyone can discuss each other in the multimedia room, greatly alleviating the pressure brought by the usual rigorous training.

    Song Jiayi and Yang Yanni came to the room where KGS was played.

    The room is not big, there are five rows of seats in front and rear, which can accommodate five or sixty people while watching the Program. However, when the two came, there were only three or four people sitting inside, which was very deserted.

    The large-screen LCD TV hanging from the wall is replaying the KGS current program.

    Song Jiayi and Yang Yanni greeted the practitioners politely and then sat down for the position.

    Song Jiayi whispered: "There are so few people."

    Yang Yanni snorted and said: "They must have seen the Program. I know that KGS puts the drama series introduced by our Domestic at night, and naturally it is not interested. MBC is putting "The Power of the Queen"!"

    "Queen's Power" is a large-scale historical costume drama recently produced by MBC. The previous episodes of Viewership Ratings have exceeded 25%. It is hopeful to be the first hot drama of this year, and several stars are famous for the Republic of Korea. Artists, there are many people watching.

    On the other hand, the audience of Korea's drama series is quite exclusive, and it is not very popular for the drama series from abroad. Even the well-made and top quality American drama is not very popular in the Republic of Korea Domestic. Viewership Ratings are usually below 5%.

    As for the Chinese drama, the historical drama can make the Republic of Korea audience a little interested.

    Yang Yanni and Song Jiayi did not know that after SPG introduced "Blue Life and Death", it was very expensive to broadcast Kungfu on the issue of broadcasting. It is very difficult to get on the screen of KGS.

    SPG first contacted MBC because SPG had the best relationship with the Republic of Korea's second-largest TV station, but MBC didn't have much interest in the samples sent by SPG. The director of MBCProgram department also mocked SPG people and thought they were It’s better to spend a billion won to make a charity career, at least to make a good name.

    What is the picture of buying a Chinese drama?

    There is nothing new in the sun. In order to open up a huge amount of money to buy a Chinese drama in the Chinese market, SPG has already spread it in the circle. Most people are scornful of SPG's behavior and think that SPG is fierce in KG and Han Yi. The competition came out of a stun.

    MBC does not mean that it is not, but the offer price is very low, and the broadcast time is not guaranteed.

    SPG certainly could not agree to such a condition, so he tried to contact KBS, the Republic of Korea radio and television station. As a result, the KBS directly refused, leaving no room for negotiation.

    In desperation, SPG can only pin its hopes on KGS.

    In the Republic of Korea's three major TV stations, KGS has always been considered to have a pro-China tendency to broadcast a number of Chinese dramas, as well as documentary films such as the Republic of Korea in Beijing. The acceptance of Chinese dramas is relatively high. a little.

    So this time SPG was not rejected. KGS had an interest in watching the sample of "Blue Life and Death" and negotiated with SPG.

    However, KGS knew that SPG had touched the wall in the other two peers, so the bargaining price was also very embarrassing. Finally, the two sides talked about it and signed a gambling agreement that was similar to that of Haijin Satellite TV. The amount of copyright transfer was determined according to Viewership Ratings. .

    What SPG worked hard to win was the broadcast time of KGS.

    "Blue Life and Death" is broadcasted after KGS's Friday and Saturday news programs are broadcast. The broadcast time is 6:30 pm, and each episode is broadcasted separately. Then, according to the level of Viewership Ratings, there will be corresponding adjustments. .

    If the Viewership Ratings are high, postpone the prime time for two hours, and the Viewership Ratings will be delayed for five hours after the low!

    This is already the best condition that SPG can win. They can only do this for the Chinese drama that was introduced. After that, they will look at the performance of "Blue Life and Death".

    Yang Yanni and Song Jiayi understand that the situation is very limited. For "Blue Life and Death" is limited to a small amount of news from the Internet, knowing that this drama series is very popular in Domestic.

    Of course, they both hope that the "Blue" drama will shine in the Republic of Korea, but it is not realistic to think about it.

    After sitting for ten minutes, I saw that the broadcast time was coming, and there were only three or four people in the room.

    These Republic of Korea native trainees are probably curious about the Chinese company acting on their own, and there are no other hot episodes or variety programs in this time segment, so come up with fresh ideas.

    This can be heard from their whispers.

    Song Jiayi came to the Republic of Korea for two years, and the Korean language was very good, so she could understand everything she said in her ears, so she was a little uncomfortable.

