The 338th chapter of the million rewards

    This "Looking at the Ocean to See You" is Lu Chen's new album for Chen Feier.

    Chen Feier's new album is her transformation. The location is very clear, that is, to abandon the past sweet song type and turn to the Love Song style.

    For any Singer, especially the famous Singer, transformation is never a simple matter.

    Because fan fans have long been accustomed to her style location, and have cultivated a large number of types of enthusiasts, suddenly replaced, it is difficult to adapt, there will always be a feeling of obediently, or instinctively uncomfortable or even resentful , resulting in a decrease in acceptance.

    In the history of the popular Musical World, examples of transformation failures abound, and some Singer are so weak, and some continue to persist but they are all in the same way, some return to the old road, but find that there is no way to go.

    Therefore, even Chen Feier is cautious and cautious about this new album. It is better not to delay the ticket. There is a lot of announcements, commercial performances and endorsements. I am dedicated to the record of Fei Shi. In the recording studio.

    As a man of Chen Feier, Lu Chen is naturally duty-bound to help her complete this new work.

    In fact, from Sweet Song to Love Song, the span of style is not very big. If Chen Feier, who is a sweet song, wants to sing rock and roll or R&B, it is a level of hell. She used to have Love. Song works, so the acceptance of fans is still very high.

    The key lies in the album itself, without the hard and solid or even the classic works of repression, how can it be successful?

    To this end, Lu Chen wrote a full six songs to Chen Feier.

    "Looking at the ocean to see you" is one of them.

    This song has a beautiful and intense emotion, with a little sadness and confusion, revealing the persistent pursuit of love, which is very touching.

    Chen Feier has a good voice like a scorpio. Her voice features are extremely clear, and fans can hear it when they hear it. They have distinct personal characteristics.

    The sweet song she is best at is sweet and sweet, and people listen to the feeling of being like a spring breeze. It is very comfortable and warm.

    And she sang Love Song, the characteristics of the sound line did not change in essence, but the tone was a little more gentle and warm, and there was a trace of magnetism, which perfectly released the emotions contained in the work itself.

    In particular, the day after the self-singing and singing of the affectionate models, the millions of fans in the live broadcast room were fascinated.


a strange city,

In the familiar corner.

    Also comforted each other,

I also sighed with each other.

No matter what kind of ending you will face.

    In the wind and sand,

Looking at you,

I am so sad that I can't help myself.

    I hope that I can send a thousand miles,

Until the mountains are exhausted,

Life is with you!


    In the climax of the chorus, Chen Feier clearly strengthened the strength, including the movement of the strings. The same tenderness has more strength and no regrets, so that the emotional theme of the whole song has been sublimated.

    An album of 10 songs, any one of the works Chen Feier has repeatedly practiced many times, this "overseas to see you" is no exception, so even if not in a professional studio, Not on the dazzling stage, she still sang the real superstar fan.

    Lu Chen, who leaned on the side of the piano, stared at Chen Feier, who was focused on singing. The black eyes flashed with light, and the intimacy between the two people was abandoned. He saw a Singer. In a gorgeous transformation.

    So moving!

    Chen Feier’s singing sounds like a magical power that can penetrate the space and pass it to the ears of all the fans who are listening to her singing, to their hearts.

    More and more viewers flocked to the Lu live broadcast, and soon broke through the 2 million mark.

    It includes a number of super administrators of [Whale TV].

    They also came to listen to the song.

    In fact, Lu Chen suddenly opened a live broadcast at night, [Whale TV] immediately knew, the administrator quickly rushed a wave of advertisements on the home page, attracting a lot of attention from passers-by.

    The number of fans who previously watched Lu Chen live broadcast was 1.5 million. After Chen Feier appeared, the number of fans in the few minutes increased sharply. Many fans who got the news ran over to see the excitement and almost smashed the server.

    The current [Whale TV] has already produced a lot of live broadcasts by Celebrity artists, but it is the first time that Celebrity couples play live broadcast at the same time, not to mention that Lu Chen and Chen Feier are the hottest CPs in the Entertainment Circle.

    The news on the Internet is transmitted by the speed of light, blogs, post bars, forums, Fetion group…One pass and ten pass, countless originals have never played [Whale TV] are coming in along the link point.

    However, under the situation of having so many online viewers, Lu Chen was very clean in the live broadcast room. Everyone consciously obeyed the viewing etiquette, and there were not many bullets to interfere with the line of sight.

    Some people were either too excited, or intentionally arbitrarily messed up, and were kicked on the spot by the super-clearing screen.

