The thirty-sixth chapter of the full house

    "How much wine did you drink today?"

    Chen Feier blocked Lu Chen from the door and made a big fuss: "Call you to drink less, every time you stink back, and then you will not be allowed to enter this house again!"

    Lu Chen’s helpless face explained: “I don’t want to, I really can’t push it.”

    Since he announced the news of the new drama on the Inspur blog, the people who seek cooperation from all walks of life are coming, some can be rejected directly, and some are inseparable, so the banquet is constant for several days.

    In the evening, Zhang Gan and Zhang De, the bosses of Gande Brothers Films, when they first filmed "Blue Life and Death Love", Zhang De personally overseeed Jinling Film and Television City and tried his best to solve the trouble crew. This drama series can be very He is absolutely indispensable for the successful shooting.

    Although Gande Films earned a lot of money in "Blue Life and Death", but people are also real money and silver, and share the benefits, the friendship and cooperation established between the two sides, the land Of course, the morning can't be denied.

    For the individual, in today's situation, the perhaps directly kicked the not-so-powerful Gande film, but Lu Chen’s character and character are destined that he will not make such a ruthless thing because in new The drama also gave Gande Films a share.

    Of course, the share of Gande Films is far less than that of the production of "Blue Life and Death", but the brothers and the bosses are already very satisfied, even Lu Chen has a good friend!

    Look at Lu Chen's new drama has been finalized by the partners is very clear – Beijing Satellite TV, Zhejiang East TV, Crown Film, Flying Stone Records, SPG…

    Compared to these predators, Gande Film is not only a small shrimp but also a small fish.

    Therefore, Zhang Gan and Zhang De came together in the afternoon to block Lu Chen in the studio, not to take him to dinner, accompanied by Director Fang Hui, played Zhang Cuiwei of Cui Xinai and so on.

    Under such a situation, Lu Chen does not drink alcohol, but in order to protect the scorpion from drinking spirits, the beer is filled a lot, although at least a drink, at least not drunk.

    People in Jiang Hu are involuntarily, and unless they are reduced to being a otaku at home, social entertainment is inevitable.

    Chen Feier debuted for more than ten years, of course, understand this truth, but Lu Chen’s home every day is full of alcohol, and she will inevitably feel distressed, and she must not count a few words: “The next time you say that your stomach is not good, you can’t drink, I Prepare a few vitamin tablets for you, and whoever makes you drink, you take medicine!"

    "Wife is wise!"

    Lu Chen hugged Chen Feier and laughed at Hee Hee and said, "I listen to you!"

    He bowed his head and kissed him in the face of the beautiful woman.

    After being kissed by Lu Chen, Chen Feier’s body was soft, and he gave him a white look: “Speaking nice…”

    Lu Chen kicked the door with his foot and slammed the big hand of Chen Feier's waist, and leaned over to pick her up. He smiled and said: "Go, let's take a shower together."

    Chen Fei's pretty face is faint, and her hand clenched her fists on Lu Chen's chest: "Who wants to wash with you!"

    The fist is not a bit stretched.

    The bath was washed for almost an hour, and Lu Chen was out of the bathroom when he was out of the bathroom. He was holding the Chen Feier's delicate body and soft jade face, such as the hibiscus Not square!

    Lu Chen took Chen Feier to the bedroom bed and handed it to her from a bed of drawers.

    "this is?"

    Chen Feier didn't want to move on the bed, but when she saw the thick stack of manuscript paper in front of her eyes, her eyes could not help but shine: "new drama?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Yes."

    The script of the new drama was finalized in the first two days, because there was no small change from the original, so Lu Chen spent a lot of Kungfu to complete it, and many of the plots were repeated and repeated many times.

    Based on the original work and surpassing the original work, Lu Chen spent a lot of effort on this script. He had a concept of one's own, and the time used far exceeded that of "Blue Life and Death", so it was only until today that he showed it to Chen Feier. .

    After receiving the manuscript paper, Chen Feier could not help but straighten the waist.

    The stack of papers in my hand was only a few hundred grams, but she knew the weight.

    The benefits of this new drama are tens of millions of Gundam or even a hundred million!

    "Look slowly…"

    Lu Chen said while dressing: "Please give more valuable advice!"

    Chen Feier refused to look at the script and looked up and asked in surprise: "Do you want to go out?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I don't go out, but I have to meet the fans in the live broadcast room."

    Chen Feier is amazed.

    This time for her new album, Lu Chen put aside all other work, sacrificed a lot.

    Her eyes are overflowing with tenderness: "Then go."

    Lu Chen leaned over and kissed her and said, "I am outside."