    This uncomfortable transformation became unconvincing. She couldn't help but secretly pray for "Blue Life and Death Love" that she hadn't seen before, and prayed that she could have at least a shameless result.

    After the news of the current events was broadcast, the title picture of "Blue Life and Death" appeared on the TV screen.

    The urban emotional drama introduced by this Domestic is officially aired in the Republic of Korea!

    Song Jiayi and Yang Yanni were surprised to find that "Blue Life and Death" did not re-voice, but the original soundtrack, but with bilingual subtitles.

    This made the two feel very intimate, immediately threw away those messy thoughts, and concentrated on the appreciation of the series.

    They want to know what kind of Charm is in this drama series that creates the wonders of Viewership Ratings in Domestic!

    A set of 45 minutes, plus the end of the film of the advertisement, it took almost 100 minutes to broadcast the two episodes.

    Song Jiayi and Yang Yanni sat down and watched and never left for a minute.

    After they read it, the drama series is really good. The story is unique, the production and the pictures are very good. The soundtrack is not lost to the mainstream drama series of Republic of Korea.

    The most important thing is that the real male and female protagonists in the first two episodes have not yet appeared, and they have already attracted both of them, so that they are very much looking forward to the follow-up story.

    "A very interesting drama series!"

    The Voice that came suddenly behind him made Song Jiayi and Yang Yanni startled.

    The two looked back and saw that there were twenty or thirty people sitting in the back row. They were all the same trainees, and they spoke to a Republic of Korea girl who usually had a good relationship with the two.

    Seeing the horror of Song Jiayi and Yang Yanni, the other person’s face showed a smile: “I like this story very much, should I still have it tomorrow? Let's see it again together. ”

    Song Jiayi nodded and said: "Okay, okay."

    She suddenly felt a move, took Yang Yanni and ran to the computer room on the same floor, then swiped the Internet, through the search engine of Domestic to search for the related content of "Blue Life and Death", plot, stills, tidbits…

    Through the relevant links, Song Jiayi entered the official post of "Blue Life and Death".

    She was surprised to find that there are millions of members who pay attention to this post, and the heat is very high. The atmosphere in the post bar is also very good. There are many posts about "Blue Life and Death" broadcasted overseas.

    Most of these posts are guessing Viewership Ratings, or wishing to pray for something.

    Through discussion thread, Song Jiayi knew that the author and actor of "Blue Life and Death" actually gave a speech on the drama of the Republic of Korea's Viewership Ratings. More than 10% will be given to the fans 1000 copies of the Republic of Korea Tour!

    Such an amazing hand made Song Jiayi scream, she even more surprised Lu Chen's ambition.

    10% Viewership Ratings!

    Although Song Jiayi did not believe that "Blue Life and Death" can get such a result, but she was also infected by Lu Chen's pride and ambition, could not help but use one's own account to post a post in the post bar.

    [I am in the Republic of Korea Seoul, just finished reading "Blue Life and Death", I feel very good. 】

    The time difference between Republic of Korea and China is 1 hour. At 8:30 in the evening, Domestic is 7:30. It is the peak time for netizens to go online. The popularity of the bar is booming.

    So Song Jiayi’s post has just been issued, and there will be a lot of responses immediately.

    Only these responses are not very friendly.

    "I am going, come back to lie, 1 level Small-sized roll!"

    “The landlord posted in Republic of Korea, I replied to Nemesis in that US, please answer!”

    “Republic of Korea Seoul? Is Seoul not the capital of United States? How to get to Republic of Korea, this is not scientific! ”

    "roll roll roll!"

    "Really, no picture, no truth."

    "Look at the landlord's registration ID is a sister, if it is a true sister, please do not make a story, thank you."

    "Killing me…"

    Song Jiayi did not expect that this would be the result, suddenly dumbfounded.

    Yang Yanni, sitting next to her, saw that she was so angry that Liu Mei was upside down and immediately ran to the multimedia room next door and took a short video with cell phone.

    "Go and show them, fan the guys!"

    As a result, the video was transmitted, and the wind in the post immediately changed dramatically.

    "I am going, really!"

    "KGS TV station, I am sorry, I am sorry."

    "Lord, where are you? How do you feel the place is very strange, the TV hall? ”

    "The landlord asks for the truth!"

    "A lot of sisters, ask the truth!"



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