    Damn Chen Feier live broadcast singing and dare to swear, blocking you no discussion!

    This unreleased Celebrity couple show live broadcast, which is a godsend publicity for [Whale TV]. Usually, the big price may not bring the effect, the official will never allow anyone to destroy.

    It is a pity that Chen Feier is just playing a ticket for a while, not thinking about how long to play.

    After singing, she smiled sweetly at the microphone: "Looking over the ocean to see you, I hope everyone will like it, and my new album will be released next week, and please support me at that time!"

    The singer was very playful and clenched, and then returned the guitar to Lu Chen.

    The fans in the live broadcast have fried the pot again!

    "Ahhhhhh ah~"

"Feier sisters don't want to go, let us sing another one!"

    "Too nice, can't you sing another song?"

    "Leave it, beg you to stay!"

    "I bought all of your albums, just sing one more song, crying…"

    "555~ I want to hear it again!"

    "Sing another +1."

    All kinds of pleading for sadness, I want Chen Feier to continue singing, and more fans are using actual actions to retain – reward!

    What is the fish ball is too weak, the tens of thousands of babies are simply pediatrics, the local tyrants directly on the aircraft carrier.

    On the screen is a ship and then a brush, densely covered horizon, the number of horror!

    In the many anchors in [Whale TV], many people have not been able to earn one or two aircraft carriers for live broadcast for a year or two, and Chen Feier is a song that sings a song and easily earns it. Hundreds of ships.

    In fact, these rewards can make a lot of well-known anchors excited to faint, but Chen Feier does not have any special feelings, she only knows a little about the live broadcast of the network, and has not realized the horror of reward.

    But the enthusiasm of the fans, she can still feel clearly.

    "I really appreciate everyone, if you want to hear more good songs, then buy an album!"

    Chen Tianhou did not see any scenes, moved to move, she did not meet the fans' wishes, because after singing the second one, everyone must also ask to sing a third, then it is endless.

    She is very wise to make another wave of advertisements for one's own new album, and then decisively flash!

    There was a sigh of relief in the live broadcast.

    Lu Chen re-sit back to the position and coughed and said: "Thank you for your support, so, let me sing this song again!"

    The fans complained that they complained, and they knew that they could not force it. Although there were dissatisfaction with the Voice, they understood it.

    In order to appease everyone's emotions, Lu Chen sang "Looking at the ocean to see you".

    In the memory of his dreams, this song has been sung by many famous Singers, and has different styles, each with its own taste and characteristics, and has become a classic of timelessness.

    The same is the singing, compared to Chen Feier's graceful softness, Lu Chen sings tough and vicissitudes, deepens the thickness of the emotions, including a bit of folk taste.

    The same nice.

    For millions of fans, the ability to hear two different interpretations of a new new song is definitely a very enjoyable thing, a precious experience!

    Until 11 o'clock in the evening, Lu Chen ended the live broadcast, and finally sang to the scorpion to do something.

    Of course, his gains are not small, and the item rewards alone has reached 1 million+.

    Even if it is now Lu Chen's vision is not the same, the aim of the project is millions of tens of millions of levels, but this extra income also makes him can not help but sigh the enthusiasm of the fans.

    However, at least half of this one million is brought by Chen Feier.

    "There are so many?"

    Chen Feier didn't sleep when she saw the script in the bedroom. She was surprised to hear the report from Lu Chen.

    This money is too good to earn, right?

    She was less than 10 minutes before and after her face, and the key was earned through the Internet at one's own home.

    Lu Chen lay down beside her and smiled: "When the money is paid, I will transfer it to you halfway."

    "As for?"

    Chen Feier didn't give him a good look at him – do you need to pay attention to this little money?

    The relationship between the two is not so clear.

    Lu Chen was determined not to eat soft rice. He thought about it and said, "Let's do it, I will put this money into another card. If we go out to play or eat anything, we will use this card to brush. You see how about it?"

    Chen Feier’s eyes lit up, and even the scripts were put aside: “Love Fund? This is a good note! ”

    Her eyes were watery and sent a kiss.

    Lu Chen’s 20-year-old strong guy, who can withstand such a teasing, immediately clasped her and pressed her to the heart, ready to enjoy the tenderness of the beautiful woman.

    Chen Feier Gege smiled and blocked him and said: "Wait, let me tell you about the new drama."

    Lu Chen that depressed…

    I knew this before, he didn't take out the script before, and wasted a romantic night.


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