Chapter 344 Influential

    On April 8th, 9th and 10th, KGS continued to broadcast the eighth, ninth and tenth episodes of "Blue Life and Death".

    Since both KGS and SPG have invested enough publicity resources, together with the word-of-mouth accumulated in the previous period, a total of twenty episodes of "Blue Life and Death" have been broadcasted more than half, and Viewership Ratings has successfully broken the 20% mark, reaching 22.31%.

    This caused a lot of sensation in the Republic of Korea Domestic!

    First of all, "Blue Life and Death" in the Republic of Korea's three major TV stations introduced in the Chinese drama, Viewership Ratings has jumped to the third place, second only to the "Three Kingdoms" and "Dream of Red Mansions" two famous long play, and then Both are works by Domestic in the 1990s.

    In the same type of drama, "Blue Life and Death" undoubtedly created the Chinese Opera's Viewership Ratings record in the Republic of Korea, and most importantly, it has the potential to continue to improve.

    SPG can be described as unintentional planting willows, according to the contract signed with KGS, the cost recovery has no problem, and finally the profit is not in the words, plus the agency agreement with Lu Chen studio, directly earned!

    This Republic of Korea entertainment company has been in China for many years. The representative of China, Park Jung-ho, is half Chinese. Therefore, he knows the Chinese people to the psychological. Under his instructions, SPG’s official V in the wave blog not only broadcasts the blue death and death on time. Viewership Ratings, and also forwarded a lot of good reviews from the Republic of Korea media and audience.

    Many Republic of Korea media are unbelievable about the popularity of "Blue Life and Death", and the Republic of Korea Domestic, such as "New Korea News", "Seoul Daily", "Kan Wen Weekly" and other influential newspapers and magazines are published. Commented on the article to explore the reasons for this drama series.

    Some tabloids even exclaimed "China's counter-attack", although this statement is too exaggerated, basically belongs to the head of the party, but it also reflects the influence of "Blue Life and Death".

    Unlike Domestic, Republic of Korea TV viewers have a very high proportion of people, and drama series and variety programs are the most popular, so the powerful Viewership Ratings can reach tens of percent.

    As for the reasons of the Republic of Korea audience like "Blue Life and Death", basically divided into two categories, the first category is like the "blue" plot, the fate of the wrong, the heartbreaking emotional entanglement, plus The background of the story of a foreign country has attracted a group of housewives.

    Lu Chen’s deliberately Hanming the name of the story character also increased the viewer’s affinity to a certain extent.

    The second category is the young audience, Lu Chen's tall and handsome, Chen Feier's pure and beautiful, as well as the wonderful performances of the handsome men and women supporting the horns, let them suddenly find outstanding fascinating idols in the country's entertainment industry.

    It must be pointed out here that Chen Feier, who has participated in many China-South Korea song festivals, has a little popularity in the Republic of Korea. Through the "Blue Life and Death", her popularity has skyrocketed more than ten times!

    Not to mention Lu Chen, the Republic of Korea's social network has already appeared in his Republic of Korea fans support group, although it is unofficial, the number of members has reached tens of thousands, and most of them are sisters. .

    Interestingly, on the 10th, the "Blue" theme song "Your Eyes" sung by Lu Chen and Chen Feier was listed on the Republic of Korea popular Music list as a Chinese song. 27th place!

    Republic of Korea's popular Music list is the most authoritative Music category on the Republic of Korea. There are only 30 locations in total. Due to the highly developed entertainment industry of Republic of Korea, plus the list of songs is not limited to Korean and foreign languages, so this list is The competition is very fierce, and "Your Eyes" can be listed on the list.

    All kinds of records and honors made "Blue Life and Death" set off a storm of Xiaoxiao in the Republic of Korea. KGS even used this drama series to compete with MBC's hit drama "The Power of the Queen". Advertisement resource.

    This was simply unimaginable in the past, and it was completely "Blue Life and Death Love" to fight for its own strength!

    These records and honors have been told by SPG to use the Inspur blog to tell Domestic's "Blue" fans.

    The vast majority of blue fans naturally boil again, and it feels too long.

    SPG has harvested a lot of good feelings, and the number of blog fans has turned over ten times!

    A lot of blue fans, as well as Lu Chen and Chen Feier's fans have rushed to the big V "Entertainment Aspects" blog to leave a message.

    "Sit waiting for the blogger to streak!"

    "Bloggers, come up with your qualities and go straight to the street to streak!"

    "22.31% Viewership Ratings, when is the blogger streaking? Say everyone to go onlookers! ”

    "I think the face of the blogger has been swollen. I should have no face to see people. Everyone is scattered."

    "Oh, there is nothing to say here?"

