Chapter 335 The Benefits of the New Drama

    On the evening of April 15, Lu Chen officially announced the plan to shoot new drama on one's own blog.

    In this blog post, he first thanked the fans for their support of one's own and apologized for the delay in revealing the new drama. The purpose was to explain the production of Chen Feier's album.

    Of course, the focus is that the script for new drama has been written and will soon be in the production process.

    As for the issues that fans are most concerned about, Lu Chen answered three in the blog post.

    The first is about the type of new work, which is still an urban emotional drama, but the story and the "Blue" drama will not be the same.

    Secondly, the number of sets of new drama is more than that of "Blue", which is expected to be 25 episodes.

    The final male and female starring is still played by Lu Chen and Chen Feier!

    The news revealed by Lu Chen on the blog was first announced in the fans circle and caused a huge sensation.

    It’s really a long-awaited start, everyone is looking forward to it, and now there is always accurate and reliable news.

    "It is not easy to wait, I hope to shoot it as soon as possible!"

    "Yeah, after reading "Blue Life and Death", watching other dramas always feels awkward and dislikes, don't like it!"

    "Lu Chen, what is the name of the new drama?"

    "I still star in the morning with my Philippine, Long live!"

    "Sahua celebrates ing…"

The fans are elated, but the people in the circle are moving, and the threshold of Lu Chen studio is broken!

    Lu Xi’s phone was directly blasted.

    There are too many units that want to cooperate with Lu Chen and Lu Chen studio for new drama. Many well-known companies in the industry have sent representatives to visit, such as Jiahua, Crown, Jin Libao, etc., all of them are predators. .

    There is also a TV station, Zhejiang East TV, Haijin Satellite TV, Deep Sea TV, Beijing Satellite TV …Also come to call, seeking opportunities for cooperation.

    "Blue Life and Death" is too red, and the Domestic hit the Viewership Ratings record. The broadcast on the Republic of Korea is a good news. The next step is likely to be promoted to Japan and other Southeast Asian countries. Really Appreciate and call the seat.

    Everyone missed this delicious big cake, how can you watch the new cake indifferently? Therefore, seeking cooperation and investors will come to the fore.

    In addition to these corporate units, many entertainment Manager Corporation also want to share a piece of the pie, many Celebrity artists are interested in playing a role in the new drama, have asked people to find a relationship with Lu Chen studio.

    Lu Chen even received a call from Chen Jianhao.

    The prospective dad retired Jiang Hu and was preparing to be in the middle of the shack. He said that he was ignorant of the world. He was helpless. As a former person, he could not get rid of the entanglement of the human relationship in the circle. He was asked to find Lu Chen.

    The protagonist is impossible, come to a supporting role!

    I really want more characters, such as Fei Shi records, such as Light Rain Media, and SPG, just Lu Chen earlier promised or agreed, there are several.

    It’s so much meat!

    Because of this, when Lu Chen wrote the script, he made a lot of changing on the original plot framework, increased the character's fullness, and strengthened the plot while also correcting the existence of the bug.

    His new drama concept is of course from the dream world, but it will never be painted as a gourd, so that in addition to being able to shoot higher quality than the original, there is also a larger operating space.

    On the second day after Lu Chen announced the news, two acquaintances of Beijing TV Station found him.

    These two Lu Chen also had to personally meet – Chen Qi and Gu Rui.

    Chen Qi is the deputy director of Beijing TV Station. Gu Rui is the art director of the Program Department. When Lu Chen participated in the Beijing Satellite TV "Singing China" draft, they were quite taken care of by Lu Chen.

    After meeting, Chen Qi was very straightforward and said to Lu Chen: "Small land, this new drama, you have to give us a copy of Beijing, the production and the first broadcast of the group can not be less than us, as for the conditions you open casually, as long as I Can promise no problem!"

    Beijing Jingshi did not want to eat alone. The plot was made by co-production and the first broadcast of the joint Taiwan. Nowadays, many popular drama series or movie blockbusters use co-investment, shooting and broadcasting to cooperate. On the one hand, they share the risk. The aspect is to expand the impact.

    Another important reason is that people who like to eat alone are hard to stand in the circle.

    Including Lu Chen.

    He is able to rise rapidly in the Entertainment Circle. In addition to the strength of one's own, the management of personal connections is also a key factor, knowing that benefit sharing can be so smooth.

    Some people don't understand this truth. They always want to keep all their profits in one's own pocket. The result is often a smashing blood flow, and in the end it is not worth the candle.

    Lu Chen is based on the development of Beijing, and it is absolutely necessary to establish a long-term friendly relationship with Beijing TV Station, so he does not reject the participation of Jingshi.

    Of course, the premise is to guarantee the core interests of one's own, even if it is part of the ceding, it must be exchanged for the equivalent!

    Jingshi can cooperate, and Zhejiang TV can also cooperate. The first broadcast rights can be distributed to several TV stations.

    But there are some benefits, Lu Chen will not easily let go.

    Such as implantable advertising.

    The so-called placement (ProductPlacement), an implantable advertisement is a form of advertisement that arises with the development of movies, television, games, etc. It refers to the product or service deliberately inserted into the merchant in the movie drama and game. Achieve subtle publicity effects.

    Because the audience has a natural resistance to the advertisement, it is often better to integrate the goods into these entertainment methods than the hard marketing.

    Now that the Domestic film and television industry is developing rapidly, there are more and more implants in the drama series and movies. Some high-profile superstars have signed large-scale implant contract before shooting, so that they are retracted in advance. There are examples of production costs.

    When Lu Chen shot "Blue Life and Death", he was still unknown in the film and television circle. Now he is famous, and he has to come to the exhibition to attract more advertisers and advertisers. For example, he is the endorser of Senqi costumes, Zhonghua Automobile, and Lei. Bird watches and Lan Jie Daily, etc., are interested in implanting their own advertisements in the new drama.

    Lu Xi roughly estimated that if you get all the big brands' implants, you can earn at least 20 million advertising fees!

    If this is the case, even if the script is fixed, the new drama is not intended to be filmed. It involves all aspects of the interests. It is not easy to straighten out the situation. Otherwise, it is easy to cause an outflow of rights.

    Lu Chen was very irresponsibly giving all these troubles to the old lady. What he is most concerned about now is not the new drama that will be shot, but the new album that Chen Feier will release.


The second is sent, request subscription support! ! ! (To be continued~^~)

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