    After Lu Chen left, Chen Feier’s attention returned to the manuscript in her hand. Her eyes fell on the first page, and the four bold black characters first came into view.

    "Full House"

Han Zhien is an online writer. Since the death of parents, she lived in a house called "FullHouse", which is the last legacy that parents have left for her.

    As a writer who is not very successful, Han Zhien has also done some messy work for life, and in order to preserve the ownership of this house, she has been living a life of shrinking and dieting.

    But no one expected that Chien’s best friend, Xi Zhen, and her boyfriend, used devious means to defraud Zhi En to sign the authorization to transfer the house, and tricked her into traveling abroad, then secretly put “FullHouse”. "I sold it, and I ran without a trace."

    Chien met Superstar Li Yingzai on the plane and spit him, leaving a deep impression on each other.

    After the trip back to the country, Chien found that there was nothing left in the house, only to know that one's own was actually deceived by the most trusted person. She had nothing.

    At this time, the superstar Li Yingzai she met on the plane suddenly dragged her moving luggage into the house. The other party said that "FullHouse" had been bought by him, but it was pitiful to see the homeless Zhien. Let Chien stay and hire her to be a nanny for one's own…

    Very interesting story! When Chen Feier looked at it, she became fascinated and forgot the passage of time.

    When Chen Feier read the script, Lu Chen had already landed in the live broadcast of [Whale TV].

    He is now the Celebrity spokesperson for Whale TV and the number one Celebrity anchor, and currently has more than 5 million fans.

    Although this data is not very real, it does not rule out the possibility of platform water injection, but his popularity in [Whale TV] is undoubted, although one's own personal live broadcast is rarely, but it can attract every time. Countless fans to watch the interaction.

    There is no advance notice for the live broadcast of Lu Chen this evening, but in just a few minutes after the live broadcast, the number of fans flocking has exceeded 100,000 and is growing at an amazing Speed.

    Once the top Celebrity anchor like Lu Chen is launched, the platform will automatically send a message to the fans immediately. The latter can enter the live broadcast between the computer and the wireless terminal by clicking the link, which is very convenient and simple.

    So there are more and more fans getting messages appearing between live broadcasts.

    "I am going, what day is it today!"

    "The big prize, it is actually Lu Chen, a big pro-independence broadcast!"

    "Hey, the background is very strange, is Lu Chen's new home?" Very nice look. ”

    "I was so touched. I thought that I would never see Lu Chen again in the whale TV, crying ing…"

    "Morning brother is muddy!"

    "Don't make a noise, let Lu Chen sing a lot!"

    "Lu Chen, when are you making a new show?"

    "Wow, ah…"

    Countless exclamations, greetings, the curtains filled the screen, accompanied by raindrops like fish balls.

    Although the [Whale TV] reward item is divided into the current Lu Chen, it is nothing, but he sees the full enthusiasm and support of the fans.

    Lu Chen is really touched, can have such a group of fans, really great Luck!

    He said to the microphone with his hands together: "Thank you all, I am very sorry, this time work is too busy, there is no time to open live broadcast to chat with everyone, I hope you forgive!"

    Lu Chen also purchased a live broadcast device in his new home. The computer microphone and so on were placed next to the piano on the leap, but it was the first time it came in handy today.

    The front section time is too busy. Except for the live broadcast of the 72H Grass Music Festival, which is not live broadcast, it has not been seen in [Whale TV].

    Today, Chen Feier’s new album has been recorded, and the new drama has been written. He wants to make up for the fans.

    "Forgive and forgive, we know that you are giving an album to Chen Feier!"

    "Know that you are busy, one month live broadcast once is very satisfied, Lu Chen is greatly keep it up!"


    "Lu Chen brother should pay attention to the body, don't be tired of one's own, we will always support you!"

    "It doesn't matter, anyway, I can see Lu Chen on TV."

    "I have seen it three times in "Blue Life and Death", read it again and cry, and ask for new drama."

    "10,000 tons of copper balls!"

    Fans are actually very easy to satisfy, especially the true love powder, they/they know that Celebrity artists like Lu Chen, the daily work is bound to be very busy, it is impossible to have live time on the Internet.

    Lu Chen’s sincere attitude also made the fans very moved.

    Because everyone understands Lu Chen, he is very happy to see him, and there are not many requests.

    Lu Chen talked with the fans first, answering the questions that people are most concerned about, such as Chen Feier's new album, such as the new drama series, and one's own living and working conditions.

    It’s like a live video interview.

    As time went on, the number of fans pouring into live broadcasts broke through the million mark.

    Lu Chen's powerful popularity is undoubtedly revealed!


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