    The big V originally said that "Blue Life and Death" was in the Republic of Korea's Viewership Ratings. He was streaking on the street, and now it is just over halfway. Breaking the ten is a foregone conclusion. His face is already beaten and can no longer be swollen. It is.

    This shows the truth, that is, as a public figure, it is very important to be cautious. It is not easy to say too much, otherwise it is very likely that one's own cannot be stepped down.

    Of course, the big V on the blog, the cheeks are usually thicker, after a few days of silence, the new "opening of love" blog post said that after the "Blue Life and Death" broadcast in the Republic of Korea, he will abide by One's own commitment.

    What makes people squirt is that the "Entertainment Aspects" side has just said that it must abide by one's own promise. The police officer V "Ping An Beijing" replies to him: "Excluding public privacy in public, including streaking, and violating public security management." The regulations will be punished for three days in detention!

    This incident immediately became a big joke in the wave of blogs.

    Domestic's media also took the opportunity to catch up, and many mainstream media reported on the news of "Blue Life and Death" in the Republic of Korea, praising the drama series for the Chinese drama won the honor.

    It is true that the movie and TV drama market of Domestic is unprecedentedly prosperous, and excellent original works are rare. Especially if it can be successfully broadcasted by foreign TV stations, it is even rarer.

    This is not to boast, what is it?

    Compared with the noise on the Internet and the help of the media, the response in the Domestic film circle is completely different. Although there are some embarrassing Voices, it is more research and discussion. Why is Blue so successful?

    On investment, the investment in "Blue Life and Death" is not enough.

    On the Celebrity lineup, there was no other big coffee except Chen Feier. All the supporting roles were originally unknown people.

    On the production and production of Fang Gande Brothers in the industry is a small generation.

    On the story, "Blue Life and Death" is a tragedy!

    This small-cost drama series completely crushes the giant systems of Celebrity such as clouds and investing over a hundred million.

    A lot of film and television companies are eager to move, the success of "Blue Life and Death" makes them see a golden road, that is, follow the trend!

    Domestic film and television dramas have been following the trend of imitation, and have been regarded as a shortcut to fishing. If a movie or drama series is red, there must be a lot of follow-up to compete for the market.

    "Blue Life and Death" is so successful, it is a strange thing to not follow the trend, especially Lu Chen has publicly announced that this drama series will not shoot a sequel, as if to see a large piece of fat was thrown to the ground.

    So many writers in the Beijing circle have received custom orders. The requirements of the employers are not to write a new script in accordance with the mode of the "Blue" drama. The time is getting better and better, and the plot routine is getting better and better!

    Not only that, but several film and television drama companies have announced the launch of new projects, and a closer look at their publicity announcement found that they can find the shadow of the "Blue" drama.

    But for thousands of morning powder and phenanthrene powder, they don't care about those cottage dramas at all. What is the concern about Lu Chen's new drama?

    After the end of the first release of "Blue Life and Death", Lu Chen said that this year will launch a new episode, new drama has nothing to do with "Blue Life and Death", not the latter's sequel.

    This made the fans look forward to it, but the time has been two months. Lu Chen Studio has not released relevant news, and no film company has announced cooperation with Lu Chen.

    The patience of fans is always limited, especially when the good news of "Blue Life and Death" in the Republic of Korea comes frequently, they even want to give a clear statement of Lu Chen – what we have to wait for time?

    Countless fans ran to Lu Chen and Chen Feier's blog to leave a message.

    This resentment is so powerful that Lu Chen feels tremendous pressure and has to come out to speak.

    In fact, it is not Lu Chen intentionally hang everyone's appetite, but this time since he has been busy with this year's top priority, that is Chen Feier's new album.

    Chen Feier's new album is nothing new, she has produced a dozen albums, but this album is very unusual, is her transformation.

    All along, Chen Feier has been crowned with the name of “Sweet Songs”, which is an honor and a burden. Especially at her current age, coupled with market changes, transformation is imperative.

    The success of the transformation is related to Chen Feier's Music career, and she certainly attaches great importance to it.

    Under such a situation, how can Lu Chen, who is responsible for half a new album, be able to stay out of the game? As one of the producers of the album, he was obliged to station in the Fei Shi record.

    Because of her great attention, Chen Feier’s requirements for the new album reached a critical level. In order to complete the album, she pushed out a lot of announcements and endorsement activities, and repeatedly polished the works in the studio, especially the arrangement. This piece is even more elaborate, greatly delaying the completion of the time.

    So when the album finally recorded, it is already in mid-April.

    Fortunately, Lu Chen also squeezed out the time during this period and wrote all the new scripts.

    He has an account of the fans.


The first one was sent, suddenly found that the book 90,000 recommended tickets, and recommended tickets for 100,000! ! ! (To be continued~^~)

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